CTR Quick Look?

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I could have swore that I saw a CTR Quick Look scheduled on the upcoming and it seems to have disappeared. Can anyone either confirm I'm correct and it was there or I'm wrong and I'm crazy? Thanks!

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This happens from time to time, and it's often on the weekend, where something will mess up with the video processing and it won't end up being available when it was scheduled to be. It should show up at some point.

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@chaser324: makes sense and kinda what I figured. I just wasn't sure if I imagined it in the first place. Thanks!

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Saw that too. Not looking forward to hearing how CTR is a poor man's mario kart and the like. CTR is a copy but it does everything better in so many ways. yeah the lack of enthusiasm for just about the one thing jeff and crew has asked for in a cart racer (skill necessary with hints of cohesive items and fun) is saddening. Usually if a game doesn't have mario on it they get short changed even if they are essentially better (sonic allstars racing transformed). CTR has been better than Mario kart 64 up to double dash. and CTR did it in their first go. I expect the quick look will include statements about the handling being bad and the drift being unwieldy or something since the drift is something that takes several sessions to master and becomes so good to do to the point that if your not drifting your doing something wrong. I hope the crew proves me wrong and I'm being harshly negative for no reason. CTR is a special game to me and I'm happy the Crash creators saw how good their first few games were. Now i just gotta hope capcom realizes Power Stone 2 exist and makes a sequel...

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CTR is such a fantastic game. I grabbed this last night and had the chance to play a few hourse. I would argue that CTR takes more skill than MK or TSR. The power sliding in this game can make races absolutely insane. Especially in regards to timing and making the "hidden" sections of the tracks.