America's Army, Hezbollah and propaganda games. [video]

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Hey folks. A little about me: I'm a video game designer with a degree in Middle East studies. For a while now I've been looking to combine my interest fields, and a few weeks ago I went and downloaded Special Force 2, a recruitment game created by Hezbollah (a quasi-state actor in Lebanon) back in 2007. The game is fascinating on many, many levels - from the way that it glorifies Hezbollah fighters, to the assets they rip directly from the game Far Cry.

I translated the game from Arabic and put up a few analytical Let's Plays - here's one:

I've also written up an article on my company's website: Eye of the Beholder: Special Force 2 and the Propaganda Game.

For me the interesting takeaway from all this is that not that Special Force 2 is blatantly propaganda (it is) but how easy it is to forget that most war games that we play are barely any deeper or more careful when addressing such a grizzly topic. Generally speaking Americans criticized Hezbollah for making a hateful propaganda game, but we seem fine with playing World War 2 games and fighting one dimensional enemies in Nazi Germany or Japan.

Just my two sense - I hope you all find this interesting.

TD;DR: I wrote a blog and made a Let's Play video series on the propaganda game, Special Force 2 and I think it's an interesting topic.

Edit: this is my first post on the forums in a long while. Not sure if it was appropiate to mark it as a "question" post, or how to fix it...