Can We Post Youtube Links On Our User Reviews?

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Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum for this. I asked support a while back but never got a response. Figured I should ask here.

I had a career, but my mental health got in the way to the point that I even spent time in the psych ward. My psychiatrist is going to place me on disability for the next year or two. I'll go under therapy and then return to the work force. I still need to keep myself busy, so I chose video game reviews. I started a YouTube video game review channel. At first I thought about posting it here, but I saw that it would violate some rules.

Since they are user reviews, just in another medium, I thought that perhaps posting them as my user review on the game's page would be suitable. Since there is a minimum amount of words needed, and some people would rather read, my idea would be to include a link at the top for people to watch, with the written version of the review below for people to read instead. Will I be able to do this, or is there any rule against it?

Thanks in advance.