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I remade the famous Jeff portrait with a c64 palette using the program Aseprite (I like to toy around with pixel art) I tried to keep true to the original's nature but add in a lot of dithering. Props to @liquidprince for the fantastic original

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This is real art.

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that's million bucks

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great jorb

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Pretty sure the original was by LiquidPrince

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Sick. My mind is making him swivel, with the background flashing, scratchy sound effects aplenty, and eerie dialogue beneath, Hotline Miami style.

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Majestic, this should be on a t shirt.

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Man, this should be framed and sent to them. Awesome work duder!

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This rules. 2 kool 4 skool, dude! You're doing The Lord's work. Keep it up!

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I feel like I've witnessed the real beauty in this thread, what a blessing.

EDIT: This thread introduced me to Vaporwave.

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The greatest piece of GB fanart has become even greater on this blessed day.

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That looks awesome. Good job duder!

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Wow. That's really something. Good work!

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I think I have a new phone wallpaper.

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I like cool art

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holy shit lol


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Well done duder.

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The purple shadows around his eyes remind me of

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This is fantastic! I feel the dead-eyed stare of the original is lost in translation, which anaesthetises the unsettling nature of this rendition somewhat, but nonetheless, still awesome.

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Excellent work!

Related question - did they do a Mailbag video when they received the original? Unless they printed it out themselves and framed it. I just want to see Jeff's reaction to it.

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that's one of the better Picassos I've seen recently.

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@omgfather: I still have the original. The one Drew got from me was a high res scan, and they framed it.

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@liquidprince said:

@omgfather: I still have the original. The one Drew got from me was a high res scan, and they framed it.

Ah good to know, thank you.

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The background and shading really give it this imposing, haunting look. I love this fucked up Jeff.

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I'm a wizard and that's fucked up beautiful.

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Never watched Robocop but

I'd buy that for a dollar.