Current popular solo-friendly multiplayer games?

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So I picked up Mordhau in the steam sale and had a blast. Them I found out that the devs were as horrifically toxic as most of the community and now I have some money burning a hole in my pocket and a hankering for some MP (Steam's refund policy is great)

That aside. I was having a blast with a nice low pressure MP game where I didn't have to engage with the community at all. One of the reasons I love Warframe is that I can just play by myself and ignore everyone else or I can choose to opt in and have even more fun. And Mordhau was giving me that same fun but with actual challenge and the joy of fighting human players. It reminded me a lot of arena shooters back in the day where I could just goof off and have fun for a few hours or I could team up and destroy all the other people goofing off.

Most of the popular MP games I am aware of these days are either battle royales (not my jam) or team oriented to the point that I am being an asshole for ignoring everyone. Can anyone recommend me some options with a decently high skill ceiling and the ability to fuck off and play by myself without being too detrimental to the team? I'm all for running to an objective and working on that. I actively don't want to have to pay any attention to text or voice chat (and ability to disable both is a massive plus)


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I havent played it, and i'm not sure if people are still playing it but Chivalry is basically the same kind of concept as Mordhau right? I dont know what the devs are like though. Or what the Mordhau devs are like for that matter. I'm not sure it would stop me from playing a game I like but I digress. For Honor is another that might be up your alley, Ubisoft keep pumping out updates so I presume people are still playing it, I enjoyed my time with it when it was free for a weekend.

If you want a game you could potentially play with people but you can also solo that isnt a competitive game I would recommend Monster Hunter World. It's one of the reasons i'm still playing it when i've dropped recent games like Destiny 2 and Anthem. (I'm currently playing the Division 2 with a friend and it's okay but as soon we beat the story i'm done) I also feel like it's less repetitive with a higher skill ceiling but I havent seen all the end game content in the games I mentioned earlier.

Barring all that, Battlefield or COD I guess?

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I don't recommend For Honor, i've been playing it a lot recently and the game is tuned for defeating your opponents in the cheapest, dirtiest ways possible, it feels unfair a lot of the time but that's just the way it is. I keep playing because there's nothing else like it, its content exudes quality, it has the coolest looking knights in anything ever and the loot drops are pretty satisfying, i also think the story mode is underrated and created a lot of popular memes among the community.

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Yeah. Melee combat seems to fit the bill best as there is a decent skill ceiling and you tend to not have much strategy beyond "stick together". Of course, that tends to also attract some of the absolute worst human beings (not sure what that says about me...). I am cool with them in-game if I can just ignore them entirely. Not so cool with them being the people I am giving money to to play the game.

I checked out For Honor during one of the betas. Not huge on the damage model, but my biggest problem was that it felt more like rock paper scissors than an actual melee fight. Reminded me a lot of Jedi Academy before people figured out how to counter the sithsaber kata.