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I was given a tip regarding Apex that the ammo is color coded, something I never realized playing a few matches. My eyes being what they are, a lot of games are pretty bad at using colors that my eyes have a tendency to mix up. However, much to my dismay, I have yet to find a game with a color blind mode that actually makes it better. A lot of games try to put a color palette shift on the entire game, making the world feel off in some ways. Most games look the best in their native colors, so I don't always feel great looking at a game that feels tinted in some off color. Even when it comes to multiplayer shooters where most that change is the color choices of names and icons, I find all available options almost always makes it worse. Battlefield's color blind options are what first made me think about it, every choice they had made it harder to tell the difference than the default.

So I was curious if other color blind folks ever find a use for color blind modes in games and if so what's your color blindness and which games and settings have worked best for you?

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Yes! At least in Destiny. The default radar in Destiny lights up a dark-ish red (at least as I remember it) when it detects enemies, and when that radar was over a green-ish background I had a real difficult time deciphering it. The color-blind mode makes it a much brighter color that I don't have any issues with at all. The loot colors are also a little more distinguishable for me. It definitely does not shift the colors of the whole game.

Most of the time I agree that color blind settings don't make much difference for me though. I just turned it on in Apex and didn't notice much of a change in the game I played after turning it on. I also only have fairly mild color-blindness though (certainly nothing like Jeff or Vinny).

edit: oops, almost forgot, I have mild deuteranomaly

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I've never seen a color blind mode that was actually useful to me. I mostly see primary colors okay but everything else is a crapshoot. The option to set my own colors for things from a wide spectrum would be really useful, as would the opaqueness of a lot of backgrounds for fonts, as far too many developers use font colors on backgrounds that are not high contrast and wind up blending into each other.

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Out of curiosity, how do the color filters on iOS fare for you?

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I can't say I've found the colour blind options particularly helpful, I've found that things just end up not looking right, or much easier to tell apart.

I have protan colour blindness.

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It varies game to game. Like in Red Dead 2 I never found a mode in there that meant I could see where I was going on the map but overwatch works great.

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@kmj2318: I didn’t even know it had that. I was going over it with my girlfriend who isn’t color blind and it was interesting to switch it on and find settings that helped me some completely made some colors disappear or blend together for her with those settings. But to be honest, none of the settings really helped. Even after putting it on so I could see a difference between bright green and yellow and seeing blue/purple being different. I still couldn’t confidently say which color was what between the ones that I mix up other than how they were placed on the color scale.

Thank you everyone for your input, sounds to me like color blind modes are far from ideal and isn’t just me being crazy.