Can you download videos on a monthly sub?

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Hey hi.

My yearly sub ran out and money's a bit tight at the moment, so I'm wondering, does the monthly sub have the download option for all videos?

Sorry if this is something obvious but I couldn't see anything about downloads in the upgrade page.

I'm assuming yes since that's how it was on the yearly sub, but I figured I'd ask to make sure.


edit: Actually a followup question, are there any functional differences between the two sub plans?

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I've been on the monthly plan for 4 or 5 years and yes, you can definitely download videos. I do not think there is any difference other than it being cheaper for the yearly sub.

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Awesome, thanks mate.

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@ltcolumbo: Slightly off topic, but why stay on the monthly plan that long? If you're that much of a confirmed long-time viewer, why not wait for a sale and buy a yearly membership for ~$35?

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@bisonhero: honest answer? I easily get 10-15 hours of solid entertainment out of this site every month and I'm fine paying $5/month for it. I'm also one of those suckers who buys stuff in F2P games to support the developers. Basically, I'm an idiot.

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yes you can

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@bisonhero:I can't speak for him, but as someone who has been a premium member since its inception, and all but I think a year of that has been monthly, I do it because it gives the duders more money overall, but is a low enough monthly amount that I don't really notice it. I bought the year sub once on sale, but really all it is is the same price as normal, minus the shirt coupon ($35 for the sale sub, $15 for a shirt value), and I like the GB shirts, so it didn't turn out to be much of a value for me. Once that year ran out, I just went back to monthly and have been happy ever since.

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You can definitely download videos on a monthly sub. The only option that does not let you download videos is the free trial! If you ever get shifted to that by mistake, please just let me know at support at and I can fix that for you.

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