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So my girlfriend and I are looking for a zombie survival game. Not a "shoot zombies and find ammo" survival game, but an actual "need to scrounge up food/water and board up rooms" kind of survival game. I'll go through some bullets as to what I want. Keep in mind it doesn't have to be perfect and every recommendation is most welcome.

Must be:

  • Co-op
  • Preferably for PC, but Xbox 360 couch co-op is possible

Should be:

  • Scary. I want zombies to actually mean something, not just fodder.
  • Easy to access. While Day Z is a cool mod, it is a mod. This confuses and muddies up things, especially for my girlfriend.
  • Fun, dammit.
  • Open world. While this isn't required, we just prefer the open world structure.

Should NOT be:

  • A Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor clone. These are not the kinds of games I'm looking for.
  • Overly complicated. While what I'm looking for is going to be generally complicated, I don't want my girlfriend getting frustrated with the control scheme and giving up before we even really crack into the game.
  • Day Z or Infestation (War Z). These are the right idea, but I want a complete game without being a total glitch fest.

Doesn't matter:

  • Story. It's zombies, all believability is out the window. I don't care if the story sucks or is non-existent.
  • Graphics. As long as it isn't ASCII, I don't care how pretty the game is. In fact, if it's TOO pretty we may not be able to run it.
  • Voice over. I can read and so can she. Though I don't want a text adventure.

So these are the basic guidelines, but as I stated before any recommendation will be appreciated. And if the game in your mind fills all/most of the guidelines but doesn't have zombies but aliens/vampires/humans instead as the enemy, I am not going to care. I just want a fun survival co-op game.

Thanks everybody!

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You could look into State of Decay.

Edit: Nevermind that, apparently it's not co-op.

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u tried dead island riptide ? don't care with the bad reviews the game is pretty awesome especially in coop and it depends more on melee so the ammo thing isn't common

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There are games coming that suit your needs, but there aren't many that already exist, if any at all. At the very least, I can't think of any games that do what you want that are co-op. Project Zomboid, Contagion, and the sequel to State of Decay are the games that jump into my mind immediately, but those are a long ways off (for Project Zomboid, the co-op itself is a long ways off). Survival Crisis Z would be perfect if it was co-op, too.

The fact of the matter is that I have been looking for the exact game you describe for five years now, since I first played Survival Crisis Z, and it simply doesn't exist - at least, not in a co-op format. Sorry. Dead Island might be your best bet, but that game just isn't very good and is really more of an action game since you don't have a shelter of any kind and you don't have to feed yourself. Terraria and Minecraft are also good suggestions, if you can get over the fact that they aren't zombie games as they otherwise suit your requirements perfectly.

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Maybe 7 Days to Die? Zombie survival game in Alpha (they walk in brightly lit areas / sunlight, sprint in darkness though). You scrounge around in stuff (trash piles, cars, cabinets, etc) for food / water / other supplies. Minecraft-esque world (blocks, build things, but you need to be conscious of physics so you can't just have floating houses). It only recently got it's second Alpha update a while ago. It added new enemies though which aren't too bad (though I honestly preferred just regular-ass zombies) - basically the equivalent of boomers, and "spider zombies" that can climb walls, dogs and giant wasp things.

I don't know if it'd work well for you, but you can probably look up some videos on youtube. Me and a few friends have played it on and off and have had some fun. Zombies can destroy blocks of they beat them long enough, so you gotta watch out for that.

I would have totally said State of Decay but they decided to not implement co-op until their next game, sadly.