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There’s a recently launched Kickstarter adventure game called Candle whose animation and images are all hand-painted physically using watercolor and ink, and the animations are built in a Disney like frame-by-frame fashion.

Teku Studios, a new indie developer, has drawn upon Mayan and Aztec influences as well as African folk art to create the look of the game. It strikes me as a more vibrant and organic Machinarium. (An adventure game with art inspired by the indigenous cultures of Mexico… now what does that remind me of…?) The main character in Candle is Teku, a little masked doll with a candle for hand. Much of the gameplay and puzzle-solving involves the interplay of darkness and light.

There’s still a few early backer slots left, which means you can back the project and get a copy of the game for just $10!

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And their Greenlight page is also up and running!

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#2 Posted by BeachThunder (14656 posts) - this your game?

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? No, just wanted to point it out.

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Looks interesting. I'll definitely give it a vote on Greenlight.

(your Greenlight link is messed up, by the way. So, people should copy and paste for the moment)

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Yeah, I know, but I can't figure out why or how to fix it - I'm trying, though.

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Okay, it's fixed now (sorry for the double post).

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Very cool visuals. I hope it gets funded.

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Sorry, duder. Even if you aren't affiliated with the guys making this game (...which I honestly doubt since you signed up and immediately made this thread; broken links are also indicative of copy/pasted spam), our forum rules don't allow this sort of marketing post.