Cant remeber the name of this game

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Back in the mid 90s maybe early 2000s i played a game on playstation i believe. It was a disk that went into the console so im pletty sure its ps.

In the game you fight mech and rescue scientists who i remember wore orange jumpsuits(so maybe in a space facility). One mech i remember fighting was a spider with a multi-round gun, and if u damaged the mech just enough you could get close to it and press certain button and become the mech. I remember loving becomeing the spider mech. Best guesses based on my memory are it was probably a space station of some kind and im not sure but there may have been aliens(but like typical greyman kind). I could be mooshing 2 games together a bit but the spidermech that i could jump into and rescue scientists im sure of. I loved this game and cant remember what it was called. I was 7-12ish(1997-2002ish) when i played and my grandmother told my dad she didnt want me playing it anymore because it was "too violent" for a kid my age. I distictly remember arguing that i wasnt hurting people just bots. Please help me.