[Amazon Fire TV + Android TV] The Giant Bomb Enthusiast App

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So thanks for tipping me off to the existence of this app. It generally works on my 49XD8005 Sony TV, and I watched the To Live and Die on Murder Island livestream on it.

Two issues so far though - it crashes and has to be restarted every time switch back to it after having turned my TV off. I think I had the same issue with the Crunchyroll app, possibly related to the newest firmware update. Also, I don't know if this is related, but it often seems unable to find the newest videos. Right now the archive of the Murder Island stream is available on the phone apps and the Kodi plugin, but not on Enthusiast. Had the same issue with Exquisite Corps 3 yesterday, which finally showed up today.

Also working well on my Sony KDL-50 Android TV apart from it crashing more often than not when exiting the app.

KDL-50W805C running Marshmallow.

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#152 Posted by W1SSY (50 posts) -

Thanks for making this app. I ad been looking for something to use on my Android TV instead of having to cast from my computer.

Would it be possible to get the Mi Box added to the play store version? I sideloaded the app but it would make it much easier to update if it was included on the store.

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Not sure if this is just because I'm on the free trial, but I get the giant bomb video error message when I try to watch a premium video through the app.

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@blacklagoon: If a new video isn't showing up, you can try manually refreshing the videos by going to the bottom row on the main screen and clicking on the refresh button.

Regarding the crashes - I just pushed an update that should fix the top two crashes I was seeing reported through the Android developer console. Hopefully the one you were seeing has been fixed now. The version with the fix is 1.13.

@dave_tacitus: Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully the crash rate should be reduced once you receive version 1.13.

@w1ssy: Sorry for the delayed response. If you're the person that emailed gbenthuasiast (at) gmail.com then I just responded. Just need to know exactly which Mi Box you have.

@johnny_rico_121: Hi there - sorry to hear that. That sounds quite odd. The only thing I can think for you to try would be to clear the app cache, retry, and if that doesn't work, then clear app data and retry (warning: this will reset all of your current video progress).

As a general note - I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately, I know it's been a few months since the last one. I've been, well, playing a lot of video games in my spare time instead of programming, so I hope you can understand ;)

The progress sync feature has been stalled for quite a while now but that's still on the top of my TODO list since it's nearly complete.

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@alecgdouglas: hey alec! i'm getting a response code error 301 if i try to watch an older video like the first metal gear scanlon series or "papa vinny's pizza party". the error is happening no matter what video quality i choose, but i can load the latest uploads just fine (and those videos are working fine in video buddy and so on on other devices). is this a known error or is something borked for me?

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@fireworksordie: Yep, that's a known issue - I suspect the redirects for video URLs that were retrieved before the switch to https are incorrect. I'm not 100% sure since I don't have any devices that have data from before the switch to https, but from what I can gather, it's like this:

For examle, the API used to return:


Which gets redirected to:

https://www.giantbomb.com/cdnAuth/video/vf_persona4_01_3500.mp4 (which isn't a valid resource)

but the actual correct URL is:


I actually pushed out an update to the beta pool just this morning that has a potential workaround. Check that you have version 1.141 and if so, try watching one of the videos that was giving you this error (e.g. Papa Vinny's Pizza Party) and let me know if it works.

Failing all that, if you're feeling reckless you can just clear app data and have the app re-retrieve the video data which will provide you with the correct (https) video URLs. You'll also probably need to manually refresh a couple times to backfill your database with older videos.

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@alecgdouglas: hey- wow, crazy fast with the update, thanks as always. i made sure it was updated and tried Vinny's Pizza Party again and got this - definitely a different error than before:

No Caption Provided

i haven't done any kind of app data clearing or refreshing, so if that's a necessary move let me know (though i'll lose my watched videos then, right? not the end of the world). or if i can help troubleshoot some other way, let me know!

EDIT: i get the same error with early Metal Gear Scanlon as well. if i attempt to go to that URL displayed in the error, i can access the video, but Chrome hits me with a big warning about the page being insecure first (poor page! everyone has issues). the direct URL that the site download button provides is https://giantbomb-pdl.akamaized.net/2014/05/27/vf_pizzaparty_052714_4000.mp4?api_key=xxxx

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@fireworksordie: That screenshot is very helpful. I just pushed out another update to the beta pool (1.142) that will hopefully fix the issue (again, difficult to test since I don't have a device that has the old data on it). It's a bit of a hacky fix but should be okay until I refactor the app so this is less of a problem.

Let me know if you're able to watch these videos once you get the update - thanks!

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#159 Posted by BlackLagoon (2106 posts) -

@alecgdouglas: 1.13 seems more stable, though I still got one crash. As before it was when the app was suspended in the background. When it's actually running it seems to work fine.

One thing though, could you make the "Refresh Videos" action a bit easier to get to? I use it a lot more often than most of the categories, and I didn't even realize it was there until you told me about it.

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@alecgdouglas: just tested with the 1.142 update and both papa vinny and the earlier metal gear problem videos work great now! i'll let you know if i run into any more problems. also- unrelated, but i moved recently and have had no problems at all with stream buffering anymore, even though the internet speed is the same (330mbps) - so it must have been something to do with the CDN vs comcast i guess.

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So I recently moved from the Amazon Fire TV to a Nvidia Shield TV and I'm glad this app is there too, but uh, is it a known issue that the app makes my TV turn off? I don't mean it makes the screen black like I've seen before, I mean it straight up turns off the television completely. It's happened almost every time I look at an hour plus video. It just happened once again while watching this week's Steal My Sunshine.

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This App looks amazing! Would you be able to whitelist it for my Philips 43PUS6262 43 Inch 4K UHD HDR Ambilight Smart TV? I can't seem to find it on the TVs play store.

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Thanks for making such a great app! I've used it for a few days and it works well on my old Amazon Fire TV Stick. This app was the last thing I needed in order to stop watching video of any kind on my laptop.

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I don't know if I missed it in this thread. If I shut it off in the middle of a video, can I resume at the same place the next time I turn it on?

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@digitaldiatribe: i have a shield tv and have never had this problem, with this app (which i use quite often) or any other app. are there any other factors involved? it almost sounds more like a power or hardware issue.

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@fireworksordie: It's the only app that turns off my TV. I normally use Twitch, Youtube, Pluto and Netflix and none of them do it. It's only been when I GB Enthusiast app. Shield TV is current gen and connected to my TV directly, nothing else is on the chain. I can only assume something is wonky with HDMI CEC.

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@digitaldiatribe: that's extremely bizarre. i have CEC enabled as well and no issues. i don't even know where you could start with troubleshooting that!

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@alecgdouglas: Excellent app, I really appreciate the work that went into this. However, today I ran into the following error when trying to play any video:

Player Error Encountered:

java.io.EOFException: unexpected end of stream

I'm running v1.13. I tried clearing data, cache, uninstall/reinstall, but no luck. Let me know if any other info would be helpful. Thanks!

Edit: it seems to only affect premium videos. Quick Looks, VRodeos, etc. play fine. So, I tried clearing authorization and entering a new code, and I got the most recent UPF to work briefly, but then the error came back after trying a few other videos unsuccessfully.

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#169 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@jbick89: Hey there - thanks for letting me know. I was able to reproduce this and I'm looking into it now. I'll try to get a fix out ASAP - sorry about this!

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#170 Posted by TheIronYuppie (125 posts) -

Just wanted to pop in and say this app is a godsend, especially since Destiny coming out on PC. I'm just sad I didn't hear about its existence until now; keep up the good work, sir!

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#171 Edited by btsjigs (54 posts) -

Just downloaded this and currently watching the latest Demo Derby without a hitch, wanted to say great job and thank you!!

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#172 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@theironyuppie: @btsjigs: Thank you both for the kind words :)

@jbick89: Sorry for not closing the loop on this earlier. It seems that the issue was on the Giant Bomb side and has been resolved by them. Definitely let me know if you're still running into issues though.

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#173 Posted by Alpharudy (46 posts) -

Is their a way I can donate to the creator for his hard work? I love being able to watch premium content off the fire stick. This app is amazing

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#174 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@alpharudy: Heh, that's very kind of you to offer. No donations needed, but I appreciate it :)

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#178 Posted by Wraithtek (426 posts) -

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for your work on this app. I started using it a few months ago to watch Premium content on my FireTV.

I was still using the YouTube app to watch free Giant Bomb content, as sometimes it's easier on my slow connection. (And I watch stuff from Polygon and Waypoint there, too.) But the FireTV YouTube app is going away in January, because Google and Amazon can't get along. Which sucks, but I'll still be able to stream Giant Bomb content with FireTV, thanks to the Enthusiast App.

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#179 Posted by johnnymcginley (527 posts) -

This is a great app, thanks very much.

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#180 Posted by DigTheDoug (196 posts) -

@alecgdouglas love this app, I've been using it for what seems like forever! Would it be possible to add support for the `save-time` api end points and supported Continue Watching categories? I regularly watch GB from a mix of the browser, the Video Buddy Android app, and your FireTV app, and from what I can tell, unfortunately the FireTV app has its own locally saved progress and Continue sections and doesn't use the user persistent storage on GB that the site and Android app use. Is this project on GitHub at all? I'd be happy to open up an issue and take a look at a PR? Thanks again for the great app!

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#182 Posted by digitaldiatribe (116 posts) -

So anyone on a Shield TV not having their device shut off during or after vid is finished? It's not HDMI CEC and it's frustrating as hell.

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#183 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@digthedoug: Hey there, sorry for the late response. I have support for the sync'd progress API in a half-finished state and just haven't had the chance to work on in quite a while (work has been pretty crazy). Actually, it's been long enough that I'd probably start over if I were to pick the work up again.

Honestly, I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about not having the time to keep improving this app, so maybe it's time to finally let someone else contribute. I haven't put the effort into cleaning up the codebase enough to make it public anywhere (hint: it's not great), but it's currently private on BitBucket. If you're interested in working on the sync functionality, I could grant you access and you could tinker with it. DM me if that's something you'd like to do.

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@alecgdouglas - hey- long time no post, things have been working great so i haven't had a reason to comment. that said, i just came across this post on resetera from a few minutes ago about a user having issues. i haven't had a chance to get home yet and confirm but i will update if i experience the same.

thanks again!

EDIT: premium HD videos seem to be working fine. i'll test live tomorrow to make sure that's fine, too - if so i'm not sure what that person's issue was.

EDIT2: live streams working fine too. maybe it was on GB's end!

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#185 Posted by jaytima (14 posts) -

Any chance of getting GB TV on this? Love this app!

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#186 Posted by Dizagaox (14 posts) -

This app is God.

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#187 Posted by flammabled (9 posts) -

@alecgdouglas: any updates on potentially opening the app up to contributions?

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#188 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@fireworksordie: Thanks for looking into that - glad to hear it was just an issue on GB's end :)

@jaytima: As far as I'm aware, there isn't yet a supported way to implement GB Infinite support. Maybe once it's out of beta?

@dizagaox: Thanks!

@flammabled: Good question - I just decided to make the repo public as my time has been too occupied with other things to give the app the attention it needs. Feel free to take a look and send a pull request if you'd like to contribute (might be a good idea to discuss your intention with me first though so there's less chance of you wasting your time though!)


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#189 Posted by Dizagaox (14 posts) -


GB Infinite is technically just an unlisted live YouTube feed.

Loading Video...


Perhaps you could have it as an embed for now, if you wanted to add it in?

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#190 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@dizagaox: Sure, that's something I considered - if not an embed, then maybe an intent to the YouTube app. However, the issue with that is if it's not officially supported by the API then there's no expectation that the specific YouTube link won't change and break that functionality in the app that will require a fix and a new update to be pushed out.

Buuuuut also, as I wrote that I dug a little more into the API and found that the /chats API could make this work with official support, so I filed this issue if anyone is interested in picking it up:


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#191 Posted by flammabled (9 posts) -

@alecgdouglas: Cool! I might have a poke around the sync if I get some free time this week!

For reference, I don't think Issues are visible to anyone

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#192 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@flammabled: Thanks for the heads up - I tried making them public. Let me know if you can see them now.

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#193 Posted by flammabled (9 posts) -
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#194 Edited by sendo_ (28 posts) -

Anyone else had issues in the last couple of days not saving playback position when stopping ?

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#195 Posted by ANiMATR0Ni0 (37 posts) -

use the app everyday and just here to show support for a gb infinite link up at the top would be amazing because there is no easy way for me to watch gbtv on firestick [i looked into ways to copy android phone clipboard over to fire tv over wifi for a naked unlisted youtube url copypaste, basically it sucks.]

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#200 Posted by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -

@animatr0ni0: You'll be happy to hear that someone from the community has picked up that issue and currently has an update that's in review.

Can't give an ETA (it's largely up to them and their schedule), but it's being worked on :)