Buying Help - I want a sweet sweet OLED

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Hey All,

Need some suggestions, looking to get an OLED 65". Primarily used as home theatre but will also use it to play ps4 / pc gaming. I am concerned about screen burn. Does anyone in the community with an OLED have any experience with this, should i be worried?

I understand how to avoid it, avoiding static images, however, i am worried the wife and or kids might leave it on and il end up with a windows bar at the bottom of the screen.

Live in Australia and would be looking for suggestions <$4000 aud.

Cheers Yall!

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I’ve had an LG C7 since...March or so?

I’ve aleays found burn-in to be a non-issue. I’ve had RPTVs, LCD, LED, DLP, Plasma, and now OLED.

My plasma is the only one to suffer from retention. It took a decade for it to start to be a problem, it’s only noticable after you stop watching, and it clears quickly.

I wouldn’t worry too much about burn-in, again, from my experience.

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LG seems to be the market leader in OLEDs. Any of the "low-end" models from the current year (C8 or B8) or previous year (C7 or B7) would probably meet your needs handily. You can look through the breakdown here for differences between the C8 and the B8 for example, they're really minor. The more expensive models in LG's range share the same actual display panel as the low-end ones, but have built-in soundbars or have the guts of the machine incorporated in fancier ways. (I think their premium model has a panel-on-glass effect for the display and builds the computing hardware into a separate soundbar.) A 65" should be easy to find under AU$4k, especially if you keep your eyes on ozbargain for deals.

I think you'll find that the Panasonic and Sony OLEDs are more-or-less equivalent to the LG OLEDs, though Sony's ones tend to be considerably more expensive.

I got a 55" B7 for my parents last year. It's amazing, though the fact that a lot of day-to-day content is still HD or SD can make it a tad underwhelming.

Some caveats to consider at this point in the cycle:

  • The deals can get crazy at the other end of Christmas. In the lead-up to Christmas last year I managed to snag the 55" B7 for ~AU$2100, which seemed really good because it was a ~$3k RRP screen and I hadn't ever seen it go below $2200 after looking at prices like a hawk for weeks. It got as low as $1700 after Christmas.
  • At least one of the OLED vendors might finally support HDMI 2.1 in their 2019 models, which could mean VRR (i.e. adaptive sync). TVs don't typically seem to advance in leaps and bounds from year to year so usually you probably shouldn't care about what's on the horizon, but adaptive sync would give a lot of people here pause.
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Jeff mentioned something about the new models next year supporting up to 8k though right?

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I have an LG OLED (B7 model). While i use it for movies more often then games I am very happy with it. The one thing to realize is the difference between image retention and burn in. My watered down understating is this. Retention is when static images will hold for a moment when switching to another image that does not have that static image. Think TV channel logo showing then switching to commercial. This is slightly present on my TV when it happens it is brief and I have to be trying to look for it to notice it. Burn-in is a permanent alteration of the color/image on the TV. While this can happen with OLEDs it does take some time/conditions. Here is a good long term test that has been done showing results in different scenarios.

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@fnrslvr: LG pretty much has the market cornered, but you’re right about Sony. Their A1 OLED is a gorgeous set.

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@barrock said:

Jeff mentioned something about the new models next year supporting up to 8k though right?

HDMI 2.1 which is expected to hit the coming years (not really set in stone it will be available in next year's commercial models yet) will increase the bandwidth and as a consequence allow 4k resolution at 120Hz and 8k at 60Hz.
However it will take additionally years before there is a large amount of content available in 8k. Just look at the adaption rates of 4k.

We probably need at least 5 years before 8k should be really a factor to consider - then again HDMI 2.1 will (most likely) not raise the prices for the TVs.
Getting it without extra cash required would be an argument to wait (also because HDMI 2.1 has some other advantages outside of the resolution which you can read up on here).

I would suggest you wait till CES (January 8th - 11th). Thereafter you should know if 2019's model already support 2.1 or if you would need to wait another year.
If the models announced during CES don't have HDMI 2.1 you can expect it only by 2020 and if you don't want to pay full price at launch but aim to buy in autumn/year's end at a discount this would put your purchase basically 2 years away from now.

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OLED does still have burn in, but thats really only due to static images for something that's on screen 8-12 hours or more usually like 24 hours news networks. There are settings usually that you can have the TV do things that help prevent that that changes the pixels and refresh rates every so often. You can usually in most tv have it shut down after so many min/hours of inactive use. If you plan on going with 4k remember the refresh rate will not be nearly as good if you are into FPS or games that require very little lag with PC's. For consoles you pretty much won't have to worry about any of that.

As stated above LG is pretty much the standard these days, affordable and best price for what you get. Sony often does have some amazing TV's but you are often paying a premium just for the name alone, but there are sometimes older models you can get for a good deal.

I did find this rather good article that has some of the better more affordable Gaming TVs out on the market right now.

As for if you want one of the best and money is not a issue then I would highly recommend Samsung QN65Q9F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD. It's one of the best on the market though I have heard there are some issue people do not like the One connect Box making it kind of an annoyance to hook up as you connect everything from a separate box below the TV and not from the TV itself. Samsung QN65Q9F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD 9 Series

There are better TV's out there but they are nearly $10-$15k

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The base model LG OLEDS use the same panels as their flagships. I actually think LG make all the OLED panels for all manufactures OLED displays IIRC.

Burn in is possible... but unlikely. You need to have a static image on their for a long time from what I've read and if you're like me you leave the power saving sleep settings on just in case I leave a menu paused on the screen then it shouldn't be an issue. Consoles like the Xbox One account for burn in my displaying tool tips all over the screen at random intervals when you if you leave your console on. Not true of the Switch and not sure what the Playstation does to prevent this.

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I'll just copy/paste what I wrote from a different thread someone made last week (Prices are USD):

I just ordered a 65" C8 myself to replace my still perfectly good 55" 2015 model. As far as I have seen in my research, the difference between the C8 and B8 is really about the processor in the TV: The B8 is using the previous generation where as the C8 (and E8) have the newest "A9" processor. This apparently affects the performance of the TV OS stuff (Settings, Netflix, Apps, anything running on the TV etc) and, according to LG, there is an improvement in image quality due to behind-the-scenes processing stuff. Maybe input lag reduction as well (something I've never had an issue with on any TV ever)? Opinions on whether any of this makes a difference will probably vary from person to person.

I decided to get the C8 over the B8 as I wanted to get the "best" version I could get that would hopefully last me just that little bit longer. As I said, I've got LG's 2015 model (EF9500) and I absolutely love it, but I'd been thinking of going bat shit crazy and upgrading to the size that will barely fit in my area, plus there are a bunch of new and diverse settings options that they hadn't yet implemented in 2015. Like having separate picture settings for non-HDR and HDR or Dolby Vision support.

On the topic of prices: Recently, the "regular" price of the 65" C8 was about $2700 across most sites, with sales dropping a few hundred off. At the end of October, one place had it for $2100. Finally, a few days prior to Thanksgiving, Newegg had a sale on the LGs and the 65" C8 was $1900, which I immediately jumped on. They sold out fairly quickly. If you're interested in the B8, the lowest I think I saw was around $1500? It's going to vary depending on whether its a big name retailer or some obscure, potentially shady eBay seller which tend to have the lowest prices but.. who knows. Most of them are fine but you never know. The lowest prices that the TVs will ever hit will be around April/May when they are clearing out old stock to make room for the 2019 models. It didn't seem like there were many, if any price drops between Holiday season and Spring, so be prepared to wait. But a 65" C8 might go as low as $1700 maybe? Even cheaper for the B series and 55" models of course.

I recommend using a site or app like SlickDeals to watch for the sales and set up alarms (which is how I caught the Newegg sale and immediately bought it on my phone on my way home from work.) Read the comments on the sales to get an idea of the details on it. If its a good deal or not or if the seller is a potential issue.

My old 55
My old 55" LG EF9500 still lookin fine as hell

I wouldn't worry about burn-in unless you're fairly irresponsible with your stuff. I'm about to roll over 6000 hours of "Power-On Time" on my old OLED set and it still looks fantastic. I've never had any permanent burn-in issues, even when playing some games for 10+ hours a day for multiple days in a row. Just be mindful of it and you shouldn't ever have an issue. I'm actually running the PC to it at the moment and typing this up while laying back in my recliner. Been playing BattleTech again. Got the TV box out and going to pack it up tonight and try to sell it in preparation for the C8 to arrive in the next couple days. (Btw, if you're in the central NJ area and interested, let me know. Still works perfectly. Assuming it doesn't get sold to my sister, I figured $500 seems like a good deal for it.)

The only thing even remotely resembling burn-in is what I'd call ghosting, and that's if I leave some sort of solid, bold shapes/colors that contrast against each other on screen for awhile and then change to something like a flat gray background and then you'll very briefly see something like a soft, silhouette of it on screen. It obviously just goes away once you start looking at something else. And I don't think my older model even has some of the fancy screen protection stuff that the newer models do.

And there seems to be a fair amount of Youtube channels & tech sites that think very highly of the C8. It isn't the ultimate TV or anything, it's just the best overall TV for people who aren't looking to spend $5,000+

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