Calling All Notamericans

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#151 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Canada ay.
Been to the USA alot this year and born in the UK so im pretty international =P

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#152 Posted by MutenMiller (238 posts) -

What ho! I hail from Englandhamshire, also!

Just outta Birmingham specifically.

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#153 Posted by Duffy (139 posts) -

I'm Irish and I concur with the raining statement.
Gamertag: Ze Mole Duffy

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#154 Edited by HomoPocket (48 posts) -

I'm in America but I was born in NotAmerica, does that count? Can I party here too? :D

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#155 Posted by MutenMiller (238 posts) -
HomoPocket said:
"I'm in America but I was born in NotAmerica, does that count? Can I party here too? :D

Nah it's cool, whatsup? 8)
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#156 Posted by Garfield360UK (551 posts) -

I am from England (UK), I wander if we will get United Kingdom and Ireland, Australia, etc boards here?

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#157 Posted by Cube (4410 posts) -

I'm born, raised, and residing in Calgary, Canada.

CDN love to the UK and Aussies.

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#158 Posted by Otacon (2337 posts) -

I'm from the UK and have to admit I do like my tea.

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#159 Posted by Vision (794 posts) -

Denmark reporting for duty.

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#160 Posted by byrjun (220 posts) -

Another resident of Denmark signing in! Og så vil jeg da lige sige hej til alle der kan forstå dette! Skal vi ikke være venner? :D

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#161 Posted by absinthetic (183 posts) -


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#162 Posted by RabbitKarrot (368 posts) -

Im English, and i actually do sip tea, however i unfortunately do not wear a bowler hat. Sucky.

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#163 Posted by KuribosShoe (694 posts) -

I'm american but I live in Canada.  That totally counts.

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#164 Posted by alkufai (28 posts) -

Sweden here. F* Yeah!!!

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#165 Posted by AnonymousLegion (92 posts) -

Another from the UK here.
Good old England.......

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#166 Posted by Boyling (218 posts) -

From the faraway land of Sweden, this lad comes.

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#167 Posted by Zola (63 posts) -

I'm from UK too, London to be exact, can yer tell?:P

It's cool to know that there are lots of UK users on here, now if only they had a UK board!

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#168 Posted by drew (135 posts) -

Brisbane, Australia

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#169 Posted by Sharvie (116 posts) -

I'm from the UK, or more acurately, Scotland.

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#170 Posted by pimsy (84 posts) -

Im from the UK, London

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#171 Posted by ArtTeitlebaum (17 posts) -

Germany. Bring on the Nazi jokes. ;)

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#172 Posted by Jost1 (2226 posts) -

Quite a few of us Norwegians here now!

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#173 Posted by larkins_1 (6 posts) -

I'm Canadian so...


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#174 Posted by oWarlock360o (210 posts) -

Im from Germany

*waits for the stoning crowd*

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#175 Posted by Jazz (2365 posts) -

Uk and Spain here...
Jolly good show old chap, one more for blighty, we'll see Gerry off yet
dont mention the war eh?

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#176 Posted by RowdyRob (221 posts) -

I'm from the U.K., Northern Ireland to be exact ;]
I can never find someone else from Northern Ireland online... =[

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#177 Posted by EJ902 (70 posts) -

United Kingdom also, specifically South Wales.

It's true it rains here often, but I don't mind. I'm rather fond of rain. That being said it's rather calm outside now.

However, I don't drink tea! I must be some mutant creation if I'm british and not a tea-drinker! :P

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#178 Posted by deactivated-5b3f096aee80a (4198 posts) -

Currently I am in Egypt. :D

Been to many countries the past months. :P Born and live in US though, for now.

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#179 Posted by Agent_Cool5 (24 posts) -

I'm from Ireland.

The land where nothing interesting (on an international scale) has or will ever happen.

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#180 Posted by Arcadem (77 posts) -

I'm from Iceland which means I get games late and pay more for them. Also we have geysers I guess.

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#181 Posted by ParanoidFreak (1485 posts) -

 I'm Canadian, and no that does not mean I'm posting from an igloo.

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#182 Posted by ankyon (44 posts) -

i live in castle wolfenstein in germany.

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#183 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1685 posts) -

Im from Hell

Thanks for asking

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#184 Posted by ozeki (146 posts) -

Representing Canada here. :)

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#185 Posted by Depth (363 posts) -

Norway here, i got a pet polar bear and we live in iglos >_>