Anyone Planning to Buy the Switch Lite?

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Is anyone planning on buying the Nintendo Switch? As far as I understand its portable only and you cant connect it to a tv but for this, you get it at a cheaper price. The Joy-Cons also aren't detachable but I guess as this seems to be designed as an on the go device then this kind of makes sense. If they were to release a few more designs in the future then I might pick one up to catch up on the Pokemon games but right now I'm still happy with my 2DS.

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I know this is heresy, but I barely play my normal Switch. That said if it had a significant increase in battery life I might jump as that Switch battery is one of the reasons I barely use it (that and I have had weird chargining issues with it, particularly while travelling with it last year).

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I already have a Switch and I don't play it handheld nearly enough to justify buing another one.

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My kid got a Switch. I had a lot of fun with Super Mario Odyssey, but it peaked with New Donk City and I stopped playing shortly after that amazing level.

That’s really all I ever used the Switch for...

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In theory the Lite is what I want: I have never actually docked my switch and I only ever play handheld

But even shittier display and non-replaceable joycons is a dealbreaker. I need my d-pad mod to enjoy most of the games I play on the switch and I also need the ability to give Nintendo more money when I inevitably can't fix the joycon drift with contact cleaner anymore. This lets me do neither

That being said: There is a decent chance I am going to swing by Gamestop next week and do the trade-in for the refresh model. 75 bucks for a much better battery and a reset on the incredibly shoddy joycon rails sounds decent to me.

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@gundato said:
I need my d-pad mod to enjoy most of the games I play on the switch and I also need the ability to give Nintendo more money when I inevitably can't fix the joycon drift with contact cleaner anymore. This lets me do neither

You gotta think they'll have fixed the stick drift issue for this revision. Plus, it has a + d-pad already, rather than the separate buttons on the joycons, so no need for mods now, unless for whatever reason this d-pad is awful.

The smaller screen is what puts me off though, the switch lite screen would be smaller than my phone at that point.

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@gerrid: Forgot it had a d-pad. Although, if it is as bad as the pro controller I stand by my statement

And considering that the refresh model's joycons have the same design and so forth and it being Nintendo: I doubt they'll fix it.

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My real hope was that Nintendo would just make a version that is a console only, that way they could remove all the portable hardware like the screen, battery and meh controllers and reduce the cost a good bit. If they kept the basics of the regular Switch and just made the controllers attached to the body like the Lite to reduce costs and kept the video out i would have been ok with that as well. The Lite is exactly the opposite of what i wanted, a portable only device that i find to large to consider portable like i would a handheld like the Vita or 3DS, and to many compromises for the money you save. So put me down as a no for the Lite, and a probably later down the line for the real Switch.

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I am kind of tempted since I only ever use my Switch in handheld mode, but also I haven't been using the Switch a huge amount lately. If something big comes down the pipe that I really want to play I might give this Switch back to the office and switch to a Lite. We'll see!

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Yes, my eldest daughter will get one of these.

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I want a Switch Heavy - an arcade cocktail table sized Switch you can sit at with a 20" screen. Am I right, or am I right?!

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I'm curious how it works for the people out there wiht big hands who already have issues with the size of the joycons.

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I rarely play my Switch but if I got another I would want a bigger one not a smaller one. My phone screen is both bigger and higher resolution than the regular Switch.

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I still play my launch switch fairly often (especially now three houses has been released) but it's almost always while docked. My girlfriend has expressed interest in a switch before but as she travels so much (usually long distance flights) she didn't want to invest in the docked version. This lite one might be perfect though, especially now that it's smaller (more luggage friendly), the battery life has been extended and there's a couple extra games she's interested in playing.

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But all those commercials were showing people showing up to roofparties & handing out joycons to play 1,2 switch on the go!

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Since you can't dock it, no. I take my Switch with me to work and on road trips and having a more portable one would be great, but not having TV out means it isn't a good purchase for me for any home use.