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I'm not asking what game is the best. I'm asking what game you would play first, be it for the first time, or just to revisit some old (better?) times.


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I have a confession to make. I totally spaced it in the '92 poll, and didn't put Link to the Past in there . . . biggest mistake I made. Ever. I worked at Gamestop for a brief couple months, and during that time I got my share of calls about Battletoads and its upcoming sequel. That was a pretty hilarious thing to mess with the kids who were calling. No, they have nothing else better to do. Also, another admission here, I was 4 at this time, so while I very well may have played these at this age, I don't really remember it. But I do take the time here and again to go back and play a few games I have certainly missed, and yeah, its a hoot going back and playing them. Some good times back then, and even now  
Me? My choice? It was a reallllly tough choice between Castlevania, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario World. Mario, because it's just a joy to play, and the other two because I've never played them before. I'm gonna have to lean towards FF, because I've never played anything before VII. Castlevania....eh, I've played games that have brushed a bit too close to it before.  
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It's hard not to go with the greatest Zelda game ever made.

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Man, that's tough. It comes down to Link to the Past and Monkey Island 2. I picked Link to the Past, but on any given day, it could be either.

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A Link to the Past is one of the greatest games ever made, and the best Zelda game. It's also a game whose art style is timeless; I mention this on my Autobiographical Games list... it doesn't look dated, it just looks like itself.

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haha sonic is the only game I've played and liked on that list so I'll go with that.

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Oh God, I was 1 year old. I've played Super Mario World so many damn times, I can't choose anything other than that.

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A link to the past. Yep

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Slint - Spiderland

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Pretty hard, but Final Fantasy IV?

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Super Mario World is the correct answer, hell I wasn't even born.

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I'm going by my 1991 self and what I was playing at that time. The answer was Road Rash on Genesis. Favourite game on the list though? Monkey Island 2.

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I forgot how these polls work. I voted for Super Mario World because it's my favorite game of the set I've played, but I'd much rather play FFIV or LTTP.

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This might sound insane but I'm not a particular fan of any of those games. Some of them are fun and worth playing still, but most of them are just really, really dated and held up solely by nostalgia.

Super Mario World is what I'll vote for, but every time I've tried to revisit it I've gotten bored.

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Duke Nukem. (or "Duke Nukum", at the time)

I played a ridiculous amount of the shareware episode. It hasn't aged well, but it's always funny to look back at how tame the first two games were.

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I remember going over to my friend's house to play a lot of F-Zero in 1991. I was playing a lot more Shadowrun pencil & paper in 1991, though. There was a lull in my video gaming in the early 90's since I was in college and had other pastimes.

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F-Zero definitely, with Mario world a close second. Those mode 7 racers on the snes are infinitely more playable than any of those megadrive racers. I might have to go play some F-Zero now

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Definitely suicidal rodents for me.

edit: No Commander Keen 4,5,6? :o

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I wasn't even playing games during that year, but I'm still going to choose ''other'' for Streets of Rage because it's a 1991 release (just barely in the margin) that I so dearly love.

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Sonic all day

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Madden that year was AMAZING for the Genesis. Never played the SNES version as a buddy of mine had it on the Genesis and it never occurred to me to get it on the SNES. Games were like that back then. Why would I buy a game that a friend of mine already had? Besides, we never played against anyone but our group of friends. There is a reason that Madden games still keep coming out year after year, and Madden 91 is one of those reasons.

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Stuhreeeet Fighter!

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Link to the past man, can't beat that.

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Metroid 2. Damn I used to play that a lot on our family's summer cabin. I can still remember what sound that last boss makes when you hit it with misses.

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link to the motherfucking past. best zelda game ever. yup better than OOT you shits

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Super mario world.

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sonic. it was my first gaming experience ever.

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I voted for Mario even though I didn't own an SNES. I just remembered how awesome Commander Keen was though.

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A Link to the Past. I've played a lot of Super Mario World, and that's great. But I need to get some quality Zelda time in.

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Final Fantasy IV. We may have gotten the neutered version (FFII), but I still had a lot of fun with it.

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I voted before a saw Road Rash D:

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Super Mario World all da way!

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I had to go with Street Fighter 2.

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I knew what Super Mario World was and it completely blew my mind. My six year old self would have been all over that.

Now though, as I have gotten older, Zelda would be the one I would most likely pop in.

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1991 was the year when Mr_Skeleton, was introduced to the world therefore it was the best year ever.

Also that is not the Bioware Neverwinter Nights.

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Lemmings all day, and all of the night.

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@Sjupp said:


Glad to see this on the first page!

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Judging from that list, '91 must've been a pretty slow year. Can't say I had any interest in any of those games. I did play Duke though, but I wouldn't exactly call it amazing. Is the castlevania one the one where you have good control over the whip? If so, that might be a good choise. But if not I think I'll stick with Mario Bros 3, which was released in PAL region in '91.

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I was 9 at the time so I was probably still playing the 'Dizzy' games on Spectrum, but I chose FF4 as it's a series I've skipped entirely.

I'd argue Street Fighter 2 is the most 'important' game on this list though. To my (likely inaccurate) knowledge it's the only one here that basically created a genre.

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@BeachThunder said:

Definitely suicidal rodents for me.

edit: No Commander Keen 4,5,6? :o

I had Keen on the list, but crossed him out due to my complete lack of any knowledge whatsoever when it comes to games....I knew I should've put'em up there, and actually did have it up there in the draft version, but somehow didn't make the transition. Major suckage. Put it down with Pokemon Red/Blue and FF Tactics that I've missed :/

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What's the point of even putting in Duke Nukem or Neverwinter Nights? It seems a little bit misleading because the more popular entries in the series didn't come until much later. I doubt many even know that there was a NWN game before 2002.
Edit: Also, definitely Zelda.

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Battletoads. I've never had great affinity for Zelda games at all in fact I think the only one I've ever played was Windwaker and that was only because it was free when I bought my gamecube.

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Super Mario World

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Final Fantasy IV