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Just wanted to create a dump location for people's video game focused podcasts. This time hoping that placement on my preferred gaming website will yield a better receptacle of other audio pieces and radio shows. The semi-personal agenda for this post is the linking of my own radio show hosted by myself and a friend on an internet radio station Radiomade. Hey, at least this way I'm adding a possible constructive entity with my self-promotion.

It's called Threat Detection (I advise skipping the first episode). We are based in Dublin, Ireland. There are very few other Video Game related radio shows and podcasts in Ireland. Other than Arcade and Retro the only real media alternative here are vodcasters and general Youtubers such as Septic Eye. And that example is well outside of the kind of coverage I'd like to give the medium.

If anyone else has a podcast or show and want to seed more of an audience or get better promotion I'd be happy to give/receive advice and help.

Here is a Let's Play we made some time ago.