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Hey guys! Me and couple of my friends want to play something co-op like (preferable a RPG). Any suggestions ? We already went through magika , starbound and terraria.

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Diablo? Or Neverwinter? Or one of those weird Warcraft 3 RPG maps..?

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It depends what you mean by RPG. If you're talking true in-depth western role playing games, those don't typically have cooperative play. One that comes to mind is Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, though that's obviously not a recent release.

If you consider loot driven actions RPGs to be role playing games, then most of those are co-op. Diablo, Borderlands, Torchlight, and pretty much any other loot focused action RPG have co-op. This is really the only RPG subgenre that consistently features co-op.

If you want to really broaden your definition of RPG you could go with things like Fable III, the Souls games, and Mass Effect 3 which all have some sort of co-op component.

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If you've got a Wii, I highly recommend Secret of Mana coop. I think all or most of the Tales rpgs (Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Symphonia, etc) offer local coop play within the battles. Some others I'd recommend are Trine (not an rpg), Torchlight, Castle Crashers, Path of Exile, Orcs Must Die 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Hammerwatch, Dungeon Defenders.

There's a site you might find in handy too. It lists and reviews the coop experience for a lot of games. http://www.co-optimus.com/index.php

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Icewind Dale II is the first game that comes to mind here. I've actually been thinking about playing it again. Hopefully they make an Enhanced Edition of this soon.

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@mcdayman said:

I think all or most of the Tales rpgs (Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Symphonia, etc) offer local coop play within the battles.

Yup, this is what I was going to suggest. And yes, just about every Tales game offers local coop, or at least certainly every mainline entry from Symphonia onward anywhoo.

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If you want something that is a little older, Xmen Legends and its sequel are awesome games. Way better than the Ultimate Alliance games.

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The old western RPG's like the Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, and Neverwinter Nights games come to mind.

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Divinity: Original Sin has 2 player co-op. They just launched their beta in Early Access, so there may be a few bugs here and there at the current moment, but so far the videos Larian Studios have shown look pretty promising.

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Check out Dead Island. Its got 4 player coop, big maps, lots of zombies, some ridiculous weapons, leveling up characters with different skills. I liked it a lot and played probably 100+ hours. Its not without its faults, but a lot of fun and it's probably like $5 now.

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Titan Quest of course

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Final Fantasy 9 is great fun in co-op.

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Secret of Mana.

It's definately co-op but RPG well that depends on your definition.

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Diablo 3

Sacred 2

DCU Online

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My personal list has lots of MMO games where coop is possible. Pick a number of them and try it out.

MMORPGs to be released this 2014:

1. The Elder Scroll Online--release date is April 4, 2014

2. Black Desert--release date says 2014

3. Blade & Soul--release date says 2014

4. Bless--release date says 2014

5. The Crew--release date says 2014

6. Ever Quest Next--release date says 2014

7. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms--release date says 2014

8. Lineage Eternal--release date says 2014

9. Monster Hunter Online--release date says 2014

10. Phantasy Star Online 2--release date says 2014

11. World of Warships--release date says 2014

12. Eclipse War Online--release date says 2014

13. Kingdom under Fire--release date says April 2014

Other MMORPG games that is still under development but looks good:

1. Revelation

2. Wolfknights

3. Tree of Savior

Released MMORPGs that's awesome as well:

1. Final Fantasy IV ARR

2. Tera Online

3. Soul Worker

4. War of Genesis

5. Rusty Hearts

6. Aion

MOBA Games:

1. Core Masters

2. Heroes of the Storm


1. Ghost Recon Phantoms

2. GunZ 2: The Second Duel

3. Destiny

Flight Simulator:

1. War Thunder

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How about Dungeon Defenders? I guess that really depends on if you like Tower Defense games, but from the small time I've spent with it I had fun.

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We had a lot of fun with Dungeon Siege III. I occasionally came by my buddy's and dropped in his game, and despite no achievements during my achievement addiction I would spend hours with it.

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If you want something that is a little older, Xmen Legends and its sequel are awesome games. Way better than the Ultimate Alliance games.

I wish those games had a modern port or were on sale on Steam. I miss them.