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They just launched their Holiday Pay what you want pack where you get 30 holiday themed cards for whatever you want to pay!! https://cahxmas.herokuapp.com/

Also everything else is back in stock. If you are Canadian you can now order Expansion #2!!

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Dropped ten bones for the holiday pack because the video is very enjoyable.

Yaaaaay CAH.

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It would probably hurt their sales of physical ones, but I really wish they did an online version of this that was kept up to date. There's that unoffical one that was fun to play over skype with a friend but it has a very limited selection of cards so they got rather old after awhile.

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Just picked one up. The game's been a hit with most of my residents here on campus so to have Holiday cards will be nice to add in soon.

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Fuck this US and Canada bullshit. I want Cards against Humanity too.

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@Azteck said:

Fuck this US and Canada bullshit. I want Cards against Humanity too.

Indeed. BUT I did get the base game last friday so YAY! But it's to bad that this is not avalible outside of America.

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@Azteck said:

Fuck this US and Canada bullshit. I want Cards against Humanity too.

Me too. I want it so hard but they won't let me buy it!

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Thanks for the info. Weird, I'm registered for their emails but didn't receive anything.

EDIT: nvm, just got an email from them titled "Holiday Bullshit." :D

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@Nikral said:

Also everything else is back in stock. If you are Canadian you can now order Expansion #2!!


Also instead of shilling out $8 to ship a $10 pack of cards I can apparently just pick it up at my local board games store for free. That's pretty cool.

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I was planning on having a big game of this with my cousin's on Christmas, the more cards the better!

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I understands why there's no International shipping, but still :(

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Would any kind American like to purchase an xmas pack for this lowly British peasant? $5 + shipping to me (as cheap as possible) + an xmas drink? I will love you forever

Scratch that, got fidgety and ordered to a PO Box instead.

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You guys should put in $0.00 and see what happens, it's pretty funny.

EDIT: Let me rephrase that just a bit. If you do put down no money, they give you a second chance to pay something, but not before going on a small rant about how you are a terrible person in a humorous fashion. So I'm not advocating getting this for free, but just so you guys can see something humorous, but please put down at least enough to cover the costs of making that pack and shipping so they can break even.

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Just ordered 2 sets one for me and one as a gift, and PLEASE pay them some $$$. (I did $4 each)

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@Jordude1: Cheap.

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@packs217 said:

@Jordude1: Cheap.

What's cheap about it? They made a profit.

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Payed the default $5. I know what I'm making my family play this holiday season.

@LikeaSsur: Also, he bought 2 so it's like bundling pricing. Profit margin is still the same as if he had bought 1 at $5.

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Paid $10 to help offset a couple of the dickheads who are paying too little.

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I paid a $1 cuz I can never get ppl to play this with me.

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Doesn't the site berate you if you don't donate a lot?

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@EquitasInvictus: Yes, it does. And it's hilarious.

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@packs217 said:

@Jordude1: Cheap.

I also have bought 2 copies of the game and both expansions. And the expansion is 100 cards for 10 bucks so I think 4 dollars for 30 cards is a fair deal. But if you have the $$ feel free to pay more. I try to spread the word to friends to make up for my lack of Money

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While screwing around with that order site somehow I ordered 4 copies of cards.... They showed up today. I only paid 5 for the first order and the other 3 attempts were to see if different messages popped up when you pay nothing. So 4 copies. I've got some gifts to give away now

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$5 for some holiday cheer!! Thanks Cards Against Humanity!!

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Gave the guys $15. It's the holidays & to offer an option like that is really showing us the love, so the extra $ is no big deal.

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I got mine today. I think "Cutting a bloody swath through Wal-Mart with a scimitar" is probably my favorite of the bunch.