Anyone Going to PAX South This Year?

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#1 Posted by yankeesmcav1 (45 posts) -

Hey guys just looking for some Duders to meet up with at PAX South this year. Let me know whats up!

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I'll be there.

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#3 Posted by badsmalltalker (325 posts) -

I'm going!

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I talked to Brad, Jeff and Dan at PSX and they all said that they wouldn't be attending unfortunately. I was super bummed. I booked PAX South just to chill with the posse.

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#5 Posted by Zleunamme (1046 posts) -

I'll be there Friday and Sunday.

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#6 Posted by likwidtek (26 posts) -

I'll be there working in the LANFest PC room. I was hoping so hard the guys would be there. Did they confirm for sure they weren't going? :(

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#7 Posted by clagnaught (2141 posts) -

I looked into PAX South, but with the three day passes sold out I might end up going next year instead. I'm somewhere in the state of Texas so it would be pretty easy to go if I actually committed to it.

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#8 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1139 posts) -

I'll be there! Travelling from Fort Worth to get there.

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I will Be there, should be a good time! Like last year

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#10 Posted by Spunkrake (37 posts) -

No one knows who I am, but I will be there. If a Giant Bomb meet up happens I will do my best to attend.

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#11 Posted by Aethelred (472 posts) -

I wish PAX South was closer to the actual South, like maybe in Atlanta.

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#12 Posted by ajamafalous (13820 posts) -

I'll be there again this year, though kinda bummed none of the GB staff will be there.

Also, I will probably end up having an extra 3-Day Pass for sale if anybody is interested. I bought one for my brother, but it looks like he probably won't be able to make it because of his college classes, so if he confirms to me that he won't be able to go, I'll be looking to sell it.

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I'm going! Anyone know a good place for a meetup?

I also have an extra 3-day pass if anyone is looking to go

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#14 Posted by patbaer (193 posts) -

Hi friends I'm gonna plug some stuff for people going to PAX South! They will feature friends of the site and things you may like?

I'm doing 404ing It on Friday at 1pm in the Cactus Theatre. My guests are Aaron Trites (PAX Wrestling), Khahil White (Fig), and Jenn Bane (Cards Against Humanity). I will be recording this show and it will be on my youtube channel about a week after PAX.

RIGHT AFTER THAT Jenn and Khahil are on a 2:30pm panel in the same theatre, so you could pop out of line and come back in for Making Friends in Geek Spaces.

And at 10:30am on Saturday in the Falcon Theatre, join us for the first ever PAX WRESTLING SOUTHERN SLAM! Aaron Trites has put together a fantastic card (will also be livestreamed at There will be no fog machine.

Other than that I'll be playing board games and posing for photos at that wax museum that has John Cena and The Undertaker.

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#15 Posted by JunkHype (402 posts) -

Meeeee, I'm going!