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Looking forward to it!

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Yes, but not £50 looking forward to in 6 months.

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I mean, yeah? There won't be anything here until the 26th, just like there won't be on any other site either because that's when the embargo lifts up.

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I'm excited to play it because I kind of like everything going on there. First person shooting, with an interesting supernatural twist is typically a fun time. Remedy also has a pretty great pedigree when it comes to this sort of stuff. On top of all this.. like nothing else of any worth is coming out or has been out and I am starved for some good ol' Triple A gamin.

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I just bought it. I wasn't really thinking about it until I came on here. Honestly, I'm cautiously optimistic about it though. I love Alan Wake; one of my favorite games of last-gen, and I really like Max Payne. That said, since this is a new thing and Quantum Break was only an okay game to me, I am not as hyped about Control as much as I would be for another Alan Wake, but we'll see. Always weird to buy a game and not be super excited about it or have it be the center thing on my mind, but I hope my interest in it ramps up as I play it. I knew I was going to get it so I got it.

Remedy typically makes games that I really want to experience, and Control from the game footage piqued my interest just enough to make me go for it. Watching some of the footage, and now watching one review confirms one of my worries, which was just that some of the visual oddities from previous Remedy games would rear their ugly head, which is some of the hazy looking shadow work and stiff animations. It doesn't ruin the experience, but I wish those were worked on. Also, I hope the aiming over shoulder switching from left to right is fixed because from what I understand, switching over to the left side makes it so the main protagonist is obstructing the view as she stands in the center.

I'm really happy there is no difficulty select; I was wondering, should I play on easy or hard first? This way I don't have to worry about that.

Edit - Playing it now. I'm at the beginning, but I have to say (and yet another thing that slightly disappoints but doesn't at all ruin the experience), two things, one is that this game doesn't support HDR which I feel is really awkward. Another is that while the game looks great, it doesn't push ahead of what Quantum Break did really. I may post more as I keep going.

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I put six hours into it so far. I like it, and the game gets more enjoyable the more time you put into it, but I don't love it. I guess the one thing I hope gets more interesting is the setting. I definitely like aspects to it but it needs more variety than what is there, and I generally like nor mind when games have industrial complex settings. Its setting kind of reminds me a bit of Half-Life/Portal with a few areas/obstacles that break it up. Same can be said about any game really, but this also just feels like an amalgamation of a bunch of different games or even stories we've experienced before so it kind of hurts for it. I like it though like I said, otherwise I wouldn't have put six straight hours into it. I'm guessing it won't do it, but the way the story is it feels like it could pull a Bioshock Infinite where all the Remedy universes are actually connected.

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Playing it and loving it!! Just enough Alan Wake DNA to keep jamming on it!

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I finished Control on Monday (no spoilers) and it is a great game. An easy recommendation from me. I have seen some people comment that they think it is a little soulless compared to previous Remedy titles but I suspect that comes down to rushing through the game and not reading the many, many collectibles.

In a nutshell it is SCP the video game. Almost feels like they wanted to do a licensed game but I am guessing probably not able to with a crowd-written project.

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Loving it so far. I’ve been barely playing games lately, even as much as I’ve enjoyed some of them (Yakuza Kiwami). Control, though, I’ve lucked into some free time due to weather, ramping down workout time, and a holiday, and Control has been a near-obession.

Fun, beautiful, cool, and compelling. It’s everything it wasn’t in the quick look. :p