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I can completely understand GB not having a huge commitment to MMOs. Think of how long it takes to get going in an MMO before you're comfortable doing a quicklook. And even then, everyone knows that 90% of what matters and what people care about in MMOs is the end-game content. Showing the low to mid level questing and solo-combat only shows one very small aspect of MMOs. Given how small the team is, I can completely understand them not investing that much into MMOs. Ultimately, we should be happy with what we can get.

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#52 Posted by FlarePhoenix (430 posts) -

If there is a game you care enough about for you to want them to cover, does it really matter if they don't? I mean your interest is already there, right?

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Japanese and PC gaming but I think this site doesn't need that so nothing really important comes to mind.

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@FLStyle said:

When they hire more people I think it would be worth asking this again, but as it stands I think it's unfair to question Giant Bomb in general on this when they have so few staffers.

I agree with this, there are only really three of them. Vinny is off doing stuff as is Dave and Drew and although patrick does do some game coverage he has other work to do. I'm just waiting for them to do a quick look of the new Pokemon game.

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jRPGs. But that's because they don't like them, generally. Though I'd love some Jeff/Vinny QLs where they mock them like they do sports games. That'd be fun. Or possibly Brad should get in there... he is the designated anime editor after all.

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I do wish that RPG's got a little more solid coverage. Games like Dragon Age 2, The Last Story, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Xenoblade Chronicles really kind of got the shaft. I understand it can be kind of difficult to commit the time of your staff to a single game for 50 hours, but still it does leave me a little let down when they barely even acknowledge that the games came out.