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Hey everyone!

So i finally took the leap and became a premium member, been looking at that button for a while now! So hi everyone, i'm Sören (or Fritzner) :)

So to kick everything off i am curious to know what you are looking most forward to in the game world ano 2013?

For me i'm pretty sure The Last Of Us is gonna be brilliant!

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So i'm curious to hear what you are looking most forward to next year!


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I'm mostly looking forward to the as of yet unannounced games. I'm really curious as to what the launch titles will be for the inevitable new consoles. Hopefully, there will be tons of new stuff at E3. We'll just have to wait and see. 
As for games that have been announced, well, the usual suspects. Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, South Park, Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313, and the Last of Us all look awesome. Oh yeah, and Persona 5. That is probably the game that I'm most looking forward to.

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Watch Dogs I guess,it has the potential to bring some innovation to the TPS genre.

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Hello Swedish person. Nice of you to support the site.

I agree The Last Of Us is looking amazing, it tops my list as well =)

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@Fritzner: First off welcome to the mile high club...

Now to answer your question, I'm really looking forward to The Last of Us.

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@Morningstar and @Hizang: Hi guys! Uhh yeah I almost forgot about bioshock infinite, that looks pretty cool as well. Surprised to see that no one mentioned GTA, I thought I was the odd one for not looking most forward to that!

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Bioshock Infinite


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GTA5 or Watch Dawgs.

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Right now I'm the most hyped up for GTA V.

I'm holding out hope that we might also get some top notch launch titles for the next MS and/or Sony console.

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definitely looking forward to last of us and bioshock infinite.

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Let's be realistic and say that it is probably going to be Call of Duty or GTA5.

I would love to see something different, but the biggest game isn't going to be something new. It'll be an already established brand.

For myself, I think it'll be either Bioshock: Infinite or maybe The Last Of Us.

Oh, and welcome to the site!

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Bioshock Infinite is mine probably followed by The Last of Us. Also interested in how Beyond turns out and I'm optimistic about Tomb Raider and God of War 3. Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313, assuming either come out next year, look good but I just don't know enough about them to make them my most anticipated. And my list would be topped by Bayonetta 2 if it wasn't just coming out on Wii U. Never liked Rockstar games much so I'm going to assume the worst for GTAV. I think that covers it. I will be interested if that cyberpunk game from CD Projekt Red hits next year. Would love a quality RPG in that style.

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In my heart, it'll be Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Realistically, it'll be GTA V.

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Call of Duty Future Modern Warfare Ops?

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Starcraft HOTS! Other games I will just be playing until I finish, Starcraft gets in about 4 hours a week without interruption since its release.

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GTA V and Call of Duty

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MGS:GZ, Watch Dogs, BioShock Infinite, GTA V, SCII: HotS, and whatever Nintendo pulls out of their hat. 

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Beyond: Two Souls is at the top of my list with Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, God of War: Ascension and DMC close behind. Behind those I would put Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. Behind those Grand Theft Auto 5. It is looking like it's gonna be a great year in 2013 for video games.
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Grand Theft Auto V and Bioshock Infinite are definitely my most anticipated games of next year. I'm also really interested in seeing how Watch Dogs turns out if it ends up being released in 2013.

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It'll quite obviously be Europa Universalis 4.

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Must plays:

- Grand Theft Auto V

- The Last of Us

- Beyond: Two Souls

- South Park: The Stick of Truth

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I think GTAV will be way bigger than anything else coming out next year.

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I'm most excited for Bioshock Infinite so far. As for the biggest sales wise I would bet GTA V or the next Call of Duty.

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If we're talking about sales: GTAV and Call of Duty

Gamer popularity: Watch Dogs and maybe Star Wars 1313 if that is a thing that happens still and comes out next year.

Mainstream popularity: Hard to tell now. Probably GTAV and Call of Duty. Maybe something next-gen?

All of the above?: GTAV.

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Is it weird that I'm mostly looking forward to Double Fine's Kickstarter game and Wasteland 2?

For "big" games: Bioshock Infinite, Watch Dogs and whateverthehell big game Nintendo chooses to release for WiiU next year.

GTA V....weirdly enough I have almost zero interest

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@Soapy86 said:
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Man I can't believe I forgot about that. I was just gonna say MGS:Revengance. But I am now also stocked for Ground Zeroes. 
I'll be more hyped for V when they announce any details about the PC version. (i'll probably buy the PS3 version at launch anyway :P)
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@gamefreak9: That's not what HoTS is; you get the new units regardless; unless you managed to play single player for thousands of hours.

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Its gotta be GTA 5, if not Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. 
@Soapy86 said:

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I love that poster!
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Most will say GTA5 I guess. Not for me, but first I really can't wait to play Dead Space 3, and later both the next Metro, and CoH games. Watch Dogs for the next consoles maybe, if it indeed releases next year which I kinda doubt. Looked incredible at E3 though.

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The Metal Gear games and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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I'll let you know next year. I'm still waiting on more information about games that piqued my interest.

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either Bioshock Infinite or GTA V.

and I'm calling it, Last Of Us will be a good, but not great game (I hope I am wrong, but I can't shake that feeling).

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Watch Dogs

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I'm actually not looking forward to that much next year. Mind you, aside from Mass Effect 3, I wasn't looking forward to much this year either.

Bioshock Infinite looks to be very, very good, and I'm cautiously optimistic. South Park: The Stick of Truth also looks to be very good, and I'm cautiously optimistic about that as well. I can't wait for Doublefine's Adventure Game next year, as well as The Cave (that's scheduled for next year, right?). Other than that... Last of Us could be pretty good. I have a feeling that we're going to be in for another year of surprises like this year was. Two of my three favorite games of the year (XCOM and The Walking Dead) weren't even announced until after this year began, so hopefully we'll get more stuff like that. If not... New consoles? Yay!