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How do we add characters to a certain Game? because if they arent in the drop down menu then you cant add them in. As I want to add Dominic Santiago to the Gears of War 2 Character list, as we clearly see him, in the new trailer, but it wont let me add him in as he isnt listed in the drop down menu. Are we allowed to do this or can only a mod do this.

Thanks in Advance.

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That's what I've been wondering as well.

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Go to the hep tab thing and there should be an option there :)

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Ah! You have to first go to the characters page and add the character there.
After it has been approved by the staff it can be added to a game.

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Don't really like the "" question.
Isn't that the point of the site?

Is it like wikipedia where we have to have a reason to add stuff? So if a character isn't famous or relevant, they can't be added?

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@Belonpopo said:
" derp "
cool bump bro 
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@Belonpopo: Should i be surprised...of course not, but i am actually grateful, i didnt know how to do this :D