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I got a used PSP (fat one) a week ago for $40 from a friend. It worked, I went on vacation, came back and now when I go to turn it on the nothing happens at all. When I plug in the charger The power light flashes orange once and then I get nothing, Now it's not the battery because I tried it in my slim PSP and it works fine. Do these PSP's like to just die randomly like that?  I guess thats what I get for planing on making it a custom firmware psp. At least I'll be able to make my money back on ebay.

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Yeah, its possible for the PSPs to just "die" like that. Good thing you didn't pay full price.

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sounds like its bricked. did you friend ever uee homebrew? if he did get back to me and i will try to help you :) if not just e-mail Sony and they will help you