CrackDown, Metro or Farcry

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#1 Posted by InStInCt666 (36 posts) -

I might not be alone to feel like i need something new to play
And there are 3 New Games coming out This Friday the 15th : Crackdown, Metro and Farcry

So i thought that i would leave this post here for people to recommend me, Which should i purchase ?

Thanks !

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#2 Posted by Rorie (5880 posts) -

Hard to tell until they're all out, but based on track records I'd go for Far Cry if I had to choose just one. Hope it's good!

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#3 Posted by lifejuice (69 posts) -

Should you buy Crackdown 3 for $60? No.

However there is a sale going on for game pass ($2 for 2 months). It's bland, but I think it's worth that price if you're curious.

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#4 Posted by DodoBasse (112 posts) -

It honestly sounds like Metro might be the only one offering anything potentially interesting, even if it might be less polished than say, Farcry. However, if polished shooter is what you want, you could play Apex Legends.

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#5 Posted by deactivated-5d1d502761653 (305 posts) -

Metro being the save choice, Far Cry seems more of the same and Crackdown rough all around.

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#6 Posted by TobbRobb (6588 posts) -

I'm not going to play any of these, but Metro I find the most interesting for sure.

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#7 Posted by nutter (2292 posts) -

I’m most interested in Crackdown, though it’ll probably be the least well-received of the bunch.

I burned out in Metro in the first game. I loved it until it just felt too oppressive and I quit.

I still have a wrapped copy of Far Cry 4 (yes, 4) from I’ll probably not play this one for a while.

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#8 Posted by isomeri (3125 posts) -

I think I'll spend an hour or two with Crackdown just to jump around and blow stuff up and then transition into Metro. It might be a bit too early for me to enjoy another Far Cry.

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#9 Posted by mikewhy (346 posts) -

I'd go Metro + game pass, but I didn't like FC5 much.

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#10 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1670 posts) -

I went with Metro. Enjoying it so far, will put some more time in this evening.

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#11 Posted by someoneproud (624 posts) -

Skipping all of them myself but if I had to play one it'd definitely be Metro.

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#12 Edited by BigBoss1911 (2936 posts) -

Metro absolutely. It's best to just pretend crackdown never existed. Let it die miserably.

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#13 Edited by Deathstriker (1177 posts) -

Anthem is out today if you have EA access. I'll probably buy Anthem. I'll rent Metro. Crackdown and Far Cry look crappy so I'll skip them.

If someone is dying to play Crackdown 3 then they should probably just get Game Pass.

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#14 Posted by ripelivejam (13226 posts) -

Come to think I like game-ass games rather than esoteric experiences so I'd go with Far Cry as I honestly enjoyed what I played of 5.

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#15 Posted by DocHaus (2771 posts) -
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#16 Edited by stabfreely (55 posts) -

I just got Farcry 5 for $15 on the lunar sale....and at that its a bargain. As much as I would like to dive right into Dawn , I do not think it is worth $40...I would say wait until its $20. Anyway I would go with Dawn....

I have the first Metro un played in my Steam library....

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#17 Posted by Panfoot (333 posts) -

Easy choice is Metro, the Far Cry games are good but if you've played any of them since 3 then you aren't really missing out on anything. Crackdown doesn't seem terrible but just kinda seems...irrelevant, especially in a post Saints Row 4 world.

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#18 Edited by Justin258 (15689 posts) -

Metro sounds like the most interesting to me, but everything I've heard about the game so far has been overwhelmingly lukewarm. Far Cry is more Far Cry and Crackdown looks like it already belongs in a bargain bin.

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#19 Edited by BoboBones (284 posts) -

Loved Far Cry 4, but was done with the series after that, and my exitment for Metro faded completely. The buy two get one free offer at Target included some pre orders, so I decided to put my money on DMC, Sekiro, and Steins Gate Elite.

I played and enjoyed both Metro games, but I really wanted something new and different. Steins Gate is totally out of my comfort zone, so I went for that.

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#20 Posted by mems1224 (2511 posts) -

I chose far cry and got crackdown on gamepass. I'm looking forward to metro as well but reviews made it sound super janky and I'm also betting that goes on sale before far cry

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#21 Posted by Slag (8159 posts) -

I'd vote none myself

but if forced to pick from those 3... Metro seems the most interesting to me, at least it's trying something different.

Far Cry is very formulaic these days and Crackdown looks terrible.

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#22 Posted by ChaosKiller (5 posts) -

If you really want one of the 3, I'd recommend you not getting Crackdown 3. It's fine if it's on your game pass, but it feels old. It's basically Crackdown 1, but it looks better. Given the agility powers, I like it, but I think Saint's Row 3/4 are better.

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#23 Posted by Chazzi27 (132 posts) -

Whatever you do do not buy Crackdown 3...if you want to play it, sign up for Game Pass for $10 and try it out that way, no reason at all to pay full price (even sale) for the game...