Dealing with a lost save

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What's your process for dealing with a lost saved game?

I was playing XCOM 2 on Ironman tonight and had a crash, lost 3 or so hours of progress. Super annoying but not the end of the world. I just took a break from the game tonight, I think I'll start a new game not in Ironman mode but strive to play it that way, so I at least have back-up saves.

The worst for me was losing an 80 hour+ Borderlands 2 save where I hadn't quite finished the main game but was right at the end. Xbox Hard Drive corrupted and I lost it. I just never went back.

Do you try and play again? Download a similar save state? Rage? Or just quit?

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If it's an end game save I just remind myself that the journey is more important. If it's having to repeat 1+ hour of recent playing time I'm kinda pissed and put the thing down til next time.

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Luckily most games have cloud saves and we don't live in a memory card era anymore in which you could easily save over your safe or someone else's save, I've lost a bunch of saves recently while cleaning my computer, some games think it's smart to store save files in your appdata folder. They were games I don't really attach much investment or value in so it wasn't too bad and if it were it would be a bummer but I'll pick it back up at a later date and play something else.

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I had a lost save incident recently and just took a break from the game for a couple of weeks. After a cooling off period, it's much easier to come back with fresh eyes and not resent the fact you're repeating a bunch of content. I don't think I've ever actually quit on a game permanently because I lost progress.

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I lost my second character in Oblivion, had over 100 hours played when I accidentally saved over it with my main character. Was heartbreaking but eventually I went back with my main and finished the Dark Brotherhood questline to get those damn 1000 gamerpoints.

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My worst was the Farcry 2 bug on XBOX 360. Lost about 15 hours of progress. I never went back to it.

I definitely hate losing progress. It really bugs and frustrates me. Crap happens though, so if its only an hour or two I get frustrated and come back again the next day or my next session. Definitely stop for the day though.

I definitely have been massively grateful for the large increase in cloud saves and games taking advantage of them.

As someone who loves XCOM 2, that's a bummer! Big bummer! I think your alternative is a great way so at least you've got options going forward.

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My ps3 had a problem where the only solution was to wipe the hard drive. I was playing Skyrim at the Time, 80 hours in.

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I remember loosing what I would call the second half of Infamous 2 on the PS 3. I forgot why, I thought it had checkpoints and I didn't save, or the checkpoints did actually exist but I lost them somehow. Idk. But I was right at the end of the story, just prior to the main fight and end of story.

Never went back. Really liked Infamous 2 though.

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I remember playing The Last of Us at launch which had a save bug - I caught on fairly early (maybe 2 hours in) before realising there was a problem - so I lost some progress. A mate of mine put maybe 8 hours in straight up that first night and lost it all. Think he went away from the game for a week before getting back to it.

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If it was fun, I’ll play it again.

If it wasn’t a great time but I’m invested, I might just bite the bullet.

Either way, it’s entertainment, so if I’m not enjoying myself or putting up with a little BS to get to the enjoyment, I’ll move on.

Games shouldn’t send you into a rage, at worst they should disappoint.

EDIT: I have one exception...Had I lost my FemShep, my rage would be the white hot fire of 1,000 suns.

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Only time it has happened to me was Borderlands Pre-sequel, tried to save before the final mission and had it break on me. I wasn't willing to replay from the previous save to get back there, and I've never gone back to it. I might eventually, I'm trying to work my way through my backlog of games before I buy anything new.

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@captain_insano: Generally speaking, for me, man losing a save is the most sure-fire way to get me to put a game down. If not permanently, at least for a long while. Just how long depends on how much progress I lost.

I raged last night at losing three floors of progress in Rise's dungeon in Persona 4 to a stray Mudo (instant KO) spell. That was just a couple hours, though, and I was in the zone, so I took a bathroom break and dived back in. I've lost entire files before to drive and memory card failures. It's sometimes years or never before I go back to those games, even if I was enjoying them. I never finished Final Fantasy IX for this very reason; physically lost the entire memory card with my save at the point-of-no-return.