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Dear Giantbomb Forumgoers, 
I am in need of your advice and wisdom.  
Currently I am in the planning stages of my quest to build an ultimate emulation and current game arcade cabinet. I have decided on using XBMC as the frontend to launch the various games and emulations. I have also settled on  http://www.xgaming.com/store/arcade-joysticks-and-game-controllers/product/x-arcade-dual-joystick/ for the sticks/buttons to save myself some build time. 
Here's where my problem comes in. I can't decide what sort of cabinet to build! Whether to go with the traditional style, like  http://www.arcadecab.com/CabinetPlans2/CabinetPlans2_Background.html or to go with a SFIV vewlix style one like  http://www.donovanmyers.com/2009/06/vewlix-te-complete-guide/ .  
The cusp of the issue is the screen, should I go with the 32-inch plasma/LCD and the vewlix style, or a computer monitor in tradtional style. 
Any advice on the build/monitor/sticks and buttons would be greatly appreciated.

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if you are already building a cabinet, buying an x arcade is probably not in the best interest, as i would probably hand build the entire cabinet, down to my own control panel.  
 that and the fact that i like japanese parts.

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Good luck to you. I want to build a MAME cabinet myself. When you finish this you should post some pics of it.

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I'd go with the traditional wood cabinet unless you have the money/materials to really make the viewlix one look extra nice. Otherwise it just looks tacky, especially with those two TE sticks bolted to the front of it. Ughh. I love them, but, the whole setup just looks cheap. 
Go traditional wood. Less pain to build as well, plus if you like you could find a broken one in the local area and get a whole cab for free (or near). And use that.