Dan Rykert Ride to Hell livestream

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Dan had mentioned that he did a full livestream of Ride to Hell Retribution a while back, and Ive been trying to track it down. Sadly, the twich page no longer has it.

Any ideas if this has been archived somewhere?

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Not sure where the stream is, but I will admit that I am impressed by your devotion. There is no way I would ever watch an entire stream of that mess of a game. The Quick Look of it was almost too much to handle.

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I was looking for it myself quite a while ago before it was even mentioned on the Bombcast. Couldn't find it myself either, unfortunately. Would be interested to see it.

The Test Chamber he did at GI is pretty great though, but it ain't 11 hours straight:

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I actually looked this up myself the moment he talked about it and unless they backed it up somewhere else I'm fairly sure that the 11 hour stream was lost to twitch's mass deletion of past broadcasts.

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If an archive is ever found, I would be very interested in seeing it.

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Aw, I watched a bit of it a few months back and got a couple of hours in. I promised myself I'd go back and finish it at some point, but that may never happen now...perhaps that's for the best though.

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Ive been looking for that livestream ever since it got taken taken down by Twitch and would love to watch the thing.

I assume Dan would have no idea what happened to it, maybe message some of Gameinformers people on twitter to see if they have an archive?

I have no idea if it even exists anymore since it got deleted a good year and a half ago.

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Looks to be gone. Too bad.

Also, I wish Gameinformer would update their website... it's no good (and perhaps things like this video being lost wouldn't happen). I went on a binge of old videos and got to a point where their videos no longer worked; they were just all broke. Commented about it on their forums and basically was told "Oh well." Kinda stinks.

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I love Deep Silver so much.

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Just checked Giant Bomb Unarchived and unfortunately it's not there. That's understandable though since this was done when Dan wasn't a part of Giant Bomb. Damn Twitch and their deletion of it. What a way to present an amazing stream that's been deleted.

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Yea, I'd love to see this awful game played in full. Sad to see Twitch may have deleted it.

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If it makes you feel better about not seeing it, I'll say that I watched a pretty good amount of it and it really wasn't fantastic content. I'm patient and even obsessive at times with absorbing this kind of content, and I couldn't convince myself to do the whole thing.

Not that it was bad, just I don't think the return on investment is so hot on that one.

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Sorry for the necro, but this is the top search result for RtH livestream and hopefully I can provide some insight.

The full GI playthrough wasn't removed by Twitch's mass-delete; it was scrubbed from the internet manually. It was re-upped to a couple other video platforms, but those got DMCA'd. GI is owned by Gamestop and fairly PG when it comes to content, but the stream had it's share of drunken, sketchy moments a few staff members probably didn't want public. From my involvement in the community at the time, most people pointed the finger for removal at Ben Hanson for being incredibly thin-skinned over a kindergarten joke, but I'll get into that later.

Obv It's been a few years, so recalling the full 11+ hours is a little hazy, but I remember some notable events and other pointless details stand out (why do I remember they were drinking rolling rock!?). I think it was just Dan, Tim, Ben, and Jason with a girlfriend or two in there, but I could be missing someone.

One notable event was calling female GI staff at like 2am, who had just gotten home from the bar wasted. They literally just put her on speakerphone for the better part of an hour, letting her drunk-ramble to herself. She talked shit about certain people, mentioned people she wanted to fuck, started sobbing, etc. They ended up hanging up on her to save further embarrassment.

Dan noticed there was a party going on a few apartments over, so he crashed it and dragged another 4-6 people back to the GI stream. They were all hipster fucks too cool for video games, making everything super awkward for a while, but they made sure to drink the guys' beers before leaving.

A bit before sunrise, Ben Hanson was pretty sloshed and spent like half an hour in the bathroom. I assumed he puked, but when he came out, Dan thought it was hilarious that he must have taken a big poop. The guys started calling Ben "Big Poop" and chat ran with it.

I don't recall too much after the sun came up except delirium similar to the Smash world record videos.

Most of the community believed the stream was removed because of "Big Poop". The nickname got a bit of traction past the livestream, due to Hanson hating it and trying to distance himself from the name. As with any joke, the harder someone tries to repress it, the more the community would push it. Hanson tried forcing different nicknames ("White Chocolate", "Totally Angelica") but none stuck.

It came to a head during the Extra Life charity drive. Dozens of people donated requesting Hanson to say "Big Poop" on camera. He would ignore them, looking visibly pained when they'd appear on screen, but he eventually caved.

Afterwards, he banned anyone who said "big poop" on the stream, had site mods permaban anyone who said it on GI community posts, pruned YT comments, blocked people on twitter, etc. His breakdown was a fairly sizable event within the community, but it looks like he's scrubbed just about everything about big poop out of existence. GI wiped their comment sections and community discussions when they redesigned the site recently, so you won't find anything from those days.

Keep in mind that this whole time, Dan thought it hilarious to watch the community troll Ben. There were some GB videos pretty early after Dan and Jason came onboard where they referenced "Big Poop." I know for sure of one instance where they make a joke about it during a Jackbox game. Ben eventually begged Dan enough to stop, because after a certain point, Dan got pretty self-serious about it seemingly out of nowhere, refusing to comment on it during streams, blocking people on twitter who asked about it, etc.

I miss those days.

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Big poop and k-star's call was legendary.

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we need old Dan back