Alex Should Play LISA on GB with Anyone (this post is sponsored by a bunch of extra game keys I have on Humble)

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The game has great (horrible) dark humor and wrestling references. LISA is probably the Undertale of the year that LISA came out (I didn't finish Undertale, but I've definitely seen someone say that). Also, Terry.

Alright, here's the keys. Be nice, take one, let everyone know if you've nabbed one.


Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight: H7YV9-2Z26C-TFPWG

Wuppo: 9NM4G-6M2Z6-Y42CV


Region Lock Warning

This key is not available in the countries listed below. If the gift recipient is located in one of these countries, they may not be able to redeem the key.













Destiny 2: QP6L-FV5D-W6KJB-FFD4-G4GD

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight: J025T-RVH9K-H0HRY

Nongünz: I858P-K950E-W4NIH

Loot Rascals Soundtrack: DBKN7-F5YJM-KPDY5

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Got Lisa! Thanks!

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Lisa's kinda heavy for a Giant Bomb feature. It does have some hilarious stuff, though, especially the wrestling parts.

I would take Destiny but I am on my phone and don't really have the time to play it anyway so... someone go do a dog bottom for me.

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I grabbed Momodora (the second code). Thanks!

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This is a quality post.

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Got Nongunz, thanks!

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Overwatch has already been redeemed.

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Hell yeah duder, I'm with ya.

And thanks for the keys! I didn't take any, but that's very kind of you to share them.

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I possibly can't see people taking keys on a public forum without saying anything. Especially when people do that even on a closed one.

Anyway, seems like a long shot. But you can just watch the Alex & Vinny QL.

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Seems like someone took the Destiny 2 key, but didn’t say anything. Boo-urns to you, whoever you are.