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I remember back in the day that receiving the newest issue is PSM or EGM would be the highlight of my month. The writing was good, the commentary clever, and the insights... well, insightful. But obviously we've evolved since then with the power of the internet to where now we get our knowledge from websites, rather than monthly periodicals. But there's a big part of me that still misses those simpler times. I will admit I threw out my old magazine collection due to space reaseons, but I still kept hold of my first issue of PSM and EGM. Anyway, I'm just wondering seeing if there's anyone else who misses those times? What were your magazines of choice?

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I used to get GamePro back in the day and I have very mild nostalgia for flipping through those magazines but I don't really miss them (maybe because it was GamePro). I think if I had been subscribed to something like Nintendo Power in the early 90's I would have cherished my time looking at Super Nintendo and "Ultra 64" stuff.

There is Retro Gamer Magazine that I think is still going? Maybe? Pretty sure it's a British publication, seemed really well put together. It might scratch that itch if you can find some issues of it.

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lol those good magazines definitely were in the minority in the netherlands, I've kept every game magazine i've ever bought here and reading them nowadays I'd honestly be ashamed if I were the one responsible for more than half of what is written in there with a couple exceptions.(never had much english magazines as they were always 10 euros or more per issue, thats like 11 dollars at least. Only have a couple EDGE and EGM issues, those are great! And the big stack of official uk nintendo mags I have are still pretty good as well, really love the page layouts etc in those ones as well)

The most popular magazine in the netherlands is still going strong though but having bought a couple issues lately it does nothing for me anymore. Its called Power Unlimited and has been going since 1995 I believe. Its mostly filled with reviews that mirror what most people think online (by that I dont mean they copy stuff from online but more that I've pretty much always have read very similarly worded opinions elsewhere in advance) and news&previews that are already a month old. Its also filled with 'funny' writing but honestly now that im a little older Id rather hear what someone thinks specifically controlls bad, for example, instead of them just going: 'It controlls like a sock in a toilet'.... They still have a couple of great writers as well but I think those mostly write more interesting, longer pieces online, not in the magazine. Another interesting thing is the power unlimited guys have a TVshow cheesily called 'game kings' that started out like a mix of what giantbomb is now and what Electric playground used to be in the 90s but they've slowly totaly turned into a dutch ign or gamespot equivalent. Maybe not very unusual as they still seem pretty much the only 'big' gamefocused site/magazine/tvshow here so I dont blame them for spending most of their time going over the basics. Its really too bad, those guys are what really pulled 10year old me in deep with this whole videogame thing (toghether with way too blond gamespot Jeff).

Luckily EPN reuploading old seasons and Giant bomb in general have somewhat filled the hole that was left behind by gamekings when they got big haha. I actually miss good Game Kings way more than the magazines.

But enough about TV! Sorry guys, got a little offtopic in my rambling :')

Edit: Ill still treasure all my old game mags for an eternity though, Theyre still fun to go trough and see what people thought in a less internet spoiled age (like the n64 mario party games getting 9s everywhere hahaha)

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Only when I'm pooping.

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Sure, I'd get an EGM each month and read it front to back a good hundred times. I'd get Tips & Tricks and read strategy guides for games I'll never play over and over again.

Of course, these days we're so used to instant information that the format isn't as necessary. Modern Game Informer finds a decent way to incentivize a membership with its exclusive coverage, but when you think about it it's similar to a Premium membership here. I actually think they've done a good job of changing and growing with the times.

I still buy books and CD's, as I enjoy having a physical copy of something. Can't argue that most people prefer digital things, but my collection of old game magazines has its charm.

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My only firsthand experience with gaming magazines was mid 2000s Nintendo Power, which was pretty much the equivalent of state-controlled media. That's not to say that the Gamecube and early Wii eras didn't have their highlights that were worth covering, but even as a kid I knew when they were trying to fill for space in some of those issues.

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I miss GameFan and Next Generation.

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I'm still reading a finnish one that has been going since 1992 and will likely do so 'till they stop or I run out of money. Internet has obiously made a dent in the sense, that reviews and previes aren't new anymore by the time the magazine comes out, but I still enjoy the writing. They also often enough offer fun and interesting articles to read through, so I'm happy to continue supporting them even through the digital age.

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Hell yeah. As a kid I subscribed to Games TM and Edge for years. I've recently filled that hole in my heart where gaming mags used to live with Miniature tabletop gaming mags instead.

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Game Informer is the only gaming mag I've had a subscription for. Some times I bought an Xbox or PlayStation one that came with a demo disc. Reading GI every now and then, it seems to be harder to make compelling content through print. Maybe it's just cuz of how big GI is, but everything is touched on in broad strokes. I feel like I'm getting the most generic and general info available. I can't imagine older magazines were much different. Especially considering the more "objective" style that was done in the past.

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Nope. There are still print gaming magazines but I don't buy them, so I can't be missing them too much.

I do look back fondly on my time reading them and getting demo discs, but I don't miss using them.

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Well, I don't really miss them, but I am nostalgic for them. There was certain excitement to finding out every month about cool video games, rather than being super informed all the time due to prevalence of Internet nowadays. Plus the discs packed tight with all the demos, mods, patches and software were awesome and they saved a ton of expensive and slow bandwidth back then.

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Nah they have no place in the world today, unless you want to be ripped off at the airport and read one on a flight.

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Yeah there was something about having a nice glossy print mag in your hands. EGM and Nintendo power were my favorites, and I don't even think I was subscribed to them. I just went to my local Barnes and Nobel (there used to be 3 close to me, all of them have shut down) every month and bought them. I miss it a little bit. I know information is much more immediately available but it's not...what's the term...precious anymore.

And, yeah, there's totally this:

Only when I'm pooping.

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I don't even know the last time I read a magazine. They're always there in waiting rooms, but phones do a better job luring you from boredom.

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I am nostalgic about PC game magazines specifically.

When I was a kid my dad used to subscribe to the Swedish PC Gamer magazine which came with a CD every month that had a bunch of game demos, videos, freeware and shareware stuff. This was in the late 90's to early 2000's. Those CD's were how I got introduced to a lot of PC games back in the day.

I would spend hours upon hours just replaying the same game demos and watching videos and reading text files. It was rare that I ever played a full PC game, but sometimes the CD's would include a full version of a game or shareware like SWAT 3 or Dink Smallwood. Or if I was whining enough my parents would buy me a retail game.

So yeah a lot of time was also spent reading the magazines. The Swedish PC Gamer magazine had it's own approach, it wasn't just a copy & paste of the US magazine. The best part was always the comedic editorial comments under every game screenshot. I still remember Jocke Bennet and CD-Hasse.

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I miss them in the nostalgic sense. Most are right. They barely have a place in this internet driven world but back then when information was sparse those magazines were golden. I would read articles more than once and longingly look at the screenshots that made the mag. Opinions, previews, reviews, April Fools jokes. There was a lot to look forward in those mags of yesteryear.

My favs include Gamefan, Nintendo Power and EGM but I know I have read quite a bit of different publications.

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I am nostalgic for them. I do think that demo discs could make a great return if done right. At this point who wants to download a 15 gigabyte demo? What about all the folks with bandwith caps? I think if done right a publication could see success from offering them again.

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How many of them still exist?

Only when I'm pooping.

Do we have a poll for reading on the toilet because doing this is just insane.

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We rarely bought them. Probably only owned like five after we came to America. Today, they'd be a complete waste of money to me. Firstly, because of the internet, and secondly because gaming isn't that interesting anymore. I have a small number of game types I care about these days and don't wish to waste my time on anything else. I rarely even need to read articles about them. A little bit of footage and information will hold me over until the game releases, after which I'll make my decision.

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I think I miss the anticipation more than anything. Waiting all month to see what was in the next issue. It made reading about video games more exciting. Now, they would be little more than a recap for what I have read on the internet over the past month.

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Ah the weeks when Nintendo Power was set to arrive are some of my favorite game memories. I'd get the magazine, flip through it for a few days. Then I'd get into the nitty gritty and read every word front to back. Then it was back to waiting. My parents weren't super great when it came it providing me with basic things like clothes, shoes, or a positive environment growing up. Being poor, Nintendo Power was basically my birthday present every year. Now I'm no fool, I'll take the thing that lasts for 12 months and let that gift keep giving. :D

I still have years and years of them in a box. I thought about getting rid of them on Ebay but I just couldn't pull the trigger.

One thing I wish I would have understood better is the reason for ads. It never occurred to me that they were essential and I always found them to be a nuisance because dumb kid brain. That said, Sony during the PSone era had some great magazine ads as I recall.

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@dgtlty said:

How many of them still exist?

@spoonman671 said:

Only when I'm pooping.

Do we have a poll for reading on the toilet because doing this is just insane.

Reading while pooping is the sanest thing a man can do.