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Okay. So, I have always been a single-player type of guy. However, I have been looking to branch out. Thing is, it can be difficult to jump head first into multiplayer gaming, especially when your only outlet is Xbox Live.

So, who would like to team up? I have been playing a fair amount of MW3 recently, but my K/D is pretty poor. Generally, though, I have a lot of free time these days (studying for the bar exam), and I am open for almost anything.

Add me if you like. GT: JayWaltz

See you on that internet.

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My protip would be to not have 'noob' in your vocabulary. You can add me if you want (JasonR86 on XBL) but I rarely play multiplayer games.

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Almost everyone who plays CoD has a poor K/D. That game is very random, even the best players can go 4 and 18. But it's also easy to do well.

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You should try COD4 online. Everyone on there is awful.

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@JasonR86: Generally, it is not. But point taken.

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@Turtlebird95: Good tip. Although my aim is less to mow down fools and more to find some Giant Bomb folks to game with. Should have made that more clear in the initial post.

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It is not hard at all to jump into multiplayer gaming. Just don't plug in a headset and not give a fuck.