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Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2988 posts) 4 years, 1 month ago

Poll: Bioshock Infinite vs The Last of Us -if you’ve finished both (476 votes)

Bioshock Infinite 22%
The Last of Us 46%
I liked neither 3%
I can't decide!! 12%
See results 17%

Please only vote if you have finished both (as the endings are crucial to each of them)

For those of us who have finished both games, I pose to you what was for me a very difficult question.

In my opinion, they are both absolutely amazing games. I had to think about my feelings on both for a good while before deciding (I personally lean towards The Last of Us).

How about you?

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#101 Edited by WxSquared (2 posts) -

As I have yet to play The Last of Us, I can't say which of the two games is the best, but what I can agree with is what @donpixel was saying; The premise of The Last of Us just seems so unimaginative and so "used-up" I really had/have no interest to play it, whereas the the whole of Columbia seemed like a breath of fresh air. Moreover, I largely enjoyed the whole atmosphere of Columbia. Superficially it is a floating Utopian society but under the surface one begins to see the true nature of the city.

Although I have heard great things about The Last of Us and people ranting "GOTY!" or "GREATEST GAME EVER!" I wonder...

What if Bioshock had come out AFTER The Last of Us? Would The Last of Us still have the same hype or would Bioshock have stolen the spotlight?

Sorry for the kinda big bump

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#102 Posted by kishinfoulux (3275 posts) -

Bioshock wins by a country mile. People drinking the Naughty Dog kool-aid again.