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Anyone know whats up with it? Seems to have just gone bye bye on the Zune Marketplace. I refuse to install Itunes so hopefully this gets fixed.

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I noticed this too. I have the bombcast auto-download to my windows phone and now it's gone. Something must have happened with the RSS feed when the site changed.

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Same thing happened on my Android. Just re-subscribe to the feed and it should fix itself.

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Also noticed this. Makes me very grumpy.

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Man, Windows Phone really is waaaay more visually appealing than iOS or vanilla Android.

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Yea, Still cant get it on either. This update has been a total shit show. Hope the guys can get it under control quickly

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Weird, it was working before by pasting the rss url.

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Just download direct from the site and transfer to your phone via Zune software.

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Here's how:

You cannot currently get the podcast through the market, but you CAN add RSS feeds. Simply add the current bombcast RSS feed to your podcasts http://www.giantbomb.com/feeds/podcast/

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The problem with things like iTunes and Zune Marketplace is that they do everything for you so when they break nobody has any idea how to transfer a simple mp3 to their device.

Now might be a good time to learn.