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So, I've searched a little, but am not finding any topics related to this. I'm at the part where you climb the ladder and the floating knight drops in. I tried to fight him and I got cursed. the thing is, I can't find any negative effects. I wasn't paying super close attention to my health bar, so it may have just instantly halved it, but I had already died several times. Anyway I used an effigy shortly after, and revived with a full health bar.

My question is, did they completely re establish what getting cursed means, or is it something I will find out later what really happened to me??

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Yeah, I actually want to know too. I did the same thing, I believe he's a boss later on anyway, but I almost immediately forgot about the curse when I didn't notice any negative effect.

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I'm pretty sure cursed reduces you're maximum HP at a much more gradual level than in Dark Souls.

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It reduces your max health by ~10% (I think) as if you had died. You probably didn't notice because you may have died at the same time, which would reduce it slightly further.

It can't be reduced past 50%.

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Cursed does not stack on top of just dying so being cursed when you're already at 50% life will not do anything; greatly simplifying one particular area.

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I see, so even if you manage to stay alive, like I did the first time I was cursed, it still lowers max health. Apparently this time the other really big change is now there is no purging stone or any other special or rare item to reverse the curse. I used the effigy soon after being cursed, and things have been fine since.

Thanks for the info