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Listening to the guys talk about the next gen of consoles on today’s Bombcast left me with a pit in my stomach that I’m trying to figure out.

Last time around I was psyched to see the new hardware and devoured any new information, despite things like Microsoft’s (and based on what we knew at the time Sony’s) early DRM plans. After months of unknowns and changed strategies everything shook out alright, but these days I’m dreading upcoming announcements and the (many) opportunities for these gigantic companies to screw things up.

Reading the news (game or otherwise) is exhausting and my general trust in any large company to make consumer friendly decisions is VERY LOW, so this whole process is wearing on me. It certainly doesn’t help that the new console discussion was followed by news about the Activision layoffs.

I still love playing games, and I still love GB and other game coverage, but waiting to see if consumer unfriendly news about new consoles is about to drop sucks.

Any of you folks feeling the same way?

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Yes, but for absolutely zero of the same reasons. I just don't want to consider the financial ramifications. I had to wait a few months for the PS4 due to being an adult with bills that time around, and I'm not sure I'd have ever found the incentive to buy one if I hadn't housed my dad in my tiny studio apartment for several months and received his HDTV as a thanks since my TV for most of the PS3's lifespan was a Philips 24" CRT.

My most recent girlfriend had a slightly smaller TV but it put out 1080 rather than 720, and as those two years went by I really began to see the difference the few times I'd hook up to her TV rather than mine. Considering how often the GB guys and more up to date folks go on about this and that with HDR, 4K and Pro/One X vs. baseline consoles, I really worry that the PS4 will get left in the dust way faster than the PS3 was and that buying a PS5 would be somewhat foolish given my current setup.

So, for me it's more about being left in the dust technologically than it is any corporate greed or anything like that. Then again, maybe a new console generation would just be an excuse to skip it for a few years and focus on other things.

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Nah. It's just video games, it'll be fine. The worse that can really happen is the final nail in the physical games coffin, and I don't see that quite yet. In a world of 45GB games, they still have to account for crappy internet in many parts of the world.

I'm actually really curious to see what Sony does about backward compatibility, and the hardware specs Microsoft and Sony settle on.

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I suppose I would be if I didn't have a PC. If Sony screws things up with the PS5 then I just won't buy one.

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With new consoles I feel like by the time I'm seeing the kind of quality I want out of the games I actually play there is a new console around the corner. My ps4 is mostly just a Netflix TV surrogate at this point and I cant see a PS5 being better enough to make me want to upgrade.

Do most of my gaming on PC these days slowly working through my backlog of RPGs Ill never ever finish!

Probably have to buy one for God of War 2 though :(

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I'm kind of excited for new consoles only because I'll probably get the next MS console (I have a 360 and XOne) and there's no way they can possibly screw up the launch as much last time. Right? I almost pulled the trigger on a One X and I'm sort of glad I didn't with the next-gen coming out so soon.

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@frytup said:

Nah. It's just video games, it'll be fine.


@casepb said:

I suppose I would be if I didn't have a PC. If Sony screws things up with the PS5 then I just won't buy one.

And this.

Don't overthink it.

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Anxiety should be for important things. Hopefully new consoles are in 2022. It feels like this gen didn't really get good until last year due to Red Dead, GOW, Spider-Man, and others.

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Most of my issue this time around is that I don't have any problems with my PS4. Is it some powerhouse that runs every game with spectacular graphics and impeccable performance ? No, but it's fine. I've yet to play a game on it that made me go "oof, this isn't holding up very well", and it's not like the games I play on my PC are leagues ahead in any way. If I wanted to spend thousands of bucks to get my games to run slightly better I'd just buy a new PC. The only reason I'm even considering hardware upgrades at this point is because I'm thinking about buying a new TV.

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I was feeling this way about the last gen - it was strange going from everyone I knew being on 360 with a couple of the most into gaming also having a PS3; to being of the age where a good chunk of my gaming friends just not upgrading due to dropping off the whole scene and everyone else just migrating over to PS4. It really put my brain out of joint - I'd been hooked into buy on Xbox for so long the thought of just dropping it for Sony wasn't really what I wanted and my budget for disposable spending meant my old habit of just picking them all up wasn't an option.

In the end, necessity meant me and my partner needed to get a PC, and with a bit of careful purchasing I managed to get one that was able keep me just about into current gaming. Turns out, probably for the best - as this gen draws to a close I literally only know two old friends who still play anything on the current crop of consoles and almost exclusively offline.

So with the next gen on the horizon, I gaze over with a touch of interest but no real investment in grabbing one just yet. If MS do release a budget no optical drive Xbox, I might be temped if it lets me access all the old XBLA items I have but otherwise I'll probably just watch from afar.

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Every generation has its share of good and bad news. With all the talk of backwards compatibility, streaming, Game Pass-style subscription services, and Battle Pass-style F2P games, this next generation may be one of the most accessible yet in terms of monetary barrier to entry. I always get excited rather than anxious when hearing about a new hardware cycle even though I'm primarily on PC. Someone inevitably is going to do something shitty - just have to roll with it.

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Reading the news (game or otherwise) is exhausting and my general trust in any large company to make consumer friendly decisions is VERY LOW, so this whole process is wearing on me.

i'd say it's generally good to be skeptical of corporations- it will make you a discerning consumer, which will only work in your favour. don't be an early adopter and you can't really get burned- you'll have more information and will be empowered to make informed decisions.

that said don't stress about the transition- there's always good with the bad. and while i get how it happens, don't let large companies trying to figure out a business plan have that much sway over your mood- come what may, go where the best experiences are. let them figure out the rest.

at the end of the day, no matter what happens- there's still a healthy population with disposable income that want to play games. they'll figure out a way to make it work. we've also been through this with xb1/ps4- it was nothing but doom and gloom for like 18 months before those things came out.

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Since the leaps in technology are becoming smaller and smaller, I would imagine that developers would still be incentivized to make games for current hardware years after new consoles come out.

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Yes but for a different reason. Developers. Specifically I have 2 fears:

1) The continued increase in the cost of making games that take advantage of the hardware will only consolidate the worst trends in the industry of consolidation and only betting on "sure thing" big existing franchises. New consoles with more power will mean that it will be even harder for mid-tier developers to make games that don't risk the whole company. I don't really like the model of "huge AAA games as a service franchise or small indie title" and I'm worried that new consoles will only accelerate that. From Software and Platinum Games are hanging in there on current consoles, but what if they need to sell 15-20 million copies to make up costs? Maybe the Switch can be a home for mid-tier games, but we haven't really seen it yet.

2) Developers coming to grips with new hardware don't tend to put out their best work. There's a cliche that launch games are bad, and I don't think that's always true; there are some great launch and launch window games out there. But it's true that the launch window tends to have fewer amazing games, as developers focus on being able to put out a decent product with new hardware rather than telling an amazing story or experimenting with gameplay, or even just polishing something to an incredible sheen. The first games I can say I loved from the 8th gen were Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 (though I did enjoy Titanfall quite a bit), and they came out almost a full year after launch, and even after that things were spotty for a while. I prefer the kind of late console era we're in now, where interesting and polished games are launching every month and 2017 was one of the best years the medium has EVER seen. I don't want to go back to "Here's Plants V. Zombies Garden Warfare and it'll be a surprise hit in part because there just isn't that much to play" mode.

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I wouldn't call it anxiety, but I'm not eagerly awaiting new consoles. The last console cycle was really prolonged and I was ready to be done with the PS3 and 360, but I could definitely see riding this generation out for a few more years. I think I'll just stand pat, play through my backlog of stuff and see how the next generation of hardware pans out. I'm not buying anything at launch, that's for sure.

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I've got such a backlog, I'm not looking forward to next gen anytime soon....but if Sony announced the PS5 was backwards compatible, including all digital purchases from past consoles, I'd reserve it day one and immediately try to rebuild the PS3 library I traded to get a PS4.

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I still love playing games, and I still love GB and other game coverage, but waiting to see if consumer unfriendly news about new consoles is about to drop sucks.

Any of you folks feeling the same way?

I made the jump to PC as primary last gen, it's more or less liberated me from feeling this worry.
But I felt the same way you do now prior to last gen

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I don’t feel like I need a new console. I’m constantly floored by graphics these days. I’m also not convinced that horsepower would go to AI or anything...

I’d like a more reliable Xbox (my X crashes quite a bit). I’d like to see what kind of services could be built. But in general, I’m happy playing cool games that look like a million bucks without buying new hardware.

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I wouldn't say I have anxiety, but I can say I'm sure not ready to dish out more money for a brand new console. Just upgraded from a launch ps4 to a ps4 pro late last year, and on top of that I've got a pretty big backlog built up over the past two years. Not entirely sure I want something new. I have my pc anways, so sticking with that might be the way to go even if the exclusives look cool.

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No anxiety, particularly...I just don't have any desire to get another box yet. I've got all the present consoles plus a gaming PC and I've got a backlog longer than my natural lifespan will allow me to finish already. Unless some major next-gen, non-PC exclusive in a favorite franchise drops at launch, I don't see myself getting an Xbox Two or a PS5 for quite a while after launch.

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Always excited. This is my hobby, I've had every available console since the PS1 and will always find a way to continue that.

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It depends what's on offer. If Sony can bringing full backwards compatibility, it's a big selling point, along with some other games.

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I haven't played any of the current gen games on a console despite owning a PS4, with which i played 1 game and it was Gravity Rush, which i still haven't finished. For everything else i've had a PC, thankfully the majority of games i've wanted have released on PC and hopefully that continues into the future... Not looking forward to shelling out for new hardware at some point, but my GTX 980ti is proving to be a workhorse.
My biggest issue at the moment is deciding when to get a Switch, i was hoping the upcoming revision would come with a cheaper non portable version but it's sounding like it will be tailored towards being even more portable, so i guess i'm waiting for price cuts on the original, as i'm only really getting one for Bayonetta.

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As someone who actually cares about the ownership and long-term preservation of my game library I understand the way you feel. I'm not anxious, per se, about the next generation though because I don't think the fundamentals of the physical sales market is going anywhere right away, considering the fight that occurred over it the last time. I do worry, though, about hardware manufacturers making some boneheaded moves and just seeing people fight over it non-stop, or really terrible takes from games writers about it until the end of time.

The 2013 Bombcasts were hard enough to listen to because of losing Ryan halfway through the year, but listening to their responses to the console warring arguments (and some bad "It's just like Steam" quality takes) is the icing on the cake that just makes 2013 a thoroughly unpleasant year to re-experience.

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Not really, my gaming life doesn't fall with consoles since I play mostly PC. And most companies make games that I can live without. On PC we have this exclusive to "INSERT LAUNCHER/STORE FRONT" going on. Simply just making me skip it if it's too bothersome to get.

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I think I had zero anxiety at the end of last generation until Microsoft announced is stupid plan head of e3. Once, e3 was over and Sony has set out ist roadmap and Microsoft walked back nearly everything they planned my anxiety was gone.

This time around I think Sony has it plan and Microsoft has its plan, and neither will really do anything too drastic that wreck everything for everyone. In fact I think the actul ful strength console hardware that Sony and Microsoft will put out will be fabulous. I think we are looking at custom variants of AMD RyZen 2 and Navigraphics architecture, that will be some of the most powerful computer hardware running under 150 watts.

At this point I think the demonstration of strength in this current hardware generation shows consoles are here to stay

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I'm excited to see Xbox and PlayStation try and 1up each other, really excited to see what Phil Spencer has planned tbh now that he's firmly at the reigns, then PlayStation will have to bring the good shit or get left behind (full backwards compatibility seems like a good trump card for Sony).

I expect all the studio acquisitions will lead to Xbox coming out swinging with good exclusives this time around and hopefully PlayStation doesn't do the stupid thing and get all complacent. I've got a real good feeling about next gen, the only thing I'm anxious about is how my finances will take a battering if they both nail it... but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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No anxiety here....

My PS4 was purchased with RD2....So I'll probably give that to my daughter(who is getting married this summer) and replace the MOBO, CPU and RAM in my PC. That will probably cost about the same as a PS5. Or just keep what I have since it still will be higher end than a PS5.

Now if they put a UHD drive in it, I would buy it for that.

It really just depends on the games...Uncharted 4 I thought was terrible....and that, and RD2 were the only things I may even play on the PS

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I want an Xbox one X someday -if- enough things are backwards compatible and are not on any other newer device(newer than original xbox/360). If/when Otogi is backwards compatible for instance, that's a game I would love to play on it. However, all the microsoft shit I'd play on pc(if I was even playing them, I'm not, used to play gears and halo last 2 generations) and the console barely has anything exclusive.

I have a ps4. I have a switch. I am anxious and apprehensive cause I'm not looking forward to the cost again but that's what happens. I'll get to the party late unless there is a killer game I need to play with friends and I have a decent paycheck.

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I'll feel some type of way if a PS5 gets announced this year since I bought a PS4 Pro exactly a month ago. But since I mainly bought the thing for Kingdom Hearts III and Bloodborne and also that I mainly play games on PC, I'm more concerned about graphics cards and monitors.

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Not just you, I don't want to buy new hardware. PS4 is fine for me, I'd be fine with them getting 10 years out of it.

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With so many things in life to worry about this doesn’t even rate and I have some severe anxiety issues. The consoles will be how they will be and we’ll be able to keep playing games no matter how the consoles turn out because it’s a huge industry that will keep chugging along.

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I get where you're coming from and I think Sony are definitely in a position where they could pull another arrogant move, but I'm hopeful that they won't. Otherwise I just need to be sold on new consoles way more than in the past. When the biggest reason I have to buy new hardware is that the fan on my PS4 is annoyingly loud, it's kind of telling where I'm at. I feel I've seen the same sentiment in a lot of places also. But who knows, maybe something will get unveiled that looks mind blowing.

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As someone who suffers from crippling anxiety in other areas, I never had it for games.
A PC and a Switch to me is a fantastic combo that covers just about everything I could want from the wonderful world of gaming.

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No anxiety on my end but rather curiosity. I have all of the consoles and just a built a new PC that gets me the flexibility to play where I want. I’ve recently been debating whether getting an Xbox One X would be worth it at this point given we’re looking at potentially having new consoles in 18 months.

One of the things that’s made me like the direction of architecture of late is the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative—it really helps with whether I want to play on the TV or PC depending if friends are online. It’ll be interesting to see how my friends migrate in this next generation of consoles. Everything right now is either PC or PS4 for us which has largely been dictated by games and UI (none of us liked what Xbox was offering before the X). If we have to end up choosing one direction to go (PS5 or XB2), I’m curious to see how that migration pans out.

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I am gonna guess and say that microsoft and sony will have a cheaper streaming service box, for people with fast internet. I personally still think this is the way forward with consoles where the costumer cares more about price then the actual hardware. Ofcourse they will still have classic consoles and i am gonna do a wild guess and say there fully backwards compatible, through emulation or streaming.

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I was all over the PS2/GC/Xbox era in getting the new consoles and a new game for one of the consoles every other month maybe. Since then, I have really dropped off. Used to devour all information and try to chose which console would fit my needs best for that generation.

Had a large backlog and an abundance of cheap games to keep playing on my PS3 for the first 1.5 or so years of the PS4 before I picked up my PS4 for $300 on sale. My plan for the PS5, Xbox3, Switch2 is probably just wait it out a bit and see what shakes out. Probably end up picking up one next-gen console (maybe a 2nd console if there are some real hits and I have the time). If I am lucky at this point, I probably spend about 3 hours gaming every 2 weeks, and I am happy with the games coming out on the PS4 still while playing older legacy consoles as well.

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I really felt the diminishing returns in the upgrade to the current generation. Late PS3/360 Games like AC:Black Flag and GTA V were looking good in relative comparison to the new games on PS4/Xone. I was really hoping this generation would be the one to switch to a soft, phone style, optional upgrade system when the Pro/X came out. I suppose there's got to be a cut off at some point, the state of backwards compatibility on PS4 is the only question. I'll wait until there's a killer game I need to play on the new system before I upgrade, so it's not much different. Overall I'm trying not to think about it too much, but it is exciting knowing something new is coming.