Best gaming memories?

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#51 Posted by helvetica (152 posts) -

- Running into a Pinky Demon in DOOM for the first time. After I killed it, I had to run and show my little brother. It was very scary and very cool!

- Saying "watch this" when going up to a zombie to pretend to kick its head in Resident Evil. I thought it was dead. It latched onto my leg and I about jumped 5 feet in the air and wasted all my ammo trying to kill it.

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#52 Posted by Novis (297 posts) -

Halo on Legendary Co-Op. My friend and I were playing and it was after the Flood were introduced. We weren't good at the game at the time so we were dying a lot. Especially since we were fighting against Covenant and Flood. We were moving along the level and a decent pace for once, when we started encountering more Flood. We slowly clear out the room, but my friend dies. I start getting surrounded by flood and I go into panic mode. I go through my clip and toss my grenade. It hits a Flood in the face and lands back at my feet. I start swearing and try to jump away from the grenade. At this point, the Flood had circled me. I manage to clear out before the grenade explodes, killing all the remaining enemies and my friend spawns back almost instantly. We both jump up and down screaming "Holy shit! HOLY SHIT" and whatnot.

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1. Leaving my Mega Drive on all night long so I wouldn't lose progress in Sonic 1;
2. Playing Time Commando on my Pentium III (first game that I played on a PC);
3. Playing MK9 with my wife and having some pretty awesome fights between Noob Saibot (me) and Cyrax (her);
4. Playing 400+ hours of each borderlands, also with my wife.

I used to play games alone pretty much all of the time until she showed up in my life. Since then I've found a new appreciation for Video Games.

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#54 Posted by ProfessorEss (7961 posts) -

Defeating Ragnaros with my guildies in WoW for the first time.

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* Playing original NES as a kid with a group of friends. Good times!

*Goldeneye couch co-op

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#56 Posted by Zevvion (5965 posts) -

Playing Final Fantasy X. I had no idea what the game was. I didn't even know turn based games existed. I was blown away by everything. I played that game until 4 in the morning when I was 13 years old. It was my first addiction to a game.

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#57 Posted by Tyrrael (485 posts) -

@nux said:

Playing the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with my dad when I was 5. I firmly believe I fell in love with games because my father and I would play games together when I was young.

You're lucky that your dad liked to play games with you. My parents are essentially luddites who would, no doubt, ban the telephone if they could.

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#58 Posted by Arkade_Kalamity (75 posts) -

Best gaming memory?

Playing Eternal Darkness for GameCube for the first time. Way too many "oh shit" moments to pick just one lol.

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#59 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7838 posts) -

Playing the first and second Pokemon games as a kid are warmly solidified in my happy gaming memories. I also remember staying home from school one time and playing Super Mario world all day.

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#60 Edited by Shortbreadtom (1009 posts) -

In high school a friend of mine had a free house for 3 days, so a bunch of my friends and I slept there for 2 nights, spending a lot of time drinking, partaking in something I can't bring up on this site, and playing endless hours of Brawl and Mario Kart. Like, I don't think the Wii was ever turned off.

It was especially fun because the majority of my friends really aren't into video games (only a few of us play games outside of Fifa and Football Manager), so seeing them experience local multiplayer was great. A particular moment that sticks in my mind was when the first time the Nintendog assist trophy got used, and one of my friends had no idea it was coming. The dog started licking the screen and my inebriated friend dropped his controller and had a laughing fit. We had to pause the game for a few minutes for us all to catch our breath.

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#61 Posted by theacidskull (1095 posts) -

I've played numerous crash games both by myself and with some friends,but nothing can match the first three installments. Everyone loved the that wacky Wumpa lovin' dog mutant. We were very competitive too, on who managed to do the challenges quicker, get all the gems, win races and etc. Most of my fondest video game memories come from Crash bandicoot. In fact, I'd say that no other game has managed to match the fun and charm the first three crash games provided me with.The gameplay, the characters, the level design, and the bosses were all spectacularly designed.

Hell, Me and my friends loved him so much we use to make crash figures out of clay and pit them against each other.

Other than that, there were few awesome games I remember. Mortal Kombat took up a huge chunk of my childhood too, which may imply some heinous things about my personality, but don't worry, I turned out fine.....Okay, I may be a bit crazy. I remember frequently playing as goro; especially loved the move where he grabs your torso with his lower arms and bounds you to dust with his upper ones. I remember being scared by some of the fatalities, though it didn't stop me from playing.

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#62 Posted by s80007 (114 posts) -

Drunk while playing FIFA.

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#63 Posted by bhizzy (92 posts) -

The culmination of Heavy Rain. Just... damn.

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#64 Posted by anden4300 (88 posts) -

I remember playing the first 2 Tony Hawk games, with my older brother, that was sorta my introduction to the Playstation system, and we could play those games for hours and hours.

another one is Guitar Hero 2, i played that game for so long until i could play literally all the songs on expert, and beat every single one of my friends - Then i got bored with it and bought a real guitar, been playing ever since.

Last one i'm going to mention is Okami - i can't say much about that game other than the 50 hours or so it took me to get through it, was the best gaming experience i have ever had.

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#65 Edited by WoolfoJ (1 posts) -

Playing Assassins creed on Xbox 360 in Jerusalem listening to iron maiden trooper on the media player feeling i was living in 3008

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#66 Posted by norm9 (56 posts) -

Beating the original Legend of Zelda and then screaming and yelling for everyone to come see but nobody was home.

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#67 Posted by CGZWOLFMAN (2 posts) -

Splitting the a/v cable from my N64 so can send signal too two TV's. Jusy too play Goldeneye64 two player split screen with cardboard on the other players half of screen . So no screen watching

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#68 Posted by Shindig (4951 posts) -

Seeing HD for the first time. Whatever first MGS2 trailer I watched, too.

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#69 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7613 posts) -

For my Apple IIc, I got Seven Cities of Gold which was and early Sim/Exploration game; I spend hours and hours playing that. Tomb Raider was the first PSX game I really wanted and it was a Christmas gift! I still have very fond feeling for the first two Tomb Raider games. I got into Resident Evil late, which for me mean just as RE2 1998 was coming out. At the time, I didn't mind tank controls and all the terrible voice acting, Resident Evil was just fun.

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Probably playing FF7 for the first time.

I remember calling my friend up boasting how i'd got near the end of the shinra building within a few hours thinking the game was almost over. Then I called him up again after I'd got to the gold saucer and I was like.. I'm not even half-way through the game?? What the heck.

I hadn't played an RPG before.. so the length of the game sorta blew my mind.

And yes this was a time where you called your friends house phone to speak to them.

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#71 Posted by Howardian (207 posts) -

It's astounding to me that I've been playing games since 97 (on PC and PS2) and I can barely recognize any of the names here (never played Nintendo).

I understand that Nintendo was big for ya'll when you were children, but it appears literally every one of you played Nintendo exclusively as children! I guess Nintendo ruled the globe back then.

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#72 Posted by Captain_Insano (3525 posts) -

Necro thread!

Too many to pick from for me, but the standout experience was always school holidays, 2 mates would come around or I would go to theirs. We all had N64s. 3 player Goldeneye - Archives was our main level. Perfect Dark slightly replaced it but never quite replicated the Goldeneye experiences.

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#73 Posted by Nicholas_Attano (19 posts) -
  • Immersing myself in Skyrim and loading my PC with a shitload of mods.
  • Finishing Dishonored.
  • Saints Row 3. God damn everything about the game was memorable.
  • Spending hours on the PS1 playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Again, another memorable game for me.
  • Playing For Honor with my cousin. The game can get boring when you play with randoms but if you got someone to yell at and laugh with through a mic, For Honor is just way too fun.
  • Playing CSGO for days straight and winning Deathmatches. I realized how hard it was to get good at the game and I didn't have time for it so I just quit.
  • Battlefield 4. I was a latecomer to Battlefield since I mostly played CoD and I gotta say that the story seemed more fun overall.
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#74 Posted by Casepb (728 posts) -

I guess I will join in.

I will start with my first. That would be going from a NES to SNES and seeing how great Super Mario World and F-Zero looked, and then eventually Star Fox. I remember buying my SNES from one of my step dad's friends, he already had 6 games so I had a nice collection starting off.

When I would sleep over at a friend's house and we rented an N64 or PS1 system because we were too poor to buy one at the time. I remember we played the game Loaded on PS1 a lot. Then seeing Super Mario 64 for the first time is still such a memorable thing, same with Ocarina. Also the first time seeing Banjo Kazooie still comes back to me every now and then.

Going to my cousins house because he just got a Gamecube and seeing the new Wave Race, and Rogue Squadron games, holy crap they looked incredible.

Later on in life once I got a PC I would have lan parties at a friend's house and we would play a bunch of FPS games. Then eventually we all got hooked on City of Heroes.

Seems like most of my memories are from new consoles and starting the next gen.

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#75 Posted by afkbradshaw (40 posts) -

some great memories posted, my tuppence from 81 to present

ZX Spectrum - completing "Halls of the Things" which had no room in the coding for sound and a ludicrous number of keyboard controls and super hard (as were all games then I suppose) but still one of the best games I've played and still proud of it :)

Tie Fighter on PC - the twist. I loved that game and still play it from time to time

Ocarina - Getting Epona and then just riding around Hyrule for the next few hrs is my most innocent and joyous memory in gaming

1080 Snowboarding Gamecube - finally "doing a 1080"

Lord of the rings online - killing the Balrog in the first Raid

Uncharted 2 - Id stopped playing games for a year or two and then I saw the opening scene in UC2 somewhere and bought a PS3 and the game within minutes - jawdropping

UC3 Couch Coop - most fun Ive had in gaming, me my mate, some wine and ridiculous amounts of hrs, wore out the disc

TLOU - right from the opening act knew this was going to be special

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#76 Posted by casselld (18 posts) -

Growing up, my family was pretty poor. I only got consoles right as the next generation was dying out, and every time I got a new console, it was like a whole world of new games opened up for me. My favorite moment like this was getting a Gamecube on Christmas in 2003 after making an N64 last for a very long time. I was given the console, Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime, and a Wavebird controller. I had read about and heard about the console from friends for years, and that Christmas, it was sort of teased out to me. I got the games and the controller first, and was told "Oh that's so we can rent it from the video store and you'll have things to play" (A valid response in our small town back then). It wasn't until that evening at my grandma's house that I was given "one last" gift with the full console. I don't think I've ever been that excited for a gaming-related thing in my life.

I'd also include:

-The Skyrim launch in 2011, when my full college dorm got taxis to the mall at midnight to buy the game and were heckled by all of our cab drivers for going out to buy "some dragon game".

-Tasting the forbidden fruit that was GTA: Vice City back when I was 11 years old at a friend's house. I felt so guilty, but I also absolutely loved what I played.

-Winning a local Guitar Hero tournament in 2008 and receiving an Xbox 360 as a prize. This was the closest feeling to when I got my Gamecube. Never thought I'd win, but the tourney was on a flatscreen with serious input lag, and I was the only player used to it in the competitors.

-Playing through Final Fantasy VII for the first time over a whole summer in 2006. Got a PS1 with a black label copy of the game at a garage sale for $15. I don't know if it holds up for me personally, but that summer it really blew my mind.