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Music has been an integral part of the gaming experience and I think we should celebrate and recognize this years contributions. Or at least 3/4th's of it. I haven't played every game released this year, so naturally I'm probably going to miss some obvious selections. Free free to correct (or most likely flame the crap out of) me as you see fit.

The creative direction of Max Payne 3 might have angered many fans of the series, but I frankly loved the direction Rockstar took. This tonal shift also dramatically took place in Max Payne 3's soundtrack, which was scored by the experimental noise rock band HEALTH. The standout track in the game however is the song "TEARS" which blares into the player's psyche during the final level of the game. It's perfect for amping the player for the last leg of Max's blood-soaked nightmare and to kill a shitload of bad guys. Say what you want about the Houser brothers and Rockstar, but they know how to use licensed artists to great effect in their titles. Anyone who played Red Dead Redemption can attest to that and Max Payne 3 continues that tradition.

Lone Survivor wears it's influences on it's sleeve and the game is better for it. Jasper Byrne is an obvious die-heard fan of Silent Hill 2 and the music reflects as such. One of the great examples on how damn important it is for game music to establish a mood and effect the player. It also helps that "Sleep Forever" is goddamn awesome on it's own.

(I couldn't find any of the score to The Walking Dead. Regardless, it's fantastic at establishing the bleak and desperate tone of the series. It's frequently a smarter decision to make a score low-key and just accent the drama of the characters on the screen. If somebody can give me a link, that would be great.)

This list is nowhere close to completion, so chime in whenever you feel like it.

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Fuck yeah, as soon as I saw the title of this post I thought "Max Payne 3" to myself. Fez is up there too, for me. I'm sure there are others I played that escape me at the moment.

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While the actual songs in Hotline Miami may be the greatest they just set mood so well

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Hotline Miami has a great soundtrack. The basslines in each of the tracks goes magnificently along with the bloody 80's art style of the game. Really reminds me of surreal crime movies which I love.

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Edit: @McGrittles: Oh shit haha, you beat me to it.

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Until the release of Hotline Miami, I would've said a lot of other stuff.

Not that Hotline Miami has come out, the only answer is "Hotline Miami".

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Next paycheck. I'm getting Hotline Miami. Goddamn that game looks badass.

Broke till Friday sadly. *sigh*

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Been listening to a LOT of game soundtracks this year.

- Dustforce's OST by Lifeformed is really damn good.

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- Fez's OST by Disasterpeace is easily one of the best this year, by far.

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- Darksiders 2's OST by Jesper Kyd has a lot of great tunes as well, that really set the mood in that game.

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- Dust: An Elysian Tail's OST by HyperDuck Soundworks and Alexander Brandon has a lot of powerful pieces as well. Another one of the best ones this year. (couldn't find a Youtube video of it. OST just came out, so that could be why)


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Darksiders II all around had some really incredible music, I posted a few of my favorites. 
Same with Mass Effect 3, even if you didn't enjoy the game as much it had some truly moving music. 
Xcom, I just really love the first 20 seconds or so of the song I embedded. It evokes excitement and fear at the same time. 
Also the guy who posted the song from Max Payne nailed it there.
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Some nice tracks in BL2

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and this

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Well, the fan translation was released in 2012.

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  So cute yet fierce, is he from hell? It's time to feel the force of the Chocobo! So you think you can ride this Chocobo?!
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I loved the soundtrack to Botanicula, by DVA. Especially this cover of the LCD Soundsystem song Dance Yrself Clean.

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@TooWalrus: What a beautiful track. 
best soundtrack ever.
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@MURDERSMASH: I forgot dustforce came out this year since it came out so early. Definitely a close second to hotline.

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Max Payne 3 easily for me. I haven't played a ton of games, but Max Payne 3's music was excellent.

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Someone else already mentioned Fez, but I wanted to add my favourite from the soundtrack.

Also, the game's not out yet, but the Halo 4 OST is pretty fantastic.

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I love Dustforce's intro music:

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Rest of the soundtrack is great too :D

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I kind of already said this in another thread. I don't want people to forget about Super Hexagon; you know how easy it is to forget about iOS games.

But let's be real here guys: Hotline Miami

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