Are games today more or less fun to you?

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I was watching some videos of older games on youtube and remembering how fun (or not) they were for me. The game I was watching was Mechwarrior 4, which I remember not caring for as much as Mechwarrior 3. But anyway, I saw a comment saying "this is when games were fun" and I just had to reply that games are more fun than ever today. I mean with the amount of different types of games we have today there has to be something you find just us fun as games from the 90s or 2000s. I was just trying to think why someone wouldn't enjoy games from today, if they enjoyed games from the past.

Everytime I go back to something I thought was great, I end up realizing it's not as great as I remembered it. I think we just enjoyed it so much because we had nothing better. Playing Star Fox (SNES) comes to mind. Man it's awful now. I get opinions change over time, but do you think games aren't as fun as they used to be? This goes for any game this decade I guess. Last gen and this gen.

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Depends on the game of course but I think it's like anything, if you do something too much, too often, it can become less enjoyable. Standards have changed and age does play a factor, as well as external factors like life.

I try to mix it up and play different genres or stuff I've never touched before. I think if you're playing kinda the same thing all the time, you're gonna see diminishing returns.

I recently played through my first Fire Emblem and I was completely consumed so it's still possible for me to really enjoy games. At the same time, it's hard to compare it to the experiences I had as a child. I'm a very nostalgic person and I doubt anything will top how I feel about games from those days.

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Games are overall better now in a variery of ways, but to be honest I think they were more fun back in the day. But that fact has more to do with my access to them being limited in different ways, making a new game I received or played to be a much more impactful experience. These days I can buy whatever game I want as long as finances allow, as a result the experience lacks a certain something. I do enjoy games more now though in actuality. Just the concept of fun as a pure feeling I more associate with my younger self playing games.

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There may come a time when we've seen it all, and nothing will impress us anymore.

A lot of older games still have weight behind them - and those are the ones that are getting remastered and re-released. As an example... Wind Waker springs to mind. Nintendo didn't really need to do much with it to make it feel up to date. Just up-res it and make the camera smarter.

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I'm sick of open world games. Literaly can't stand them. I bought Ion Maiden yesterday and had more fun with it than with all the 'top' games from last year.

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I mean I think objectively things are more fun just because there is a greater breadth of game that is available now. There's kind of a little something for everyone.

Personally I'm always having more fun with New things, not old known quantities. I still enjoy the old stuff but time and development skills march on and it shows more often than not.

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I find the big games more intimidating now, especially with not so much time to play them in. RDR2 sounds interesting to me, but the shear density of it is putting me off. Then again there is so much choice nowadays in what to play, almost too much sometimes!

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Less fun. Well, less interesting i think is more appropriate. In the late 90's early 2000's every other game had something novel to it. 'this game blends RTS & RPG together! This game is a third person shooter + RTS! This game gives you crazy time powers! This game uses new tech that straight up makes it the best looking game for the next months! This game has a branching storypath! It was just an exciting time to see how these ideas panned out.

Nowadays it feels like the AAA space is so standardized and risk averse that the games don't blow you away with unique ideas anymore. And since everything looks reasonably good now, the graphics don't shock as much neither. The genre combo's have been explored and now everything is a similar blend of successful ideas. All put together in similar open world / livegame sauces. The linear shooter + storyline game in the vein of Half Life , NOLF & FEAR is hardly being made anymore because it's more profitable to have that gameplay in a livegame. Apart from Wolfenstein & Doom to be fair. When a new successful variation gets explored, everyone jumps on it like a hungry dog hoping to get a slice of the pie. The quality levels are definitly higher, but games have lost some of their unique identity because of that. Spiderman gets compared with the Arkham games all the time, Anthem is treated as destiny + mechs, the new obsidian game is seen as a fallout / borderlands mix etc etc. You don't get a game like Sacrifice or Black & White anymore where you legit feel like this is the only game in the world that is going for this specific type of game, and you get to watch it unfold.

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Luckily there's a boatload of good indie games now. But it's a shame that the budget prevents some of those games from looking great to me. For instance, i heard Ben say in the quicklook that he thinks momodora looks amazing, but to me it looks slightly worse than 1997's Claw. There are probably a boatload of SNES games that look way better as well. That's not a dealbreaker, and there are indiegames out there that look very sharp nonetheless (Cuphead, Hollow Knight, Shantae). But especially during the roguelike summer of last year i felt like too many of them had a similar look.

To be fair, being an adult and seeing through the 'MAGIC' probably also makes it less interesting than being a kid. That said, i played Destiny 2 after playing through NOLF 1 + 2, and i would say that i got more enjoyment out of the NOLF games.

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Every generation thinks that their stuff is the best and most stuff newer than their favorite stuff is worse. 75% of the reason those games seem “better” is because they were new. Many retro games hold up today, but I would say most don’t.

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I just felt that with all the indie games coming out today we have such a giant variety more so than ever before. I would understand AAA being seen as not fun, but we have way more than just AAA now. And not all AAA games are bad, the 2016 Doom remake, and Eternal coming out this year look more fun than ever. Also Sekiro and others are looking great. It just seems like there would be some game you would still have fun with, whether it's an indie game or AAA or in between. That is unless of course you as a person changed and don't enjoy games of any kind anymore.

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I still get totally immersed in games the way I did long ago, I would pour over EG, or Nintendo power everyday when playing something like Super Metroid (Which still is fun and holds up great on the Mini SNES)

I have spent months listening and reading everything about RD2(and pouring 100+ hours into it, and before that Witcher 3 and the new Tomb Raiders, escapism is the same for me now as it was 30 years ago.

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More or less the same I guess. I liked Breath of the Wild about as much as I liked Sinistar. Mega Man X is about as good as inFamous.

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Games today are more addictive, certainly (though MMOs have been around for a while, so... hm), but I think calling them as "fun" as they used to be is still very much a case by case basis. As many games as I loved from the PS1 era, there were an absolute ton of stinkers that I played through simply because that was what I had access to. Nowadays, even though there's a deluge of shitacular games hitting every day, there's far more information on what's out there, so I can be more selective and have, on average, a much better and more even experience than I used to. That said, I do kinda miss stumbling on certain gems like Suikoden or Wild ARMs, which I had no idea about when I found them in a Best Buy. That just really doesn't happen to me anymore.

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For as tired as I am of certain design trends in both the AAA and Indie spaces, there's a sheer variety and breadth of games these days that's hard to match. That's not to say that everything has gotten its fair shake or modern revival (I would do some pretty terrible things for a good new take on Might and Magic or Heroes of Might and Magic, because Ubisoft sure isn't going to make them) but generally speaking if you're into a certain kind of game you can probably find something to suit your tastes. That certainly wasn't the case a decade ago, nor was it the case when I was a kid with a gamecube. They weren't exactly pumping out fantastic games for that thing every month, and I sure did rent a lot of garbage.

Does that mean that games are more fun though? I honestly don't know. While I often play games as a distraction, I can't fully detach playing games as an adult from the worries and anxieties I have in the real world. Nostalgia is also a thing. I think it's pretty hard for a new game to blow my damn mind the same way Oblivion did when I was 13-14ish and had never seen anything of that scale before. Now I'm old and cynical and tired of Bethesda's style of open world game design (partially because they've never really moved that far beyond Oblivion in the last 13 years) but memories and feelings are a hard thing to shake.

As a counterpoint though, I can think of a couple recent and semi-recent experiences that still really impressed me. While a lot of 2018's big games didn't quite do it for me, 2017 had stuff like Prey and Nier Automata which left a pretty sizable impact. There are still plenty of old games out there too, and I could go on for a while about how totally rad SWAT 4 is or how I somehow now own like 7 separate Tales games because I liked Tales of Symphonia a lot.

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Probably the same. Prince of Persia was as good back in the day as Grand Theft Auto 5 was a few years ago. Sure games are relativly much better these days, but i think fun factor is the same at the time of playing.

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Interest and enjoyment goes up and down in waves. Sometimes I'm waaay into games, sometimes I'm not at all.

I will however say that I enjoy games more strongly now than I used to. When I was younger it was a lot of passive entertainment to pass time, now I invest more heavily and really get into the things I do on another level then before. So games haven't really changed all that much on the enjoyment scale, but I have changed as a person to get more out of them.

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The increased prevalence of open world design in modern games has led to them being more tedious and tiring for me. So, in some cases yes, but in others no. I prefer more linear experiences nowadays.

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@otacon said:

I find the big games more intimidating now, especially with not so much time to play them in. RDR2 sounds interesting to me, but the shear density of it is putting me off. Then again there is so much choice nowadays in what to play, almost too much sometimes!

You're not wrong in your assessment

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Oh, I bet a lot of this is tied to age, free time, general happiness, etc.

Looking back at some games that filled me with glee or wonder, they span my life, but most are shared experiences where I had time and people to enjoy them with.

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It's a reductive way of looking at things, because it always boils down to the individual. I was a 10-year old Swedish kid playing Final Fantasy VI and Earthbound, being completely awestruck. I will never forget it. Some other 10-year old kid has played Halo with the same type of transformational experience; a third 10-year old kid played Skylanders, and went cross-eyed from inner excitement; a fourth couldn't wait to start up another session of Mass Effect 2, because dad played the first and Wrex is the coolest. All of these kids have a similar mental perspective on their individual experience.

Do I have as much fun now as then? No. But I've grown older. Probably revamped my personality about four times as the ages roll by, and as have many of you. But that doesn't mean I can honestly tell another person that games are more or less fun. They've become more. There's a lot more to them, and more stuff. But ultimately the experience remains the same and dependent on the individual.

Games are as fun now as they were then.

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I think games are tremendously more fun now, I can't imagine anything other than nostalgia making someone prefer original Zelda over BoTW or Red Dead Revolver over Red Dead Redemption 2, games are getting better and better, the only thing that seems to be getting worse is multiplayer as devs struggle to reconcile microtransactions vs season passes.

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When playing modern games i spend more time thinking about how many people made them, the struggles they're likely going through as developers, their publisher/developer relationship, being pissed off that effects like TAA are being used as a bandage instead of fixing the underlying issues. That doesn't mean i don't enjoy modern games, it's just that i'm now enjoying them on a technical level instead of the magic i felt in my youth.
Side story for context of where i'm at, i just spent £200+ setting up my bedroom so that i can play light gun games again, i played Time Crisis 1 with a Guncon yesterday and nearly cried tears of joy, the music, the sound effects, the colours, the animation, the 20" CRT screen doing its darndest to impress me, and i was impressed, this moment in particular is one of my all time greatest memories, the way the music changes and swells as you head outside for the first time, sound effects change with the change in environment, it's the small details, all the more impressive as time goes by.
Similarly last year i played through all the old Tomb Raider games as that kind of gameplay, while cumbersome, is unique and won't exist ever again, however i did it on PC at 1080p. And this week i finished a more recent game as it was re-released and on PC for the first time, Resonance of Fate, which proves to me there are still modern games which can touch me past the technical level.

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I don't know where i'm going with this, but in conclusion old games give me the warm and fuzzies that is often missing from a lot of big modern games and small indie Rogue-Likes, but then there's a Superhot... or the main menu music from last years overlooked Just Shapes & Beats.

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Modern games are often less challenging and a lot of devs and publishers are making DLC and monetization a huge part of them so its understandable that some people let their nostalgia get the better of them.

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Everything is less fun now. I'm older, my body hurts in places I never knew before and every day life is a constant and endless stream of capital D Discourse that I just want to escape from. And even trying to escape to games without thinking about the Discourse in the back of my head is impossible because I'm old enough now to understand the human machine behind it all instead of when I was a little kid and games where this things that showed up and maybe got made in Japan or America at the magic game factory.

But in seriousness, games still bring me the same level of enjoyment. I don't pine after games of my youth or games from eras gone by. Some friends of mine recently started playing on a pirate server running The Burning Crusade expansion of WoW - my favourite of the lot, but I don't want to go back and try and replay it and relive that time. I've newer games to be playing, like Tetris Effect...