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I've always wondered if I'm alone in customising characters name's and then being jarred when reading about characters online and seeing them referred to by their cannon or default name.

Maybe the gap in time between playing Final Fantasy VII and becoming an internet user is to blame for this, but the one that sticks our for me is Arieth, who I always named Floella (Because Floella the flower girl). Even to this day if I read something that mentions her, it takes just that little bit longer to click.

The other one is Charlie Tunoku. I didn't name him, obviously, but I've never played Persona 4. I watched the whole ER, and it wasn't until years later that I started reading more about the world and characters in extended fiction.

So I'm curious, does this happen to you, and what are your custom names?

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Generally if they have a default name I don't see any point in changing it so this is a pretty rare occurrence.

Then usually if I do then it's for a really dumb joke that would never have a chance of standing out for long.

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I remember it happening to me reading about Suikoden back in the day. The game never tells you the main character has any specific name as you name them at the start. So reading everyone referring to them as ’Tir’ threw me for a loop since that was the name everyone used in conversations and early wikis. If games comes with a default name I tend to stick with them, partially because it usually fits i to the world better than something I could come up with, partially because there have been too many instances of me entering a full name and then have it revealed that they will add a last name. Or they will all caps your custom name but not the default one.

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The one that comes to mind is the main characters from Fire Emblem in Smash. I don't know who these Robin and Corrin people are! That ain't MY Fire Emblem!

Persona is weird, because I'm wired in enough to know the canon names, but I also don't care enough to even remember them, or remember what name I used in my save. It just doesn't stick somehow. Yu is Yu now though, P4A and P4D solidified that shit hard.

Back in the day I was confused how or why multiple people independently decided to name their Zelda: LttP saves "Link". Not being on the internet was a glorious time.

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I usually just name my characters after wrestlers. My default is Sexton Hardcastle but that doesn’t always work. In most JRPG’s I’ll try and stick to default names just in case I need to look at a walkthrough so I don’t get confused.

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If I have to pick a name I will usually go with a variation of my own name or this username; unless the character has a well known name already like Link. I do always name my horses or ride-able animals the same name: Spoochums. I just came up with it for one and liked how cute yet crude yet sexual it was and it's stuck ever since. In a game like RDR 2 where you use multiple horses through out the game I just start adding roman numerals to the end of Spoochums.