Are Quick Looks too long?

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@csl316: i feel like Giant Bomb East are forcing in their PlayDate content into Quick Looks since Vinnyvania has them locked down, that's how it comes across to me anyway. I'm not asking for shorter content, i'm asking for more consciousness in their content, more awareness of the format. I'm saying you'd be better off with a short Quick Look getting the explanation of what the game is out of the way, and then extend the content by playing it within the Playdate show.

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The entire industry is obsessed with meaningless 5 - 15 minute clips packed with ads that are void of personality and riddled with marketing terms for "your inner geek". These long videos are full of personality and actual discussion which is still rare and make GB unique and successful.

So no. They are fine.

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No. I've had more instances where i wish the vid would go a bit longer than instances where i wanted the vid to be shorter. Hell, if a quicklook gets too long and doesn't captivate me, i could always turn it off.

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I'd normally say yes, because I don't have the kind of free time or patience to watch 45 minute QLs on everything that comes out like I did when I was in High School. However... I just started a part-time data entry job that is mindless enough that I can do it and watch a Quick Look at the same time, so the length on those things has turned around and become a plus instead of a minus when I'm tired of listening to podcasts about some dudes from New Zealand who watched Grown Ups 2 every week for a year.

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Here are some numbers: (Mid-2011 era)

The lengths of all videos on that page of Quick Looks:

32, 41, 23, 18, 40, 19, 15, 54, 37, 37, 24, 55, 21, 31, 24, 18, 38, 24, 17, 27, 25, 19, 15, 32 = 11.43 hours (Today)

The lengths of all videos on that page of Quick Looks:

44, 23, 47, 36, 1:19, 1:23, 47, 43, 48, 1:06, 45, 45, 47, 37, 42, 2:05, 1:09, 26, 34, 1:01, 1:08, 1:27, 40, 1:05 = 20.4 hours

EDIT: Page 56 was chosen at random from the 2008-2012 range.

RE-EDIT: Page 2 (pretty much August alone) totals 20.6 hours.

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I'm in a position such that I can't really watch a lot of their longer video content, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want them to change how they do things. The quality of their content is generally solid, even if it can be lengthy. I can consume it in smaller pieces, download it for later consumption, or just be more choosy. Complaining about it would feel like complaining about video games being too long or something. If that content doesn't have a place in my life, I'll just have to find content (or ways of consuming the content) which does work for me. I see nothing wrong with asking for or suggesting more imminently consumable content, but I personally have no desire to push someone to create based on my personal circumstances.

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I love waking up early in the morning, getting a hot cup of coffe and watching 45 to an hour of GB goodness. I'm ok with the length, but that is just me.

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Yes, they are called "Quick" Looks, not "oh God another hour of Brad bumbling through a game" Looks. If they changed the name, it wouldn't bother me at all though. Like "First Looks" or something like that. Maybe just put the name of the game and then "[Extended HD Gameplay]" after it.

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Yeah, usually. I generally only watch premium content nowadays though.

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IMO it would be interesting to see them do something sort of like what happened with the initial Contradiction videos, where you've got a core video that focuses on the gist, then do a part 2 with the more in depth stuff for people hungry for as much GB content as they can get. This way people who want complete videos that aren't an hour long have something to watch, but there's still that more for those who need every second they can get.

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Yes. I don't think I've watched all of a QL in a few years. I tend to skip a round a bit, but then it becomes hard to get a feel for a game.

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Another baffling 'I don't have enough time to watch it all, so GiantBomb should do less' thread.

Obviously not.

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Heck no. If the game's not interesting, I just skip it, no matter the length of the QL. But with good QLs I end up yearning for more nine times out of ten, even if I can understand that they just can't play it for as long as I'd like. Especially with something like Vinnyvania, I *usually* just wait with horror for when they decide to stop playing...except with that last one, I somewhat wanted the insanity to stop, but luckily they triumphed through.

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I'm definitely watching less and less GB content and the length of the videos is a big part of the reason. I just don't feel like devoting more than 20-30 minutes is justified with the majorities of the games they look at.

Back in the day a long GB video was a goddamn event because it was something they did so rarely but now most quick looks are at least 10-15 minutes longer than they should be.

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They have 15min quicklooks which are to long and 2hour ones that are to short. Just never turn off the camera at Gbeast and it will be fine.

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Nope, because you can allways choose when to stop watching.

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They should be as long as humanly possible, else they wouldn't be quick.

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I don't recall any that felt like they went any longer than they needed and quite a few which i would have liked to have seen more of.

Quick looks typically have a short intro and early game scene setting followed by something a little later to show the progression, how long this takes depends on the game. But their approach appears to be 'Here's something i like' not just a 'we should cover this', so they have an interest in it and hence fill the time accordingly. I don't think the youtube style sub 10 min videos 'because nobody has any attention span anymore', would be enough and certainly not something i would want to see happen here.

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I would say the bad ones are, and good ones are not long enough :) Actually I think they could probably stand to be a be a bit eh.. quicker, although this basically a long a running joke at this stage.

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Counterpoint: if shorter QLs would mean more games get coverage, for a total amount of video time similar to what we have currently, how would people feel? Because I think that's the gist of the OP: shorter content, but not LESS content. Pretty much all "hell no" answers seem to come from a place of "less content is worse than more content", which is never the point of this topic.

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Yes and no. They could be more concise and informative but that's antithetical to giant bomb. Every day is unprofessional friday.

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I can never understand people that complain that something is too much, too long, too many.

Just don't watch them all the way. I usually watch half of a quicklook and get enouhg out of it.

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i wish the quick looks were shorter and the bombcast/beastcast was longer. the podcasts are my diablo 3 audio so the longer they are the longer i grind paragon. but since i only have 1 monitor, i can't play and watch quick looks at the same time, so i can only devote so much time to watching quick looks.

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No. I believe they are a great length as it stands. I really enjoy the videos and as others have said I come for the entertainment as much as the information on games. I'd strongly dislike any movement to shorter videos as you wouldn't get the personalities of the team coming across.

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Yes, they are called "Quick" Looks, not "oh God another hour of Brad bumbling through a game" Looks. If they changed the name, it wouldn't bother me at all though. Like "First Looks" or something like that. Maybe just put the name of the game and then "[Extended HD Gameplay]" after it.

So wait, you don't care about the length, you just care about the name? Ummmm. OK?

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I spend about 3 hours on a bus each day, so I get the consume the vast majority of GB content (ironically except for the really long videos, which can never download properly to my Giant Bomb Video Buddy App), so i'll always say more content > less content.

I find going back to old videos the briefness of them is kind of frustrating, sometimes I just want to keep on seeing where it's going, and I like that that is so often an option in the "Quick Looks".

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I don't have time to watch all the quick looks so I now have a backlog of downloaded but unwatched ones.

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If you don't have the time, start cutting stuff out. I have always stopped watching quick looks halfway through if they weren't super interesting. I went through a period where I didn't watch ANY quick looks, because I didn't have time for them and the premium content which I am far more interested in. I listened to the podcast every week when I had a job that let me listen to it while I worked. Now I don't, so I listen almost never because, again, time.

Saying there's too much content isn't an argument that ever makes sense, imo, unless the person producing the content is sacrificing quality for quantity, which doesn't really make sense here. It's just dudes playing games, not an author or a game developer. Since there's no quality sacrifice for more quantity (and you have the choice of what to prioritize) more content is always better. It just is, like, logically and scientifically. Sorry.

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Yes, they should be max 30 minutes.

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No they are not. Considering there are few articles and most of the content are videos then they should be long. Obviously big game (Witcher 3 or MGS5) should get longer QL but indies should tend to get shorter ones. It's fine.

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No, they should be longer

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I think with the lack of free content these days they kinda have to be long.

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@ratamero said:

Counterpoint: if shorter QLs would mean more games get coverage, for a total amount of video time similar to what we have currently, how would people feel? Because I think that's the gist of the OP: shorter content, but not LESS content. Pretty much all "hell no" answers seem to come from a place of "less content is worse than more content", which is never the point of this topic.

You're right on point with what I originally tried getting at (and failed to explain properly).

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I generally don't have a problem with longer quick looks, but I get where you're coming from. Sometimes it's nice to consume a video all in one shot, rather than watching half one day and half the next.

But, I'm trying not to be too completionist about videos. If it's a game I'm not feeling, and it's not great fodder for the guys to riff on, I'll probably move on. Especially if it's a long video (say > 45 minutes). But others may be more interested in a particular game, and appreciate the extra run time.

I'd disagree with the suggestion that only "big" games deserve "big" quick looks.

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I've never viewed Quick Looks being too long - it seems that most of them are appropriately sized for the game they're covering. A 30-minute video for a game that could rack up 40+ hours seems pretty quick.

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Well, it seems they've taken this thread to heart. Maybe?

  • Over the last 2 weeks, the average Quick Look length has been 41.8 mins.
  • The two weeks before that: 50.3 mins.
  • Then the two weeks before: 58.4 mins.
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@csl316: Looks like we're vastly outnumbered but I have to agree with you.

I think that in the midst of enjoying the content and watching the crew having fun people at some point stopped realizing that what they expect Quick Looks to be is actually Let's Plays.

My view on QLs was always that they are a basic explanation of what's to be expected of a game, its mechanics, how it's different from other things out there. An overview that might get someone interested in finding out more about a game, possibly warrant a purchase.

I'll never play Destiny because I don't have a console, but I want to have a basic understanding of what it's about because I'm interested in the state of the industry. Is there really no way to convey that information without the use of at least 40 minute worth of footage in a single video? Is the yearly FIFA or Assassin's Creed game really that content rich that there's no way to portray the game in less than 50 minutes and an hour, respectively?

In my opinion at some point the crew made a transition from recording Quick Looks to Let's Plays, but never bothered changing the name. The thing is that the current QLs feel neither here nor there - they lack the polish and structural cohesion of a Quick Look, but they also don't scratch that 'I want to watch them play this whole game' itch. Often times the videos feel ramshackled and poorly put together, and it feels like I'm just watching them record a randomly selected hour-long chunk of the game with added commentary. It's more of 'watch me play through this level of this game' and less 'listen to me explain what this game is about'. It's less holistic.

It's really great to see features that are actually supposed to be Let's Plays, like East vs West, Choose Our Own Adventure, Metal Gear Scanlon, GBE Playdate etc. They are great at filling that ER shaped hole in my heart. I love Giant Bomb because of the personalities, but I kind of miss that I could just pop in an entertaining and informative video into my schedule instead of having to plan out an evening to watch the crew play FIFA.

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For me, personally, yes they tend to be too long. I would love to watch every quick look that gets put up but with the amount of them and the average length that's just not feasible.

So I try to pick and choose where I can. And that in itself can be a daunting task because that obscure game I have never heard about might just prove to be just up my wheelhouse there's also that quick look they put up for a gave I've been interested in.

What happens is that I usually forego the quick look of the unknown choose the one that I know I want to see.

All in all I guess I would like some more shorter quick looks, but then you run the risk of not being well informed.

In short: yes, but maybe no. And I don't know! Stop asking questions that require me to think!

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Probably for the term "quick look" but i actually like them to be fairly long, i enjoy more of the Giant bomb guys as opposed to less.

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Depends on who is in them. Not going to name names but I find the gbeast videos too long if I can even hit play to begin with.

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I sometimes wish they were longer lol.

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I don't think so, but I've moved from watching every single one to just ones for games I'm interested in or that seem like they'd be entertaining. They are good background for busy work also.

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I want the video to be as long and as entertaining as the GB crew decides it should be, and they can call it whatever they want. They've proven that they can do entertaining content, and I trust them enough to go along for the ride. And, if it turns out that the game isn't interesting or it's one of those rare videos where they can't make it entertaining for me? I just turn it off and go find something else.

You don't have to watch every video, and not every video has to be comedic gold, and you don't have to agree with them all the time. And if you only have time for 15 minute video clips, then sorry duder, it is what it is. I don't have time to watch any of the really long run stuff (Metal Gear Scanlon et al), but I'm not going to ask Giant Bomb to stop producing those.