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#1 Posted by Creamy_Pixels (45 posts) -

What is one of your favorite gaming memories? Weather it's the moment that made you fall in love with games, times you've spent with friends. Connecting to a particular character. What ever the case may be! Id love to hear everyones different perspectives!

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Rock Band. There was a good stretch of about 4 months where me, my room mates, and basically everyone we knew would end up in my living room playing Rock Band at some point or another. Between my daily Warhawk clan practices and all of us playing Rock Band all the time my PS3 was on at least 4 hours a day everyday for 6 months.

Rock Band ain't ever gonna be what it was anymore. The business is different now. I think there could be that kind of market for it again. There's gonna be a whole new generation of kids in high school and college who missed it the first time around. Much like Disney movies, the entire target audience is replaced every seven years. Unfortunately, the music industry thought music rhythm games were going to be the future of the music industry. When that didn't happen they lost interest. They also kept the costs high. And retailers aren't gonna accept that level of plastic crap on store shelves again; 17 different SKUs of Guitar Hero every year saw to that. The only way retailers will take that on again is if it is only available for one system, or at the very least if the plastic crap is system agnostic.

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Area 5 in Rez. I'd seen it plenty of times in video but getting to that level personally and hearing the opening notes of Fear/Mindkiller gave me goosebumps.

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Playing Secret of Mana with my older brother and occasionally younger brother as well is my favorite.

Later on playing games Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64 and other N64 games up all the way through the years to drunken Rock Band nights with friends of mine and my younger brother, which is the last multiplayer game my friends and I all would get together and play before most of them stopped playing games.

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The first time I played Baldur's Gate I was astounded at how much depth and content could be in a single game. It was mindblowing.

I realize the Ultima games before that were pretty comparable in that regard but I always found them too clunky and directionless.

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#6 Posted by Creamy_Pixels (45 posts) -

I love all these so far! One of my favorite gaming memories is when I was 16 I was a projectionist at a dollar movie theater. Business was always slow and I would bring my playstation and N64 up in the projection booth. We had them hooked up to a tv we lugged up there. All my friends also worked there and we would play golden eye and smash brothers tournaments every shift and most nights untill 4-5 in the morning. I still wonder how we all woke up for school the next day without any issues.

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GoldenEye 64 multiplayer. We were playing a Golden Gun match and it was down to two of us - me and one of my best friends. My friend had full health and an AK-47, while I had virtually no health left but I had the Golden Gun.

We were playing the Temple level where there is the big central room that has several offshoot hallways. He parked himself in the central room, but faced the wall so I couldn't see his screen to tell which side path to come in from.

So I sprint in. He sees my screen, sees which path I'm coming in from and turns to shoot me. I see him out of the corner of my screen and turn and shoot him with the Golden Gun to win the match.

It wouldn't have been particularly notable in and of itself, except that it ended up as an almost perfect recreation of the opening to every Bond movie - I come in from the right of his screen, and his crosshairs follow me until I'm right in the center of the room. I turn and shoot a just a split second before he shoots me.

So basically, this, except with really chunky 90s polygons.

Loading Video...

It's the only time I wish there had been a recording option like we get on today's consoles.

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When I was little, me and a buddy once played Pokemon Red/Blue so much that when we went to sleep, we both thought the other still had their Gameboy on because the music was like vividly stuck playing in our heads.

Then there was that period in highschool when me and two friends got way into Maplestory. No, let me stop you. You don't understand. We put in some serious goddamn hours. It was insane. Now, every time Maplestory somehow comes up in conversation, we just start cracking up because it's like a flood of really great, dumb memories come rushing back into our heads. "What do you mean you're stuck at the bottom of Eos Tower without a scroll? Shit...well...see you in like half an hour then."

Going back to Shadow Moses in MGS4 is another moment I don't think I will ever forget. Talk about a nostalgia trip. Holy shit. That whole level was fucking incredible. I genuinely shed a few tears there too. I was feeling like every good emotion you could possibly feel at that moment.

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#9 Posted by FinalDasa (3218 posts) -

Quite a few. Goldeneye with my friends in middle school. Halo 3 and Rock Band in my first apartment with my roommates.

More recently it's Red Dead Redemption making me cry and Dota 2 with some terrible people I know via the interwebs.

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#10 Posted by PatODay (395 posts) -

Every night me and two of my buddies would get on XBL and play Halo 3 multiplayer. That was a stretch where everything aligned in just a way that we had jobs that allowed us to be free in the evenings/late nights and get together on a nightly basis. Hopefully MCC can bring back a little bit of that.

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The first time I played Monster Hunter in a group. Man, so much screaming at each other, so much...launching each other. That was a lot of fun.

Then there was Journey. I can't really fully explain my experience with Journey because I just go on and on, but man...

@babychoochoo said:

Then there was that period in highschool when me and two friends got way into Maplestory. No, let me stop you. You don't understand. We put in some serious goddamn hours. It was insane. Now, every time Maplestory somehow comes up in conversation, we just start cracking up because it's like a flood of really great, dumb memories come rushing back into our heads. "What do you mean you're stuck at the bottom of Eos Tower without a scroll? Shit...well...see you in like half an hour then."

Holy shit, getting stuck at the bottom of Eos Tower...good times.

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#12 Posted by slyspider (1827 posts) -

Picking up Persona 3 after watching 2 ep of the ER. Played the entire thing in about 6 days with just over 100 hours. Thank god for summer!

Also in middle school I played Phantasy Star Online for the 360 with a shit ton of friends from school. This including the people much higher on the social ladder than dorky quiet ol' me and it was freaking awesome.

Ocarina is the first game I remember playing, I'm only 20 don't judge me

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Novalogic's Black Hawk Down, Green Sabre expansion, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, and the Escalation expansion. I rolled with a clan for those two games and expansions. It really was my first introduction to large scale FPS multiplayer / co-op. We had a guy who made co-op maps constantly and I was basically the designated helicopter pilot for JO. I'll always miss that. Nothing quite like flying a Littlebird through a foggy forest and past an outpost with like, 10 fucking guys shooting RPGs at you, and many more with rifles.

I also had a group of people on the original Xbox who I would play various Ghost Recon games with. A great bunch of people.

And my time with World of Warcraft was one I won't forget either. I eventually stumbled into a guild and ran with them for a long time. They even helped me get my level 60 Warlock mount, which was a bastard and a half.

There's been plenty more since, but those stick out mostly because they were my 'firsts'. First major online FPS, first for tactical shooters, first MMO.

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#14 Posted by ToTheNines (1672 posts) -

1) Completing Final Fantasy 8 at 14, only time I remember crying full blown at an ending of a video game. Then again, I was 14, but I will never forget how it felt like the end of a journey that could never be repeated in the same way and to the same effect. If I played that game today I am afraid it would sour my memory.

2) Baldurs Gate 2 the game is just epic in size and plot and filled with quests and brilliant characters. Extremely well written dialogue. Plus the Jaheira and Viconia romance sub plots are both so good I had a hard time picking and had to have two play throughs. Anyway, when I finally finished the expansion and had finished the final choice, I just remember feeling so proud of myself for finishing this hard to approach kind of game and learning to enjoy it along the way.

3) playing through Resident Evil for the first time without any walk throughs, so it took me substantially longer than it ordinarily would. Also didn't help that I was 11-12 and not used to games involving puzzles. But the reason it sticks with me today is that it helped me through my parents divorce at the time, it was the only game I had and so I devoted a shit ton of time to it to distract myself from all the outside drama. Which is probably why I am a huge "old skool" resident evil fan today and not of fan of the direction the series has taken since code veronica.

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#15 Posted by Creamy_Pixels (45 posts) -
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#16 Posted by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

Toejam & Earl was just about the only thing that ever got my sister and I to stop fighting and cooperate, though it still caused fights when I'd open a randomizer with both of us on screen...

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#17 Posted by deactivated-5a98cbe47ca3b (316 posts) -

This is probably going to sound crazy, but I have a very strong olfactory memory in relation to Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I got it as a Christmas or birthday present sometime around the system's release and have a strong memory of a spicy cinnamon scent around the very first time I played Mario. I suspect it was my mother's christmas candles or something...

Or I might just be completely insane.

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The Screaming Mantis and Crying Wolf boss battles in MGS4 are some of my most memorable moments (and MGS4 is still, for some reason, the only MGS game I've played).

More recently; from The Last of Us on Hard, using my FINAL bullet to kill the last big dude in that winter level, where the infected comes from all sides (which is the hardest fight by far). My friend and I probably woke up the neighbors.

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#19 Posted by ZolRoyce (1589 posts) -

@capum15: Oh man, Novalogic! That brings back some great memories, I must have spent years of my life obsessing over the MP in those games, Delta Force 2 especially, it was great finding a group of people to stick with and building maps for each other to play and finding all sorts of tricks and secrets to place in the maps. I remember with the Pyramids there was this glitch where if you got to the top of the pyramid and then jumped down it towards the opening you would eventually glitch into the pyramid and be about to shoot at at dudes but they couldn't shoot you. It was a sleazy thing to do for sure, but kind of fun at the same time.
Man I wish Novalogic still around, imagine what it would be like instead of just COD and Battlefield facing off against each other, we still had the occasional Delta Force as well.


One of my better gaming moments was back when I was a youngin' I'm terrible with time but I assume around the 10-13 age range and I was playing Mortal Kombat II on my living room t.v. and I had some toys scattered around me from earlier and my dad came into the room and told me to clean up my toys and the second round of the match was about to begin (Kano vs... well.. also Kano) and I told him I couldn't pause the game so I would clean up later (as in after the match) he took this to mean I wouldn't pause the game and wanted to clean up hours later so he turned off the t.v. and I went into panic mode and was slamming like one hand down on the controller while using my other to frantically put my toys back into their box and it was just this constant back and forth of slamming down on the button and toyinboxtoyinboxtoyinbox ohgdohgodohgod.
I got all of the toys back in.
My dad turned the t.v. back on.
Fuck yeah.

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#20 Posted by Capum15 (6010 posts) -

@zolroyce: Yeah, the multiplayer in those old Novalogic games was superb. I remember the few servers I played on were pretty damn friendly too. I recall some of the most batshit crazy maps - skyscrapers with ladders and emplaced weapons, one giant tower thing made out of steel beams, and loads of others along with fairly normal ones. People did some great things with the maps.

The skyscraper one was...I think 3 of them in a rough triangle, and there were M19 grenade launchers on them which could rain down explosive hell onto people with neigh-impunity. Also, I think that was the first time I ever played a game with bullet drop. I remember having to actually use the dots on the crosshairs in scoped snipers all the time.

I think Joint Operations was the peak of it for me, due to the inclusion of vehicles. I spent a good 80% of the time in a Littlebird or Blackhawk. I was fantastic with the Littlebird, pretty good with the Blackhawk, and slightly bad with the Chinook. That damn thing was a big, slow, Stinger magnet. Also that game had super fast dune buggies with two .50cals and a dirt bike you could pop wheelies on. All the sick ramps you could want.

It really is a shame Novalogic isn't doing much (that I know of) anymore. It seems that the last thing they did was Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold in 2009.

Also your MK2 story is great. I think we all have something similar to that, where you just start something you can't pause and are instantly asked to do something else. Raids in MMOs are the best time for those. "Whelp, guess I'll just hope nothing respawns and murders me, and that it doesn't fuck everyone else over." I remember always trying to find like, a pile of rocks on the side of a dungeon in WoW to stand on out of aggro range when that'd happen., that was a lot more than I originally meant to write.

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#21 Posted by nickhead (1262 posts) -

Two games: Perfect Dark (N64) and 007: Nightfire (PS2). One of my best friends and I played the hell out of both games' multiplayer with just ourselves and bots. Never laughed harder in my life at some of the weapons/scenarios in those specific games. The Dragon Rocket Launcher in Perfect Dark? You could slow it down to a crawl and just spin it around as it flew towards someone and for some reason, it was just hysterical. We were 12.

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#22 Posted by Fredddi43 (495 posts) -

Persona 4 Golden. After I finished high school I had a couple of month before starting university, and I spent it sinking hundreds of hours into the game. Hanging out lots with my real life friends, then going home and roaming through dungeons and eating steak skewers with Chie, Yosuke, Kanji and the rest are times I will never forget.

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#23 Posted by csl316 (14981 posts) -

So many.

Probably when my buddy ran through a severe thunderstorm so we could beat Streets of Rage 2 for the hundredth time.

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#24 Edited by Oscar__Explosion (2980 posts) -

Summer 06' I played nothing but Dragon Quest VIII from the time I woke up till I went to bed for 2 1/2 weeks. It was glorious.

Also did the same thing with Persona 4 over my spring break. Ahhh i wish I was able to put that time into games again.

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#25 Posted by ripelivejam (13206 posts) -

Playing secret of mana for the first time... in Japan. not understanding the story at all really but just being so entranced and mystified by it. I love that game but i kinda think the mystery made it better. I also saw daytona usa the first time then (it was 94), and the graphics blew my freakin mind.

Super bomberman 2, mario kart 64, and goldeneye also generated a numerous amount of crazy memories with my old friends. Those games had legs.

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#26 Posted by JimiPeppr (609 posts) -

Picking up Persona 3 after watching 2 ep of the ER. Played the entire thing in about 6 days with just over 100 hours. Thank god for summer!

Ha I basically did the same thing. It was the first long jrpg that I played (other than Pokemon Red).

My favorite memory is probably playing the Mass Effect series. I hadn't played any of them until 3 was out and... basically 2012 was the Year of Mass Effect for me... ~4 playthroughs of each game and like 400 hours of ME3 multiplayer. I also marahon'd Gears of War 1-3 like that and had a lot of fun, but Mass Effect is definitely my favorite.

Going back a bit further, my grandparents bought an N64 one Christmas and my cousins and I have played it at basically every family gathering since then. Lots of Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario 64 (took us like 6 years to beat it lol), etc...

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#27 Posted by shozo (163 posts) -

I was deep into PSO for DC. It was the only game I played for nearly a year. I was in so deep I just wanted to break the game. I started to learn how to duplicate items, crash games and delete characters (NOL'ing). This was all done using the DC game shark. Eventually other players started to learn these hacks and used their knowledge to harm other players.

I wanted to protect the new players because I loved the game. So my time spent online killing hackers, erasing their characters, restarting their DC, or prompting a BSOD on their end. It's amazing how broken that game was, but that's a crazy unique experience that should never be recreated.

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#28 Edited by SarcasticMudcrab (384 posts) -

In no particular order:

  • Managing to get 3 working vehicals in Dayz and convoying the fuck out of Chernarus with my two brothers. It was really early on before every server was modded to have 500 cars and all that. Also stealing a bike, first time I ever saw one in the game, it was just sitting there outside of a building so I went for it, he came running after me shooting a shotgun but I got away, kinda felt bad but man that was the best bike ride I've ever had.
  • Shooting the Portal gun for the first time, the sound, the feel....the power.
  • The last bit of portal 2.
  • Playing Morrowind blind, not sure how I managed to never hear about it but I rented it just because they didnt have any copies of gears of war in store and it kinda looked cool, blew my head off.
  • Learning about the glitch in Morrowind where you can create infinite spell power then creating a spell that instakilled a whole town in one, even though this did kinda kill the game for me in the end.
  • That bit in Second Sight where your two selves meet.
  • Figuring out the use of the cigarette in Metal Gear Solid
  • Playing Worms with 3 work mates after bragging to them all day about how undifeatable I am at worms, having them gang up on me and kill 3 of my dudes then proceeding to take them all down with my one remaining worm using only grenades and shotgun (and maybe some rope).
  • Beating the Taurus demon in Dark Souls. I imagine the Capra demon might be more of a highlight for most people but that was just relief for me, that 1st proper victory was strong, I generally suck at games and this was a turning point, Dark souls made me better at playing all games for sure and this moment taught me that patients and determination works.
  • Successfully convincing myself that i don't have to play dark souls 2, if i don't want to.
  • When I was about 8 I ran away from home to go to my friends house because he just got TMNT on zx spectum 128k, the 20 minutes i got to play it before my angry mother arrived was great.
  • Winning the world cup in fifa 96 on hardest mode with my mate cause thats all he would play.
  • Becoming a full member and admin of a gaming community that at the time had a very popular TF2 saxton hale server and being one of the only admins that actually monitored that horrific sess pool of mic spam and dodgy sprays. Stress relief at it's finest.
  • Becoming a member of the clan Unnatural in an obscure online grid based game called Gothador. They were the cool guys.
  • Using vats in fallout 3, bit weird but I'm a sucker for a good sound effect, and a good gib. I melee vats my way through that game 1st time round and it was glorious.
  • The intro of Omikron: The Nomad Soul, and also the bit where you realise you can transfere your soul.
  • Turning on quick-cast in league of legends after playing it for 4 years. (possibly just embarrassing, idk)
  • The whole intro of Saints Row 4, didn't really get into the game and didn't get far, but that beginning really got me.
  • Playing Mass Effect for the 1st time and hearing that intro music, so good.
  • Shenmue 2
  • Team killing Derick Littlewood in Haze multiplayer by hitting him off a ladder.
  • Playing command and conquer on ps1 link up with back to back TVs with my bro and getting down to 1 solo infintry dude and picking up a base from a globe and managing to rebuild a base and finally winning the game, the fact we could hear each others TVs made this that little bit more special
  • Shooting some bandit in Fallout: New Vegas and watching them bicycle kick their own head off in slow motion kill cam, the form was perfect.
  • ok last 1, the corridor of hands in Project Zero (Fatal Frame), so I turned it off, actually couldn't hack it and I havent really played horror games since, but I respect it. Video games can be powerful.

wow thats a lot, and so many more, fuck I love this hobby :)

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#29 Posted by Nux (2890 posts) -

Playing the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with my dad when I was 5. I firmly believe I fell in love with games because my father and I would play games together when I was young.

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#30 Posted by frymillstrum (1324 posts) -

Having TWO drivers in Mario Kart Double Dash, specifically the moment I realized you could carry a backup weapon as a result.

My first couple of hours with FEZ.

Far Cry Blood Dragon - All of it.

The first time I aced a difficult GH song on expert.

Revisiting Shadow Moses in MGS4, even though I'm not that games biggest fan.

The flute in SMB 3

All of Banjo Kazooie

Halloween Day 2004 when my Mam got back from the store with Mc Donalds and a copy of GTA San Andreas. I would have been 12 years old a the time. Quality parenting lol. Which actually just reminded me of the time she expressed concern that I would develop serial killer tendencies after I recommended the Dexter pilot to her, as an 18 year old man.

Christmas 98' when I got a small Phillips tv for my bedroom and an N64.

Booting up Splinter Cell Double Agent on my brand new Xbox 360 Christmas Day 2006 and being amazed by how good it looked.

When I got into online multiplayer games.

The first time I saw Max Payne in a friends house.

Discovering Giant Bomb

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I always have fond memories of playing through Punch-Out. I can vaguely recall watching my father play and as I recall I watched him lose to Bald Bull. So it was so awesome to not only conquer that game but do it on my own.

There was also erasing my parents' data on StarTropics, but eventually I made it further than they did anyway.

Playing Starcraft all the time.

Oh yeah, taking Pokemon Blue to school with all my friends. We'd trade and and have Metronome battles. We knew an older kid with a Game Genie who got us Mew. I remember helping another kid beat Misty with underleveled pokemon and then we made fun of her for the moves her dumb starfish used.

Used to play Mario with my mom and that's pretty much the last time we'll ever play games since she can't handle newer ones and doesn't have time anyway.

I've got a ton of memories from the N64 era, just discovering Smash or getting afraid of the Stalfos kids in Ocarina or the transformation from 2D to more fully-fleshed worlds.

I wish I could say I had a lot more of those types of memories since then. There are games that shocked me and characters I've loved but it's not quite the same and not when you're only playing alone.

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#32 Posted by Sarahwilla (2 posts) -

i unknowingly fell in love with the games. i used to play in my home with one of my neighbors and eventually started playing schools and college.. and now my friends call me game freaks

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#33 Edited by gatehouse (933 posts) -

There's probably more in my head somewhere, but here are a few of mine;

  • Beating my mate 6-1 at Pro Evolution Soccer 5 with Mexico and starting the cult of Francisco Fonseca in our group.
  • Having monthly tournaments of Pro Evo 5 with my mates and hitting in sublime (and painstakingly practised) free kicks with Czech Republic's Marek Jankulovski to win some of them.
  • Me and my high school mates renting out the local cybercafe (now sadly deceased) for all night sessions of Enemy Territory, Command and Conquer and the original Call of Duty. Now any of us just needs to put on a bad German accent and say 'I need an engineer' and it makes us all laugh.
  • Me and my brother unlocking tofu on Resident Evil 3 together and laughing way too much at the sight of a giant block of bean curd trying to fight the undead.
  • Queueing up to get Halo 3 and staying up all night with my university flatmates, with us eventually creating our own clay pigeon shooter in forge mode at about 6 in the morning.
  • Carrying Zulf to safety in Bastion and being genuinely touched by the moment.
  • Hitting a match winning headshot on MW2 with my last pistol bullet from what seemed like halfway across the map. Sheer fluke, but felt utterly amazing.
  • Helping a buddy of mine get into Dark Souls and seeming him fall in love with it.

Hey guys, video games are pretty awesome aren't they?

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#34 Posted by bson (61 posts) -

Resident Evil - playing the opening with a friend until his mother walked in on us and locked the game away :(

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The first that comes to mind is one time I was playing the Scott Pilgrim VS The World game. I had been struggling on my own to get through the twins' stage, and the two earlier times I had made it to them I was beaten within seconds and had no more extra lives to fall back on. This was the third time. They charged up their big double punch thing, and sent me flying... ricocheting up into the high rafters of the room, which was used for the cutscene when I entered. As I reached the top I started flying down, hitting the walls and gaining speed all the way. When I hit bottom, I hit both of the twins. They were out, I won, and in the end they knocked themselves out in one punch.

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#36 Posted by Stonyman65 (3810 posts) -
  • Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 for the first time. It was the first game I ever played, and I can remember the day my mom brought home a NES and hooked it up to the little TV we had in the kitchen I think I was 3 or 4 maybe. I can't believe I remember that far back, but I do.
  • Playing Tomb Raider with my cousin after school. My grandpa would pick up my cousin and I after school and we would hang out at my house and play games until he had to go home. We tore through Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2, and played a shit ton of Syphon Filter as well.
  • Playing GTA3 and Vice City with my friend Jake. We would come home from school and play those games for hours and hours. Just screwing around. We never beat GTA3, but we did manage to beat Vice City after a few months.
  • Playing Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 with Jake. Same as above. We were (and still are) Metal Gear fanatics and beat each of those games probably a dozen times.
  • Playing and beating Resident Evil 4 8 times in a row with Jake. We also played and beat the other Resident Evil games probably once a month. I remember I picked up RE 4 and waited until Jake came over so we could play it together - we were both scared shitless when we went into the village at the beginning a first saw the chainsaw guy. The pure terror of being overwhelmed with an entire village coming after you and you trying to hide out in a house only to have the doors busted down and people crawling through windows....
  • The second ending to MGS4 - MIND BLOWN!
  • All of Saints Row the Third and IV
  • Playing Uncharted 2 for the first time.
  • Playing my first online match in Delta Force 2
  • Sniper battles in Delta Force Black Hawk Down
  • Being totally shocked and in awe at the USA levels in Modern Warfare 2. Walking out and seeing Mainstreet USA all fucked up, and then seeing the Washington Monument and the White House destroyed and the entire country burnt to the ground... That stuck with me. I still go back and replay those levels every few years.
  • Playing Fallout 2 for the first time
  • Not liking Elder Scrolls games, playing Skyrim, and then going down the rabbit hole and getting addicted to Skyrim. I was bored at first, but everything "clicked" when I encountered my first Dwarven Ruins. It was an adventure from there on out. 200 hours later I'm still finding new things.
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#37 Posted by Stonyman65 (3810 posts) -

@sarcasticmudcrab: Just saw your comment out Saints Row IV - I think you should go back and see it through. There is so much more crazy shit that you haven't got to yet! If you think the intro was awesome, you ain't seen nothing yet!

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#38 Posted by jNerd (2201 posts) -

Two memories that immediately come to mind are:

1) When I was about eight years old I finally beat Shang Tsung in MK1. I was at the drive-through at McDonalds in Lynchburg, Virginia playing it on the O.G. Grey Gameboy. That was a wonderful rush that I don't quite remember feeling before. My first time beating a game and a final boss I believe.

2) When I was fifteen I finally beat the last level in Super Mario Bros 1. I had played SMB1 hundreds of times since I was a child, but I never beat the very last castle. For anyone who hasn't played it, it's a ridiculous paradox, I don't know how anyone beat it without a guide. It was about 2am or 3am and I shed a tear when I saw that Peach sprite at the end. It was a very nice feeling of completion.

Good question, great post Creamy_Pixels. I don't usually interact in the forums these days and you convinced me into writing my first real post in years. Thank you, it's always nice to think about and share these memories.

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#39 Posted by JusticeJanitor (538 posts) -

Without a doubt it's the Christmas vacation i spent 100%-ing Majora's Mask. I got the game Christmas morning and then played it nonstop. I still take that game out during the holidays. Makes me feel like a kid again.

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@justicejanitor: I has a similar experience with Majora's Mask, but I got it right after it released; I was sick with bronchitis when I got it so It was basically a Halloween "vacation" from school, and I played through it all then. Really helped make me forget about how shitty bronchitis was.

My other best gaming memory would probably be when I got Turok 2. That Christmas was when my parents were making their split an official thing so my dad had just moved out, but they both chipped in and got me Turok 2 for Christmas, along with an N64 for my dad's apartment. It's the main reason I hold Turok 2 as my favorite shooter of all time, and every time I play it it's an amazing rush of nostalgia, to the point where I can almost smell that new apartment/house smell and feel the RIDICULOUS amount of static electricity build-up that the stupid apartment had.

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Playing Mario 64 for the very first time blew my mind. I went home to my SNES which I was previously in love with feeling like I had a passionate affair. I dumped the SNES shortly after to run away and live happily with my new love, the N64.

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Goldeneye MP after school was awesome sauce. That fun together with mates was something I looked forward to during school (booo school) But the best experiances were when I was alone and could appreciate the experiance and atmosphere without another person distracting me. Ocarina was one for sure, as was MGS. The music Practically put me in a trance and I was absorbed by the experiance.

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When I was 12 I had a fever for two days. For two, glorious days I sat in my room and played Pool of Radiance (original TSR gold box), Hillsfar and Azure Bonds continuously while my mom brought me snacks and drinks.

Did I mention this happened on a C64? 5.25" floppies. Good times.

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Playing Super Street Fighter 2 with my older brother, he got me into fighting games, games in general.

Tekken 3 and Street Fighter vs. X-men arcade machines in my after School club, we wasted our money and and our time watching the CG trailers.

The old days where an exciting time...

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There's no way for me to replicate this scenario in a way that you would be able to appreciate. I'll just say it involved the phrase, "BUM-RUSH THE HOLE!!!"

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When I was a kid me and my brothers plays Mario Bros. and that serves as our bonding. We like to compare ourselves to mario and luigi.

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Probably the top one was the Christmas I got the SNES, I begged and begged for one for Christmas. I was devastated when I kept getting games for it but no system, thinking my relatives didn't know any better. My dad pulls out the old I gotta get something out of my car bit, and "found" another present outside. Greatest Christmas ever.

My first computer wasn't a great one, MS paint was about all it could support, I had FFVII for PC but couldn't play it. I finally got an updated computer a few years later. I didn't know much about the game other then it was popular among some folks. I didn't know anything about Final Fantasy or about RPGs at the time, when I finally got out of Midgar...

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Another great moment for me was playing SMB3 with my mom, I was an only child so it was the closest thing I had to fighting with a sibling over turns. She was the first one to beat it too.

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Back in high school my friend and I were playing coop FF6. It was around 3am. He would fall asleep during the 30 seconds it took me to que up my characters' abilities. Then I'd do the same. We probably did that for 3 hours. Good times.

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Halo: CE LAN parties in college. My brother was attending law school around the same time that I in college on the same campus area. He had 2 classmates with Xboxes and for a while (and once a week) one of them would host a LAN party at his house and 6-8 people would show up and play Halo MP for 4-5 hours. It got me hooked on to the FPS genre but it also brought out the appeal in playing with friends.