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What time does Bradley May Cry part 2 start today?

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Three hours ago.

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It's currently part of the same archive as the A:CM quick look, starts at around 3 hours 6 minutes.

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I found the link but it does not work. When did this live show start? How was I suppose to watch it live when this website was down most of today.


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Ok.....thanks guys. I'll check out twitch and try to find it.

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It was a fun stream, there were 3000 viewers and probably 1% of that was using the Twitch chat.

Between our combined hazy memories of DMC1 we managed to steer Brad in the right directions.

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So he kept playing DMC 1? Man really can't wait to watch this once the archive goes up.

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I think we may have found our next endurance run. It may not be as long as past ones, but it's something.

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Will it be uploaded to the site or is it twitch only?

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