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Hey! I created a little thing inspired by Salty Bet. Basically, it's a site that allows viewers to nominate buttons to be pressed a in game that's being streamed out (it's currently playing Advance Wars 2). Each round is 10 seconds long, and at the end of the round the highest-voted button is sent to the game.

Feel free to help me test this by checking it out at p1vs.com! I'll leave it running for a little while but will have to stop streaming eventually. Oh, and recommend any games (nes/gba preferrably) that you think might work well for this format!

I'm curious what you guys think of this idea!

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All right, that is pretty damn awesome. You get a big ol' thumbs up from me.

I'd be really interested to see what turn based games are out there that don't require like 2 minutes of waiting to do a single action.

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This is pretty cool, but I'd lower the voting time a bit for this type of turn based game. Most of what you're doing is movement and taking 30 seconds to move a guy up a bit drives my patience a bit.

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This is a great idea! Wish I knew anything about Advance Wars but I think this is really original. Would like to see how it works with larger numbers but so far I'm liking it. I agree that you'll probably be fiddling with the round times to get it just right.

Might I suggest a link in the left panel to some sort of controls page?

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Thanks for the feedback so far! :)

I'm still thinking about round times and games. The problem is there's always latency between when the actions occur and when we see them occur, so lower round times could potentially become confusing.

As for a controls page, that is a good idea and something I'll definitely look into adding.

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That is super cool duder! Only real comment is someway of showing the game controls would be really useful, other than that it's just simple stuff that depends on the game like how long voting last.

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We should try playing divekick. That'll work, right?

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@planetfunksquad said:

We should try playing divekick. That'll work, right?

Only if the options are button combos like "Dive Kick, Kick Kick, Kick Dive etc."

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Thank you all again for checking it out. I'm taking the stream down for the night now, but it will return! :)

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Alright, we're back for a second stream with some Super Sokoban this time! Maybe a game like this with direct control over a character will do better?

I'm still accepting suggestions for future games. Remember, they have to be turn-based!

EDIT: Alright, cutting the stream. Maybe Sokoban wasn't the best idea, or I just need a lot more viewers. Better luck next time, hopefully!