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This is weird, simply 'cause who knows what this means, exactly. Could things get better, worse, who owns what, where's funding from, etc...

I remember a week or so ago there was a rumor that Vivendi was cutting into Acti-Blizz's budget somehow, no?

It's near 1AM east. Stupid French time zones .-.

Hopefully we'll see more news in the morning.


PS: Apologies if this is considered spam, I just like sourcing things I'm talking about

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No, this is a great post. This is not spam.

What the fuck?! Holy shit, that's pretty interesting. I would guess this will take a little while to settle.

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That's a lot of money changing hands.

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Awwww, the indie darling Activision

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Does this mean Call of Duty Ghosts will have pixel art graphics?

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Big business!

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We knew something like this was going to happen, didn't we?

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Holy balls! Activision as an indie company is weird. This is pretty crazy.

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Well, now that Vivendi's no longer in control of Activision, what happens to them? Do they just exit gaming entirely, establish another gaming division, maybe acquire someone else to replace Activision...?

Then there's the whole Blizzard thing. Blizzard was part of Vivendi prior to the merger, and was the only bright spot they had after losing Valve. That they gave them up, rather than telling Activision to go it alone, is interesting.

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So, does this just end up with Bobby Kotick becoming his own entity, separate from all companies and corporations, a vortex of money and madness?

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It's not spam but I'm going to divert the discussion over to the official article.

I'm not sure who posted first regarding this story but it was probably you. The moral victory is yours.