Congratulations to the Gerstmanns

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#102 Posted by gamer_152 (14778 posts) -

A big congratulations to Jeff and his family.

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Congrats! I swear I had heard Jeff say a few things on the podcast over the last few months that made me think they were expecting.

Anyway, Giant Dadscast soon!

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Awesome news, congrats to Jeff and his wife. Hopefully he got a bunch of advice from father Caravella.

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Congratulations to Jeff and his wife!

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Wow, this is incredible. A surprise indeed. Jeff and family, congrats! You keep your personal life so secluded on the internet and as you should, though I hope in time you start to share your own father/husband stories. Listening to Vinny all these years and now Bakalar, has been a wild, sweet and awesome ride. Gamer dad moments on podcasts/videos are some of my favourites. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Congrats. Good luck sleeping.

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Once you become a dad everything changes in great and stressful ways. Congrats!

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Achievement Unlocked: Procreation!

Congrats, Jeff and wife!

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Congratulations Jeff!

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Who knows what crazy hijinks this child will get up to?

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@shindig: Lots of rapping, hitting shit with bats, and absconding with “found” doors?

Having a kid and remembering the shit you got up’s weird.

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Congratulations, Jeff & spouse!

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Just saw this on the UPF. Congrats Jeff!

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What an awesome way to announce it.

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Congrats Jeff and family!

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Welcome to the world little Skullomania Rutherford Gerstmann!

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Congrats my dudes!

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Congrats, Jeff!!! Hope you and the wife and baby are doing well. :D

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Congrats Gerstmanns! My wife and I just had our first two months ago. It starts off really hard, but it gets better as you go. You learn fast.

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Congratulations, this is fantastic news. Surely, though, the proper term is "the Gerstmenn"?

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Congrats on the new baby. ?

Hope you guys make a happy family!

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To the new little Gerstmann, I'm jealous!

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Congrats Jeff! As a father of a 15 month old and another coming in’s hard but you’ll love it! Best of luck!

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Congratulations to the Gerstmann family :)

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Like you have already been told a million times, congrats! There is still plenty of game time when they are tiny. I found around age 4-5 is when things really change. That's when all of those hours in front of the screen turn into hours of something worth so much more than achievement points or trophies. The laughing, playing, and life experiences stick with you forever. Any time you feel overwhelmed, just remember to take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Life is good.

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Congrats! I look forward to hearing the exploits of the new Gerst-dad.

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Congratulations, and best of luck with parenthood! :D

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This was such unexpected but incredible news! Massive congratulations!!

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So happy for you, congratulations!

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I never check Twitter. But then I did. And boom! Baby bomb. Congratulations!!! Fantastic.

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Congrats Jeff!

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Woah! Congrats to the Gerstmanns!

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Oh shit! Congratulations!

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Confirmed sex haver Jeff Gerstmann

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@pontoon_yacht: Crying at that GIF. Amazing.

Congrats Jeff and lady friend (as Rorie would put it) - wishing you many happy days and not too long nights...

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That is cool! Congratulations!!

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Much love to Big Jeffrey and the happy family!

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Congratulations to Jeff and his lady! Now you get to be a part of the Dadcast!

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I saw Jeff attend one of the dadcasts at PAX one year, and didn't think too much of it then, but now it makes total sense.

Massive eternal congrats to Jeff and his family though!