Best non-campaign singleplayer game ?

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With the GOTY season upon us I've coincidentally been in the mood for some non-committal gaming (which would fit perfectly to play while listening to the deliberations), but I've noticed that this is something that rarely gets any attention for any awards. We see things like best story, best moment, best character etc etc, but nothing for just best gameplay experience or most "addictive" game.

Is this something you think that should get more attention ? And if so, what should it focus on, and what games would fit that category ?

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@ares42 said:

best gameplay experience or most "addictive" game.

That would be Assassin's Creed Origins for me.

Hours and hours of riding through the endless desert doing minor quests and losing myself in the environment.

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Solo-queue on Overwatch ;^)

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I thought that's what "Best World" was supposed to be, but we all know how that turned out.

I'd vote Assassin's Creed: Origins as well. I just kept coming back to that game.

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I think the OP is referring more to games like Factorio or They Are Billions.

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I think only Vinny and Alex are into games that come into this category, so unless they had their own goty podcast where they have a nice cup of tea and discuss the games like adults rather than bickering teenagers, I can't see them being brought up at all.

There must have been some aligning of the stars for xcom to win the other year, but even with that Jeff talks about playing through for the story and never going back. I just don't think the way they play games for site coverage lines up with non-campaign type games.

For discussion of management/strategy games I usually listen to Three Moves Ahead.

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@pete0r: What about Animal Crossing though ? They all seem to love those games. Although I haven't played any of them myself, so I might be wrong about it fitting this kinda category ? I also seem to remember Dan being really into Dead Cells.

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Casual Trackmania is perfect for the greatest podcast in the world.

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Nex Machina. Arcade deliciousness. Best fake 80s soundtrack I’ve heard in a while. It’s short, but there are secrets. Many secrets. This was my go to for short burst gaming this year.

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@ares42: Elite Dangerous is great for that, no campaign whatsoever and a huge galaxy to explore, you can just cruise around trading, mining, transporting passengers or just picking fights at your own leisure, there's an option to play it solo where other players won't bother you.

I got it 3 days ago and already put in more than 20 hours, right now the pack with the Horizons pass is fairly cheap at 24 bucks on steam, I recommend if you have any passing interest in space sim games.

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Enter the Gungeon for me, sunk a lot of podcast hours in that one.