Can games for windows live games be played on Multiple Gamertags?

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I'm thinking about getting Fallout New Vegas for PC, but both my brother and I will want to play it on our own Gamertags and earn our own achievements. Is that possible with one installation of the game?

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Fallout New Vegas is not a GFWL game, it's a Steamworks game. You cannot play the game from different Steam accounts, even if the game is installed in the same computer. Each account has to have a different serial number associated to it, so you have to buy it twice, one for you and one for your brother. The same goes for Fallout 3, which is a GFWL game.

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Oh, I miss read something. Thanks.

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Or since there's no Live achievements you can buy one copy and use multiple saves. I mean who cares about Steam achievements? 
They're literally pointless. In which you accumulate no points for them.