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Posted by FireBurger (1609 posts) 3 months, 1 day ago

Poll: Battle Royale Battle Royale: Which is your favorite? (139 votes)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 15%
Fortnite: Battle Royale 3%
Apex Legends 53%
Call of Duty: Blackout 1%
Realm Royale 1%
Ring of Elysium 0%
The Culling 0%
CS:GO Danger Zone 1%
H1Z1: King of the Hill 0%
Tetris 99 6%
Other 1%
I haven't played any! / Show me the results! 19%

Hi all!

Now that there are multiple real contenders in the BR space, I was wondering which game GB people consider their favorite. I've put together a list of the obvious (and less obvious) choices but I'm sure I missed some.

Anyway, what's your favorite and why?

May the best BR remain standing!

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#1 Posted by Otacon (2337 posts) -

It's between Fortnite and apex for me, I enjoy both but find Fortnite's building to be beyond me so I lose most gunfights. I've had a tonne of fun with Apex already.

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#2 Posted by nutter (2137 posts) -

I haven’t even heard of most of these. I had Fortnite from it’s pre-Battle Royale days, as I’m a big co-op guy. I tried the Battle Royale at my kid’s behest, but didn’t like it at all. I found it messy to control in a PvP setting and not super fun. I think Fortnite is pretty cool in its PvE mode.

Apex sounds cool, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Largely, I’m not a fan of loot shooters and battle royales, and kinda resent studios like Bungie, Bioware, and Epic (and now maybe Respawn) seeming to vanish into them. My backlog is still a mile long, so I can’t exactly get too worried about it...

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#3 Edited by Gundato (257 posts) -

Not really a BR guy, but I've found I enjoy a few games of the CSGO one per month.

Gunplay is solid and matches are short (~20 minutes, tops) so I feel like I am murdering and dying because of skill and not just because the winner had the patience to camp a toilet.

And I do think it actually does some nifty stuff. Being able to buy guns and have them droned to you is a great way to keep things fresh (and is required because you have way too little ammo) while even allowing you to set up ambushes

AND, they are just that: ambushes. You actually CAN'T camp a toilet to any meaningful degree because of a combination of map design and a very effective radar. Even if I am hunting down the last survivor I know roughly where they are and can use basic map knowledge and the radar to try to flank them.

Or, for shorthand: it isn't a Battle Royale. It is just Last Man Standing with 20 players on a map designed for probably 30.

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#4 Edited by Vextroid (1576 posts) -

APEX Legends is definitely my BR game of choice. I was initially against the forced squad aspect (I always play Solo modes in other BR's) and as someone who doesn't like communicating with random players, being able to communicate quite effectively with out voice or text and have it work so well is amazing.

Though, if Radical Heights had kept on going it may have been that. I genuinely enjoyed it as it was Fortnite with the not-serious attitude (I'm also a big fan of the Game Show aesthetic), but with no building and better shooting.

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#5 Posted by Bollard (8172 posts) -

It still is and probably always will be PUBG. I just prefer a more tactical game, especially one where the TTK is very low. Apex is great though.

This crab battle royale though is a strong contender:

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#6 Posted by FireBurger (1609 posts) -

Honestly, the thing that's surprised me the most so far is that 25% of people haven't even played a BR!

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#7 Edited by Humanity (18780 posts) -

Generally I don't like BR games. Like I've said many times before, to me a Battle Royale is like the buying phase of a Counter-Strike match drawn out to 15 minutes.

So Apex is the most fun for me because it's the most like a regular shooter. Of course Brad playing Titanfall 2 multiplayer on his latest stream made me realize how much I would love a Titanfall 3 that iterated on the TF2 multi model. The people who think TF1 multi was better are wrong, but thats ok (but they are wrong.)

That said, when I checked top games on Mixer recently Fortnite was still way up there, with Division 2 being second probably due to it being a new release and then Apex trailing somewhere behind Forza Horizon 4. Then again thats Mixer. I'm sure on Twitch it's a different thing since they have Shroud and Ninja and other big names completely destroying in that game. I've never really watched streamers much but I did check out Shroud because I've heard the name mentioned here and there - and boy that guy is kind of like a human aim-bot.

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#8 Posted by Maxszy (2377 posts) -

I'm not a huge BR player, but Apex has been the one that has got me playing one with any sense of regularity. I still only do so probably once or twice a week with friends, and play other things myself instead (been playing Anthem) but the time I do put into it I enjoy it. Even if I'm not any good at it!

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#10 Edited by FrodoBaggins (2059 posts) -

Apex by a country mile. Not only is it my favorite battle royale it's my favorite game of the year and it's one of my favorite shooters ever.

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#11 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (347 posts) -

Ya know, Apex is my favourite by far, and the one I play the most as well, but I will say that most of my favourite BR stories are from my time with Blackout. I think the slower gameplay and crazy perks/gear like Outlander and the Grapple are just infinitely cool to experiment with.

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#12 Posted by FireBurger (1609 posts) -

Interesting to see Fortnite with only 3%, given its popularity. I wonder if that's because GB Fortnite players now moved onto Apex or if the GB community was just never into Fortnite in the first place.

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#13 Posted by darkmoney52 (92 posts) -

I still haven't gotten hooked by a BR. Pubg was too rough around the edges and fortunate just didn't look like my thing. Apex Legends looks cool but I won't be putting much time into it until I can play on a duo team with my brother instead of having to invite a stranger into the mix.

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#15 Posted by MerxWorx01 (857 posts) -

I chose PUGB primarily because I still love the Murder Island series, they were imo filled with ridiculous moments and rare instances of teamwork.

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#16 Posted by Brackstone (909 posts) -

So far it's Apex Legends. It certainly has it's issues, but the respawn system easily makes it miles ahead of the rest, and unlike Blackout's modes with respawning, it feels fully integrated and well thought out in Apex.

The only thing is, I think Apex has less opportunity for dumb tomfoolery. It's the tightest game as a shooter, or as a competitive thing, but the vehicles in Blackout and PUBG allow for some fantastic fun.

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#17 Posted by rocketblast0063 (301 posts) -

I liked Arma 3's the best. Also made by Playerunknown.