Bad progress losses?

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Any of you have any especially bad save/progress losses. I know people have worse but I just lost a couple hours of Crash Bandicoot progress. I reverted to an earlier save to try to take a pic as a joke to maybe post on reddit. Four late game levels and a boss. When I saw what happened I was like "Yeah, I deserved that."

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The worst one for me was Far Cry 2, my save got corrupted at around 3/4ths of the way through the game. I eventually did finish the game, but not until a year or too later. The more common ones for me are the autosave/checkpoint into infinite death loop ones. I also learned the hard way to always rotate saves if you are given save slots. Didn't finish No More Heroes 1 because I bought the last beam katana but couldn't afford the battery upgrade and decided to go for one of the last missions anyway, just couldn't beat the boss with what I had(it ran out of charge super fast) but was stuck saved before the boss with no way to change weapons.

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Nothing that I can recall in quite a while...

As a kid, we lost power while I was fighting Chaos, the boss of Final Fantasy 1. All saves gone. Never played again.

My cousin visited a few years later and wanted to play my Genesis. I said he could play anything, but asked that he leave Phantasy Star IV alone. He didn’t. I lost my save. It was with a third generation character.

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I lost my 200 hour Xenoblade Chronicles X save when my USB stick stopped working. Curse the Wii U's small memory, curse Wii Uuuuuuuuu!

Oh well, I was basically done the game anyways.

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Nothing that I can remember as a straight up loss of progress, but I did accidentally overwrite a Devil May Cry 3 HD save where my solution to fixing my fuck-up was to turn off my computer at the power supply before the Steam cloud save could be overwritten.

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Last time I can remember something like this happening is playing through Saints Row 2 on the kept hard-locking whenever I attempted a required story mission. I eventually gave up on the save, still have not gone back to finish the game.

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i was at 90% completation of brutal legend on ps3 then my save file died i complained to tim schafer on twitter and he said ea wouldn't let them patch it lol but yeah it sucked

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Growing up in rural northern ireland, my PS1 memory card often fell victim to power outages. It didn't always happen, but the act of saving a game was terrifying, usually resulting in me making at least a duplicate save file.

But hey it led to some fun things. Did you know that the art for save slots on the PS1 sometimes changed depending on how many saves of a game you had?

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Nothing I couldn't recover from, but I lost a couple of hours in Deus Ex on PS2 because of a bug that sometimes takes you to the main menu instead of saving the game when you click "save".

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Legend of Zelda II. Got all the way up to the final palace and then my save game got corrupted.

To this day, I have never gone back and beaten that game.

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The first Witcher game, twice.

That game has a long prologue and that first city you get into is rough. I was slowly working through it and the laptop I was playing it on had to get replaced.

A couple year later, the replacement laptop (which had another save) died as in was playing Torchlight, of all games.

Ended up playing The Witcher 2, then going back and finally finishing the first game.

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My Sekiro save got corrupted after getting about 2/3 through the game. I was upset, but on some level relieved that I didn't have to go on. It was too far in and I knew that I wasn't going to start again.

In the end though, I couldn't leave it alone and found some fix that involved replacing the checksum in the save slot. After a bit of Hex editing I got it working again, and now I'm stuck on the final boss, probably never to finish it. Yaaaaaaaaay!

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My Xbox360 was stolen when I was 2/3 of the way through the campaign of Grand Theft Auto 4. It wasn't hooked up to the internet (Because the minimum requirement for a 360 to get online was 6mbps and my shitty university connection couldn't even handle that) so there was no cloud save or anything.

It was frustrating but not the end of the world, because there's a couple of moral choices in that game and it was fun to run down the alternative trouser-leg of time. I've been especially grateful for cloud storage and digital games ever since, though.

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The thing that I can recall, which absolutely devastated me, was when I played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii. Since that game's hook was all about giving you a psychological assessment based on how you play I was looking forward to what the game thought of me considering my play-through had characters much more hostile toward me than when my roommate played.

I was on the final stretch, running through a hallway when I suddenly fell through the floor after opening a door. I couldn't do anything but fall through a never-ending abyss... unless I reset of course.

Since the game had no auto-save functionality, my file had zero progress and I was back at the very beginning. I did eventually play through it and get some kind of an ending, but I'll never know what the game really thought of me, cause that first experience is something I just can't replicate.

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Worst experience for me was losing my entire Xbox Gamertag.

Long story short, I allowed a friend to set up my account for me in middle school, he used a bogus email and password and I lost access to the account once Microsoft increased their security process. Since the email my “friend” used does not exist or never did, Microsoft was never able to grant me access to my account, even after hours with them on the phone. Not only did I lose tens of thousands of Gamerscore but I lost tons of games and hundreds of Rock Band dlc songs.

I created a new Gamertag and have since made many new memories and purchases but I’ll never forget this unbelievable bullshit.

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I was using a mod in The Witcher 3 that allowed fast travel from anywhere. After completing one of the quests (with the druids in Skellige) I fast traveled back to Novigord instead of following Yen to another island. Turns out I missed an invisible trigger by not walking away from the quest location - and hadn't got credit for the completed story quest. 20 hours of side content later I couldn't figure out how to progress the story any further. I eventually went back to where the quest ended, ran around in circles until finally <ding> it triggered, quest completed, and Geralt could get on with his life.

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It took me 6 times of restarting the Witcher 3 before I was finally able to hold on to a save long enough to finish the main story. Between having an SSD go bad (under warranty but still), a hard to diagnose memory fault that first appeared to be another hard drive failure, to trying to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and then loosing a few files in the process and all this on top of my steam profile not syncing saves right; it took me 2 years to finally see credits. Now I just need to start on the DLC.

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I'm really not sure now. I take progress loss very lightly nowadays, even when it's big. So I might have had a bad one and just forgot.

The ones that stick out in memory is my original FFX save on PS2, where I lost my ultimate weapons before collecting all of them.... That sucked

I lost 60h of progress in Persona 3, which is why it took me years to go back to it. I ended up beating 4 first.

Dragonquest 8 was a heartbreaker, because I found the game exceedingly difficult at the time. So I had fought very hard for the progress, even if it was just 15h or so.

I was upset at losing my DMC 3 save originally, but I've also run laps around that game so many times now, it doesn't really sting. Actually I made the exact same mistake as the original time last year. Fricking Vergil sharing the same save files >.<

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I can't really think of anything that resulted in more than an hour of lost progress at most, but sometimes I do wish that I'd been better at backing up my save files before replacing a hard drive or swapping to a new computer. It'd be nice to have some of those saves from different PC games over the years before cloud saves were really a thing.

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Making custom teams and players in a Nintendo 64 soccer game and not owning a memory card is the closest thing I remember. I honestly don't remember how many times I had to remake my additions and changes. And when I later (weeks maybe months) got a memory card I was already bored of the game.

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Its happened in a bunch of games but for many reasons, the worst imo is just a game design being shitty and allowing you to play into an unwinnable situation.

PS3 total failure, lost FF 13 and assassin's creed 2

SSD failed and lost Obra Dinn, Into the Breach, and Bayonetta 2

cloud saves not syncing properly and it saved over previous play and lost 10s of hours

accidentally saving a new game over my completed files

and of course good ol file corruption

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It's not necessarily the worst, but I remember trying to play through Rage. I am super careless and die A LOT in most games, and I swear I went through one hour+ mission five times. SO aggravating.