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I just wanna toss out a humongous amount of gratitude towards idBloc. I was one of the ones caught in the mix of not being able to log in over the past few days, while the GB team was dealing with the huge transition to the new site.

In any case, this morning idBloc put a post up saying to tweet him if you need help, so I did, and just a few hours later my passwords reset and I'm logged back in! Thanks for being so prompt during a dicey situation, the site seems to be working pretty damn smooth tonight, keep up the good work!

It's looking great!

Thanks again,


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Congrats, it's good to see you got it all worked out.

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Welcome back, duder!

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Probably would want to tag him to the the board to see.


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Yay idbloc! Welcome back home duder!

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You are very welcome

The whole team has been working hard since the past few days so I'll extend your thanks to the whole team :)